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A Girl On Each Arm. Junior Adam Szafran is priveleged 
to spend prom night with seniors Aura Spivak and Evelyn 
Orenstein. (above) 

jfi tfiaiiy-Tale Evening 

Sydney Leavens '98 

Once upon a time it was June 4th, 1998 and 
seniors cast away their rags and dressed for the 
ball. At 8:00 on that Thursday night they arrived 
with their dates at the Marriot in style. While 
horse-drawn carriages were few and far between, 
limos added glamour to the evening for many. On 
the dance floor seniors danced to a variety of types 
of music, from rap to ska to slow and romantic. If 
they tired of dancing the invitees could sip carbon- 
ated beverages in the lobby and compliment each 
other on their magnificent evening wear. When the 
clock struck 12:00, they fled the Marriot like 
Cinderella fled the ball, but the fairy tale evening 
did not end there. Seniors and their dates could 
then board buses to Tent City, where, for a mere 
$20.00, they could dance the rest of the evening 
away under the tent flaps and hold conversations 
under starry skies. 

Smokin' Good Time! No 
butts about it — this group 
of seniors is ready for a 
great night, (above) 

A Perfe*.: Pair. Seniors 
Dave Marians and Randi 
Elman slow dance to a 
sweel melodic tune, (far 

Smilin' the Night Away. 
Senior Dave 1 lerzenberg 
and his date t.ikr <i break 
from dancing, (right) 

Trio Of Friends. 

Seniors Charlie Auth, 
Suzie Carrazza, and 
Ryan Thompson spend 
their final high school 
dance together, (left) 

Every Man'sDream. 

Senior Swaroop Samant 
feels blessed to spend 
prom night with a 
group of beautiful 
senior girls, (below) 




Surprise, Surprise! Seniors Ben Abbate and Dana 
Landis scream in shock as they realize their high 
school days are finally over, (above) 

Alone At Last. Seniors Chris Keiter and Sam Prestia 
make a perfect couple as they dance the night away, 


Girl Power! A group of senior girls smile as they realize 
that high school is finally over, (right) 

Chow Down. This group of senior guys get 
serious when it comes to their food, (center) 

How's My Picture? A group of senior girls marvel over 
the new yearbook and anxiously flip the pages to find 
their pictures, (above) 

Pi Magical Evening 

Sydney Leavens '98 

On Wednesday, June 9, only hours after the 
award ceremony, seniors gathered at BayPath College to 
celebrate their upcoming graduation and the golden 
years they had spent at LHS. Each senior received a 
photo album with the Lancer logo on the cover — a must 
for prom pictures. As seniors dined on chicken, steak or 
pasta, class secretary Leah Halsey publicly thanked Dr. 
Murphy for his years of support of the class as principal. 
Vice President Justine Kurland gave a brief speech 
thanking the advisors and presented them with tokens of 
appreciation. Vice President Dave Patterson then 
presented the class superlatives. 

The highlight of the evening, of course, was the 
slide show, which was followed by the presentation of 
I he yearbook and its dedication to Mr. Goodwin. Senior 
issues ol tin- let Jotter and Impressions were also made 
available as seniors departed. 

Difference Of Opinion. This pair of senior guvs don't see eye 
to eye on many things, including this year's yearbook, (above) 

A Delightful Duo. Seniors 
Jess Farmer and Kathryn 
Brookmeyer share an in- 
side joke as the rest of their 
table looks on in bewilder- 
ment, (left) 

All Together. Members 
of the senior class get 
ready to sit back and re- 
cap their years at LHS with 
the presentation of the 
slideshow. (above) 

Ready to Eat. Senior Dann 
Freidman is happy that he 
has finally reached the 
front of the line and can 
build his ice cream sun- 
dae just the way he likes it. 

Editors to the End. Se- 
niors and former editors- 
in-chief, Swaroop Samant 
and Evelyn Orenstiein, re- 
alize that the yearbook is 

even better 


everyone's said, (far left) 

Senior (Banquet 


Smile! Seniors Erin Kent, Kristy Dybdahl, Sarah Gowtham, Kristine 
Blinn, and Leah Lefreniere all smile for the camara, while Katie Mikesh 
ignores the camara and continues her conversation with her soda, (above) 


Focus! Chris Johnson shows immense concentration 
during his shuffleboard match against Mike 
Sch werin, who seems just a bit less interested, (above) 

PT2 ffXX 

Pull! A group of seniors 
with who else but Brian 
Wezowicz at the back of the 
rope, try their hardest to win 

tins tug-of-war. (above) 

Unbelievable. Ken 
Sheffield is so im- 
pressed with his bocci 
ball match, he makes his 
own jaw drop, (right) 

Sydney Leavens '98 

The Senior trip to High Meadows is always a special 
one, and this year's was no different. While the weather was far 
from perfect - seniors sported sweatshirts rather than tanning oi 
— the trip allowed seniors a chance to bond one last time before 
Sunday's graduation. On Thursday, June 10th at 4:00 P.M., 
seniors boarded buses tor the half hour ride. Once at High 
Meadows, they played Softball, basketball and ultimate Frisbee, 
participated in a pie eating contest, and a brave few even (brrr!) 
went swimming. If tired, they retreated to the clubs lodge tor 
hamburgers, hot dogs and soda. As the sun went down and the 
afternoon's games came to a close, the memorable lip-sync 
contest was held. Particularly funny was Brian Wezowicz's 
impersonation of a Spice Girl. At 1 1 :00 the e\ erring came to a 
close and the weary, but bonded, seniors boarded buses for 


Class Party Giver- Jeb Balise; Alison Ratner 

Class Radical- Dave Roberts; Tris Beale 

Class Dead Head- David Paysnick; Colleen Matthews, Jamie White 

Class Pessimist- Aaron Peskin; Chandra Anctil 

Class Walk- Mike O' Malley; Dara Pollak 

Class Dancer- Andrew Camp; Margaret Townsend 

Class Artist- Andrew Camp; Laura Stewart 

Class Actor/Actress- Ben Abbate; Sassy Freedberg 

Class Muscisian- Dan Friedman; Liz Dibble, Jessie Steinmen 

Class Singer- Swaroop Samant; Katie Mikesh, Sara Gowtham 

Class Individualist- Anthony Kolb; Lauren Urbschat 

Class Couple- Jeff Blair & Racheal Polep 

Class Buddies- Josh Shapiro & Joe Vivenzio 

Class Sun Worshiper- Josh Shapiro; Oni Matulewicz 

Class Republican- Ed McDonough; Kathy Danahey 

Class Ego- Ben Russell; Meghan Martin 

Class Song- Crash, by Dave Matthews Band 

Class Optimist- Steve Cantin; Erin Kent 

Class Mooch- Mike Burton; Rebecca Cohen-Shrage 

Class Smile- Shatic Mitchell; Laura Stewart 

Class Hair- Dave Patterson; Katie Heaps 

Most Mellow- Josh Catter; Caitlin Wagner 

Most Class- Jay MacDonald; Candy Willet 

Most Likely to Succeed- Swaroop Samant; Cassie Marantz 

Most Changed- Dave Roberts; Tris Beale, Tiffany Blonder 

Most Friendly- Dave Patterson; Melanie Damsker 

Most Well Rounded- Dave Patterson; Cassie Marantz 

Most Outgoing- Brian Wezowicz; Jessica Wypasek 

Most Attractive- Dave Patterson, Josh Shapiro; Laura Stewart 

Most Gullible- Steve Cantin; Heather Tariff 

Most Talkative- Chris Keiter; Heather Tariff 

Cutest- Bob Libfield; Rachel Shelasky 

Most Likely to be LHS teacher- Gary Scheer, Chris Johnson; Amanda 


Class Legs- Tim Leonard; Katie Garvey 

Class Body- Tim Dubay; Christina Rinaldi 

Class Jock- Adam Kramer; Bridget Dullea 

Class Athlete- Adam Kramer; Katie Heaps 

Class Flirt- Eli Zimmer; Lindsay Porter 

Class Playboy /Play girl- Jeb Balise; AH Hyde 

Class Wit- Swaroop Samant; Cassie Marantz, 

Sassy Freedberg 

Class Student- Drew Starr, Chris Johnson; 

Sydney Leavens 

Class Intellect- Swaroop Samant; Liz Dibble 

Class Democrat- Noah Kolodziejski; Margaret McKenna 

Class Sneeze- Ed Chang; Shaina Shusterman 

Class Car- Imran Faruqi; Andrea Rinaldi 

Class Truck- Noah Kolodziejski; Lyndsey Thomas 

Class Taxi- Adam Brown; Erin Hanson 

Class Prep- Scott Colton; Suzie Carrazza 

Class Clown- Brian Wezowicz; Katie Mikesh 

Class Chauvanist/Feminist- Brian Wezowicz; 

Sassy Freedberg 

Class Laugh- Joe Vivenzio; Aiesha Eastling 

Class Gossip- Jay Thomas; Alison Ratner 

Class Mouth- Brian Wezowicz; Rebecca Chernock 

Class Partier- Andy Provencher; Andrea Rinaldi 

Class Rowdy- Jay Long; Adriene Lee 

Most Sarcastic- Adam Brown; Katie Mikesh 

Most Spirited- Aaron Quinn; Jessica Wypasek 

Most Generous- Pat O'Hara, Dana Landis; Alison Ratner 

Nicest Eyes- Sean Keane; Aixa Weeks 

Typical Senior- Rick Harbison; Kristen Washington 

Done the Most for LHS- Ryan Thompson; Leah Halsey 

Done LHS for the Most- Jeb Balise; Julie Dabbs 

Best Dressed- Dave Patterson, Bob Libfield; Justine 


Hopping in the Sack. Senior Katie Heaps puts all her 
energy into winning the potato sack race, (left) 

A Balancing Act. Seniors Evelyn Orenstein and 
Swaroop Samant help eachother cross over a pit full 
of hungry alligators, (above) 

Chorus Line. A row of 
senior girls display the 
newest styles of shoes 
while they count down the 
minutes left in the assem- 
bly, (above left) 

"Look, Mom!" Senior Tim 
Dubay walks proudly back 
to his seat as he ponders 
whether he has enough 
room in his trophy case for 
this lastest acheivement. 

Teary Eyed. Senior Emily 
Sturgis can't help but feel 
emotional at her last 
awards assembly, (far left) | 

Show Off! Senior Bub 
Patterson shows his enthu- 
siasm as he accepts his 
award from Mrs. Sutter. 


Benjamin Abbate-Presidential Academic Fitness Award; Salina Amenta-David Carbonneau Scholarship; Keith Bartolimei-Holy Cross Book 
Award; Eric Bascom-Civitan Award; Laura Basdekis-Presidential Academic Fitness Award; Xulio Beiras-Functions & Trigonometry Award; 
Robert Berger-Americna High School Math Exam; Arianne Boyajian-Ruth Wallace Achievement Award; Ashley Braden-Mount Holyoke 
College Book Award; Jaclyn Brittman-Presidential Academic Fitness Award; Kathryn Brookmeyer-Presidential Academic Fitness Award; 
Adam Brown-Presidential Academic Fitness Award; Rose Calucchia-Boston Globe Scholastic Art Award; Rebecca Cohen-Shrage-Presiden- 
tial Academic Fitness Award; Amand Corbert-Gertrude Blakeborough Internship Award; Rebecca Couchon-Smith College Book Award; 
Rachel Cummings-Drama Ensemble Technical Award; Kathleen Danahey-Outstanding Female Athlete Award; Peter DeTemmerman-AB 
Calculus Award; Timothy Dubay-Beatrice Heerschaft Award; Rachel Finer-Business Education Award of Merit; Sarah Freedberg-Presiden- 
tial Academic Fitness Award; Daniel Friedman-Louis Armstrong Jazz Award; Erin Ginley-Presidential Academic Fitness Award; Alexander 
Grodd-Brown Book Award; Kimberly Haflich-Presidential Academic Fitness Award; Leah Halsey-Erika Hess Memorial Service and Leader- 
ship Award; Richard Harbison-Longmeadow Historical Society Scholarship; Matthew Harrison-Jet Jotter Service Award; Seth Hirsch- 
Business Education Service Award; Alison Hyde-Presidential Academic Fitness Award; Michael Karpman-Presidential Fitness Award; 
Lauren Katz-Boston Globe Scholastic Art Award; Yukako Kawasaki-Presidential Academic Fitness Award; Sheetal Khera-Hugh O'Brien 
Youth Foundation Award; Stephanie Lin-Wellesley College Book Award; Jennifer Lippert-Boston Globe Scholastic Art Award; Jill Lowery- 
Army ROTC Scholarship; Jessica Lucia-Mass. Elks Scholarship; Rachel Mandell-Drama Ensemble Award; Catherine Marantz-Presidential 
Academic Fitness Award; Meghan Martin-Presidential Academic Fitness Award; Oni Matulewicz-Masacksic Staff Achievement Award; 
Issac Maxmen-Functions & Trigonometry Award; Margaret McKenna-Presidential Academic Fitness Award; Katherine Mikesh-Masacksic 
Staff Acheivement Award; Katherine Miller-MVM Mathlete Award; Jeffrey Moran-Rough Draft Award; Russell Nadler-Masacksic Leader- 
ship Award for Junior; Julie Niedzweicki-Foreign Language Department Latin Book Award; Sarah O'Brien-Boston College Book Award; 
Renee Osofsky-Colby College Book Award; Matthew Papaluca-Advanced Math Lab Award; David Patterson-Masacksic Staff Acheivement 
Award; Samantha Prestia-Presidential Academic Fitness Award; Emily Randall-Presidential Academic Fitness Award; Rachel Schnider- 
Harvard Book Award; Jessica Steinman-Longmeadow High School Music Award; Andrew Stevens-Rough Draft Award; Michael Stevens- 
Yale Book Award; Rebecca Rhee-Presidential Academic Award; Christina Rinaldi-National Honor Society Award; Benjamin Russell- 
Presidential Academic Fitness Award; Kenneth Sheffield-Navy ROTC Award; Heather Tariff-Greater Springfield Association of Realtors 
Scholarship; Christopher Thompson-Ruth Wallace Acheivement Award; Margaret Townsend-Masacksic Staff Acheivement Award; James 
Toye-Babson College Book Award; Michael Waryasz-Presidential Academic Fitness Award; Aixa Weeks-MBEA Business Educators Honors 
Award; Susan Wegiel-Drama Ensemble Award; Stephanie Wezowicz-Massachusettes Art All State Festival; Morgan Willoughby-Bussiness 
Education Leadership Award; Bridget Yearwood-Mass. Girls' State Award; Anne Yereniuk-Presidential Academic Fitness Award; Stuart 
Young-Bentley College Book Award; Mark Zimring-Presidential Academic Fitness Award; Kolajo Afolabi-The Macy Minorities In Medicine 
Award, Rensselaer Medal; Maria Bienkowski-Presidential Academic Fitness Award, Everett Eastman Award; C. Michael Burton-James B. 
Krumsiek Memorial Fund Award, Guy Napoli Award; Suzanne Carrazza-Presidential Academic Fitness Award, Masacksic Staff 
Acheivement Award; Scott Colton-Cornell Tradition Fellowship, Presidential Academic Fitness Award; Nicolas Duquette-Impressions 
Award, Rough Draft Award; Jessica Farmer-Scholar Athlete Award, Presidential Academic Fitness Award; Sherri Finkel-Business Education 
Service Award, Jet Jotter Service Award; Sarah Gowhtam-Probability & Statistics Award, Presidential Academic Fitness Award; Erin Kent- 
Probability & Statistics Award, National School Orchestra Association; Angela Korchevskaya-Functions & Trigonometry Award, Presiden- 
tial Academic Fitness Award; Jennifer Kuhr-UMass Diversity Scholarship, Presidential Academic Fitness Award; Justine Kurland-D.A.R. 
Good Citizenship Award, Presidential Academic Fitness Award; Dana Landis-Longmeadow High School Music Award, Presidential 
Academic Fitness Award; Meaghan Lappin-Hampden County Deputy Sheriff's Assoc. Scholarship, Greater Springfield Assoc, of Realtors 
Scholarship; Robert Libfeld-Foreign Lang. Dept. Spanish Book Award, Presidential Academic Fitness Award; David Martens-Business 
Education Award of Merit, Presidential Academic Fitness Award; Evelyn Orenstein-Greater Springfield Assoc, of Realtors Scholarship, 
Masacksic Leadership Award for Seniors; Colin Perkruhn- American International College Book Award, Xerox Acheivement Award; Michael 
Schwerin-Olympiad Competition in Mathematics, Tandy Technology Scholars; James Scliopou-Gladys C. Jensen Memorial English Award, 
John Edward Kober Memorial Scholarship; Emily Sturgis-Longmeadow Education Association Award, Jeffery I. Glaser M.D. Memorial 
Scholarship Award; Eric Tjonahen- American High School Math Exam, Presidential Academic Fitness Award; Erica Vander Leeden-Boston 
Globe Scholastic Art Award, Barbara Laub Fine Arts Award; Kristen Washington-American Baptist Churches Scholarship, Longmeadow 
Education Association Award; Andrew Camp-Edward J. Malley Junior Memorial Scholarship, Boston Globe Scholastic Art Award, Barbara 
Laub Fine Arts Award; Stephen Cantin-Olympiad Competition in Mathematics Award, Presidential Academic Fitness Award, Masacksic 
Staff Acheivement Award; Samuel Chang-Dartmouth Book Award, Olympiad Competition in Mathematics, National School Orchestra 
Assoc. Award; Elizabeth Dibble-Sousa Award, National Honor Society Award, Presidential Academic Fitness Award; Aizza Hassan- 
University of Pennsylvania Book Award, Impressions Award, Masacksic Staff Achievement Award; Anthony Kolb-Jet Jotter Art Award, 
Presidential Academic Fitness Award, Physics Award; Meaghan McCormick-D.A.R. History Book Award, Social Studies Award, Joe 
La Valley Scholastic Award; Christopher Pelosi-Mass. Boys' State Award, Bausch & Lomb Science Award, Physics Award; Aaron Peskin- 
History Department Book Award, Presidential Academic Fitness Award, American Chemical Society Participant Award; Laura Stewart- 
Barbara Laub Fine Arts Award, Presidential Academic Fitness Award, Masacksic Staff Achievement Award; Isabelle Eiff-Presidential 
Academic Fitness Award, AFS Student Club Service Award, Foreign Language Department French Book Award, James B. Krumsiek 
Memorial Fund Award; Christopher Johnson- Walter S. Barr Scholarship Award, Edward Finklehoffe Scholarship, Presidential Academic 
Fitness Award, American Chemical Society Participant Award; Lauren Urbschat-Boston Globe Scholastic Art Award, Barbara Laub Fine 
Arts Award, Jeffery I. Glaser M.D. Memorial Scholarship Award, Presidential Academic Fitness Award; Angela Agnoli-Matthew & Todd 
White Key Club Service Scholarship, George E. Aldrich Scholarship for Excellence in Mathematics, Probability & Statistics Award, National 
Honor Society Award, Presidential Academic Fitness Award; Andrew Starr-Lorne Scott Shomes Memorial Scholarship Award, M.I.T. E. 
Hibbard Summersgill Book Award, Jet Jotter Award, Olympiad Competition in Mathematics Award, Presidential Academic Fitness Award; 
Ryan Thompson-St. Mary's Guild Scholarship, Pascal A. Deliso Scholarship Award, Hampdon County Deputy Sheriff's Assoc. Scholarship 
Award, E. Longmeadow Unico National Scholarship, Meline Kasparian Scholarship; Brian Wezowicz-Foreign Language Department 
Scholarship In French, Longmeadow Lions Club Award, Longmeadow Maternal Association Award, Functions & Trigonometry Award, 
Coaches' Award; Swaroop Samant-Superindent's Award, English Department Award for Critical Writing, Foreign Language Department 
Scholarship in Latin, Olympiad Competition in Mathematics Award, National School Choral Award, Presidential Academic Fitness Award, 
National Merit Scholarship, Masacksic Leadership Award for Seniors; Sydney Leavens-Jewish War Veterans Award, Noel M. Burke Scholar- 
ship Award, O.A. Lopes English Award, Foreign Language Department Scholarship in Spanish, Longmeadow Historical Society Scholar- 
ship, Impressions Award, Jet Jotter Award, Presidential Academic Fitness Award. 


Mike McGarry '99 

Once again, Longmeadow High School has graduated 
another group of talented and promising seniors. On 
June 14th, the town watched as the junior marshals, 
Justin Blair and Julie Bailey, ushered in the class of 1998 
for their final gathering. Their entrance was accompa- 
nied by the traditional playing of "Pomp and Circum- 
stance" as interpreted by the Brass Choir under the 
direction of Mr. Mucci. 

Once seated the graduating class was offered 
words of advice and encouragement from the Principal 
Doctor Murphy, Superintendent Doctor McGarry, and 
this year's guest speaker, Doctor Joseph J. Ellis, a 
professor at Mount Holyoke College. In addition, a 
reflection on the class' time together was offered by 
class president, Ryan Thompson, and the school was 
presented the class' gift by Treasurer Benji Russel. This 
year the class donated large sums of money to different 
organizations and clubs throughout the school. Diplo- 
mas were then presented to the class, followed by the 
customary tossing of the caps. With that, the class of 
1998 officially completed their stay at LHS and moved 
on into the exciting and limitless future. 

Finally! Senior Aixa Weeks breaths a 
sigh of relief as she graduates, (above) 

What a Leader! Usher Julie Bailey 
orders the class of '98 to stand up. 

Three men and a Diploma. These three senior guys 
stand at attention as graduation ceremonies get under 
way. (above) 

Nice Speech. Senior Class Officer Benjamin 
Russel gives the speech of a life time to his 
non-attentive fellow classmates. 

Smile for the Birdie! Senior Class officer 
Leah Halsey gives her secret admirer a 
special smile, (above) 

Yippeee! Seniors toss 
their caps in joy as 
their four years in 
LHS finally come to 
an end. (left) 

Forward March! A line 
of Senior girls prepare to 
to recieve their diplomas, 

Boo Hoo! 

Senior Eric 
Tjonahan walks 
towards his 
diploma and 
the end of his 
high school 
career, (left) 

Sheetal Khera '00 

The Major Works Concert, held on the 21st of May, featured the Wind Ensemble, 
Lyrics, and Symphony Orchestra. The concert began with a bang, with the Wind Ensemble's 
performance of Carmina Burana . The thirteen movements were performed flawlessly and 
left the audience speechless and on their feet in ovation. Following them was Lyrics. The 
vocal group performed a piece entitled Requiem and, as always, gave an incredible perfor- 
mance, featuring solos from seniors Swaroop Samant, Katie Mikesh, Sara Gowtham amd 
Dana Lanids as well as sophomore Nora Camp. The evening ended with the Symphony 
Orchestra's performance of the second suite from Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet . The six 
movements were performed beautifully and featured solos from seniors Isabelle Eiff, Dan 
Friedman and Jessie Steinman, as well as junior Sammy Chang. The entire evening went 
beautifully and featured truly memorable music. 

Maestro. Sophomore 
Sue Purcell is just 
superb during the 
performance of Romeo 
and Juliet, (far left) 

O Fortuna! Mr. Mucci 
conducts the Wind 

• Ensemble during their 

I performance of 

I Carmina Burana. (left) 

Laaa! Senior Jessie 
Steinman sings one of her 
solos during the perfor- 
mance of the Daley Re- 
quiem, (far left) 

The Piedpiper. Senior 
Liz Dibble gives yet 
another perfect perfor- 
mance, (left) 

Perfection. Senior Ali Hyde draws harmonious 
notes from her horn during the concert, (above) 

Music Man. Junior Sam Chang shows great concen- 
tration during the orchestra's performance, (left) 

Sprim Concert 

I W^ Sheetal Khera '00 

Louder! Juniors Ryan Haddad and Matt Brown try to 
convince the audience that "believe it or not, they're walk- 
ing on air" during their stir it up medly. (above) 

The annual Spring Concert, held on May 28th, was 
once again a huge hit and marked the end of another fantas- 
tic concert season here at LHS. The Women's Chorus led off 
the evening with two wonderful pieces. They were followed 
by the Concert Band, whose performance of "Inferno" was 
not only an ensemble favorite, but an audience one as well. 
Men's Chorus performed the popular Billy Joel song, "For the 
Longest Time" and were followed by Shatic Mitchell and 
Elward Tyrell performing a Music Lab Composition, a first 
for the Spring Concert. Following them was perhaps the 
greatest highlight of the evening for many, a performance by 
Lloyd. The A Cappella group performed Boyz II Men's 
"Hard to Say Goodbye," a fitting tribute to the end of the 
concert season and there graduating seniors. A special Jazz 
combo performance followed intermission and La Cappella 
was also featured in the second half of the evening. They 
performed a medley of songs including a piece entitled, 
"Africa." Finally, to end out the evening the ever-popular 
Jazz Ensemble performed "A Tribute to Duke Ellington," a 
compilation of five Ellington pieces. All in all the concert 
was a huge success as was the entire year for the musicians 
here at LHS. 

Foreign Relations. Members 
of La Capella sing about the 
wonders of Africa, (above) 

Nice Cheeks! Craig 
Barowsky keeps a watchful 
eye on Mr. Mucci during a 
Duke Ellington song, (far 

Formal Wear. Members of 
Lloyd perform at the spring 
concert, leaving their tradi- 
tional overalls behind for a 
more formal look at this last 
concert of the year, (right) 

Dancin' The Night Away. A group of sophomores fill the dance 
floor and get jiggy wit' it. (right) 

Friends 'til The End. Sophomores Sarah Williams and Sue Collins take 
time away from dancing to pose for the camera, (below) 

Girls' Night Out. Junior Lindsey 
Hollister and a group of sopho- 
more girls decide they would 
rather spend the evening with 
ea< h other, (above) 

A Night to Remember. Seniors 
Jeb Balise and Rachel Shelasky 
find a moment alone-except for 
tlir nosy photographer, of course, 
(far right) 

Trendsetter. Sophomore 
Aaron Szafran shows off his 
keen fashion sense by sport- 
ing a black napkin in his pants, 






Sheer Delight. SophmoreJenRanahan 
and senior Diego Hermosilla are sim- 
ply ecstatic about the choice of music, 

A Girl On Each Arm. Sophomore Lev 
Tannenbaum is thrilled with his good 
luck to be surrounded by beautiful 
girls, (below) 


An Evening Gala 

Nicole Megatulski '00 and Jessica Dugre '00 

On the night of March 27, sophomores, 
along with some freshmen and upper classmen 
assembled in front of LHS awaiting their golden 
coaches to bring the stylishly dressed to BayPath 
College for an evening of dinner and dancing. 
Round tables were filled with laughter and 
enjoyment as everyone finished dinner in a rush 
to hit the dance floor. (Many didn't even sit long 
enough for their ice cream sundaes to melt.) Not 
a space could be found on the dance floor as 
students from all grades removed their shoes and 
danced all the way to the last note. The evening 
seemed to come to a close much too soon as their 
golden coaches arrived to return them to LHS. 
The students rushed to get on the first bus in 
order to make it back to parties that lasted well 
into the night. Many returned home in the wee 
hours of the morning only to retire their dancing 
shoes and remember this night for years to come. 

An Enchanted Evening. Sophomores Jim Weinmann 
and Jen Casartello take a minute from admiring the 
spectacular view of BayPath College at night, to pose 
for the camara. (above) 


Christa McCarthy-Miller '01 

The varsity and junior varsity baseball teams 
had a long and hard season. The varsity team, led by 
coaches John Mayo, Dan Donovan, and Tim Doyle 
had a record of 8 wins and 12 losses. The team pulled 
together at the beginning of the season but began to 
struggle towards the end. Senior team captains this 
season were Adam Kramer and Steve Stierer. Kramer 
led the team in batting average at around .500, while 
Stierer helped the infield be at its best. He played a 
large part in some of the wins, because of his out- 
standing pitching. The Varsity team was composed of 
one freshman, four sophpomores, four juniors, and 
four seniors. Freshman Adam Derby says, "Being on 
the team was a lot of fun. It was a great experience, 
because of the leadership exhibited by some of the 
guys on the team. Everyone pulled together in an 
attempt to make it into the playoffs." 

The Junior Varsity team also had a great 
season as well. The team learned a lot and enjoyed 
themselves at the same time. Sophomore captains 
Sean Ginley and Dan Gallant helped the team through 
the many ups and downs of the season. Ginley and 
freshman Chris Methe alternated pitching, while Ryan 
Devine was crucial in keeping the outfield at its best. 
The team, with the strength of their freshmen, is 
looking forwad to next season. 

Look at those curves! Senior 
Varsity player Sean Keane hurls 
a curveball at his shaking oppo- 
nent at home plate, (below) 

The Heat is On! Freshman Chris Methe winds up to throw yet 
another fastball at his unworthy opponent, (above) 

Intense! Junior Mike Gorfin 
concentrates as he waits for the 
pitcher's next throw, (above) 

Going, going, gone! Freshman players 
watch as their teammate hits a home run 
with near perfect form, (above) 

M/^$%.£%M W 

First Row: A. Krill, J. Skypeck, A. Derby, B. Sherman. 
Second Row: J. Rappaport, A. Kramer, S. Mitchell, J. 
Vincent, M. Pooler. Third Row: A. Diamond, S. Stierer, 
D. Patterson, M. Burton, S. Keane, T. Murphy. 

The Scoreboard 




East Longmeadow 















East Longmeadow 





Chicopee Comp. 








First Row: D. Lynch, D. Finer, C. Bolduc, P. Jaffe. Second 
Row: J.Brown, J. Viamari, J. Berg, J. Bandein, Coach 
Veratti. Third Row: C. Kennedy, C. Murphy, B. Soar, J. 
Chew. Fourth Row: D. Bogdanowicz, M. Pederazani, S. 
Newland, C. McCarthy. 




South Hadley 






West Springfield 








West Springfield 














Close Call! A freshman player tries valiantly to tag his 
opponent, but comes up empty as he drops the ball, (above) 

WOW! Jason Skypeck uses his enormous strength to throw 
the ball, (left) 


Row 1 : L. Joyce, S. Lak, S. Amenta, M. McKenna, K. 
Danahey, K. Blinn. Row 2: L. Frank, N. Holguin, C. 
McCarthy, S. Albert. Row 3: Coach McCray, B. Thomp- 
son, D. Bare, C. Goldman, A. Martin, Coach Cropper. 

Row 1: K. Haberlin, J. Dimauro, J. Brittman, L. Mandrus, 
C. Auth. Row 2: L. Davidow, H. Piechowski, K. 
MacDonald, S. Joyce, S. Merrill, Coach Jenkins. Row 3: E. 
McMahon, J. Farmer, W. Ellis, C. Hicks, K. Miller. 

Samantha Baxter '01 

The Varsity Girls' Softball Team had an 
exciting season this year improving last year's 
record to finish 8-10. Although it was not one of 
their best seasons, the team always stayed 
upbeat and optimistic thanks to the team's great 
spirit, and the leadership of the team captains 
seniors Kathy Danahey and Margaret McKenna. 
Some key players during this "rebuilding" year 
were seniors Lauren Joyce who was voted team 
MVP, McKenna, and sophomore Sara Albert. 
The team was also helped out by great pitching 
from Joyce, and junior Lauren Frank. Junior 
Candace McCarthy remarkes on the team's 
season, "Despite the fact that we didn't have a 
lot of luck this season, we all still had a lot of 
fun working together as a team, and we learned 
a lot throughout the season as well." 

The Junior Varsity team of '98 also had 
a great season, thanks to the leadership of their 
captains sophomores Emily McMahon and 
Jocelyn Farmer, as well as the outstanding 
coaching of Kerry Jenkins. Congratulations to 
both teams on excellent seasons! 

Batter Up! Sophomore Emily 
McMahon prepares to hit one out 
of the park with her incredible 
Softball skills, (above) 

Congratulations All Around. Lancers show their sports- 
manship as they congratulate the opposing team after an 
exhausting game, (above) 

Look Out! Junior Lauren Frank winds up and 
delivers another perfect strike, (above right) 

The Scoreboard 



Them 1 






18 ^P 










West Springfield 



East Longmeadow 









Chicopee Comp 



South Hadley 

















South Hadley 






East Longmeadow 



Winding Up. Senior Margaret McKenna puts her 
whole body into pitching the Lancers to another 
victory, (above) 

Swing, Batter Batter Swing. This Lancer 
gets ready to hit the next pitch over the 
heads of the watching crowd, (above) 


Shannon Bradley '99 

The boys track team, led by Coaches 
Efstratios and Provonos, along with senior 
captains Ken Sheffield, Chris Johnson, and 
Andrew Camp finished the year with a record 
of 3-4-1. Many new and talented members 
joined the track team for the '98 season, and 
they showed promise for the years to come. 
The team saw its share of victories and losses 
this season, and were able to make it all the way 
to the Western Mass Championships where 
they finished in fourth place. However, the 
year did not finish there for this impressive 
team. Seniors Andrew Camp, Chris Johnson, 
Junior Trip Young, and freshman Jonathan 
La f ranee, composed the four by eight relay 
team that represented LHS at States. This 
impressive debut by the freshmen Lafrance, 
shows the incredible and valuable talent of the 
newcomers to the team. Senior Andrew Camp 
also represented the team at states, running in 
the mile. Congratulations to all of the outstand- 
ing athletes! 

Ouch!! The sand is too hot for 
Junior Marc Emond. (above) 

Sideways Glance. Junior Chris Pelosi looks 
over liis shoulder t<> Bee it there is a sniper 
in the bushes, (right) 

Row 1: Coach Efstratios, Coach Provonose, K. Sheffield, C 
Johnson, A. Camp, R. Haddad, T. Lewis, E. Zimmer, J. Mujalli. 
Row 2: K. Afolabi, M. Zimring, S. Young, M. Wiseman, A. 
Hutt, C Pelosi, E. Gerard, M. Tinervia. Row 3: M. Kielbania, J. 
Goodman, M. Emond, J. Steiner, D. Hermosilla, E. Laflamme, P. 
O'Malley, Z. Zimmer, J. Doney. Row 4: D. Friedman, S. 
Turnberg, J. Ameigh, , M. Howland, S. Elin, R. Horrigan. Row 
4: A. Whiteford, J. Lafrance, J. Lin, A. Pardo, M. Askin, P. 
Snellham, E. Zhu, A. Galaska. Row 5: T. Young, T. Ferris, D. 
Howard, C. Pekruhn, J. Sampson, N. Pioggia, P. De 
Temmerman, E. Berg, A. Kahan. Row 6: A. Stevens, M. 
O'Malley, M. Hubbard, T. Dubay, M. Judd, Z. Greiner, F. 
Roberts, C. Barowsky, J. Desmerais. 

Turbo Says Tough Luck. Sophomore 
Matt Kilbanea, proves that he really is 
Turbo, after a crushing victory over 
sophomore John Doney. (above) 

Spear Thrower. Sophomore Mark 
Kolonoski goes after the wild elephants, 

The Scoreboard 


Us Them 1 Opponent 




68 68 1 Westfield 




82 52 1 Central 




62 83 1 West Springfield 




47 98 Chicopee Comp. 



Open Wide. Junior Kolojo Afolabi makes 
hurdles look easy, while onlooker, Mike 
O'Malley admires his tongue (and prays for a 
Port-a-Potty). (above) 

Nice Undies. Sophomore Pat Kevane manages 
to speed around the track AND model his J 
Crew boxers at the same time, (right) 


Aizza Hassan '99 

The girls track and field team had 
an outstanding season this year. Under the 
leadership of Coach Beth Pelland and 
senior captains KC Washington, Jess 
Farmer, Jen Hamlin, Katie Garvey, and 
Leah Halsey the team posted a regualr 
season record of 7-2. Three school records 
were also broken during the season. One 
was the 4x800 relay in which Hamlin, 
junior Katie Ward, and sophomores Nora 
Camp, and Laura Harwood broke the 
record by ten seconds. Washington broke 
the record in the discus with a 99ftl0 in 
throw, and sophomore Laura Risi broke the 
record in the pole vault. The team as a 
whole worked together towards this suc- 
cessful season. "It's an outstanding group 
of girls, and I'm looking forward to next 
season," said Coach Pelland. 

Row 1: J. Rousse, R. Calucchia, J. Brittman, K. Washington, K. 
Garvey, L. Halsey, J. Hamlin, J. Farmer, R. McMahon, A. Hyde. 
Row 2: A. Chasen, A. Retchin, A. Niedel, J. Portier, A. Mazur, K. 
Jennings, A. Marangoudakis, C. Nowicki, L. Harwood, P. Sheffield, 
L. Nguyen. Row 3: J. Blair, K. Ward, A. Webber, N. Centeno, S. 
Kepple, S. Williams, L. Amatruda, J. Green, K. Ingalls, C. Liro- 
Hudson. Row 4: M. Lappin, A. Rothschild, J. Brittman, C. Kolb, A. 
Braden, S. Wezowicz, H. Fitts, K. Fitts, X. Williams, N. Picknally, C. 
Kelleher. Row 5: E. Hamlin, A. Webber, L. Risi, M. Meehan, J. 
Whipple, R. Gould, S. Chen, P. Schmiedigen, J. Hartman, J. 
Casartello, M. Wilson. Row 6: M. Santiago, L. Forgey, D. Mujalli, N. 
Willet, K. Gallagher, M. Klug, N. Camp, Coach Pelland, Coach 
Devine, Coach Kalian. 

And the Winner Is... junior Bridget 
Yearwood sprints past her Westfield competi- 
tor, while teammate Jenna Blair comes in a 
close second. (abo\r) 

By the Skin of Her Teeth. Sophomore 
Laura Harwood floats over the bar. 

Tai Chi. Junior Ashley Braden is in the zone 
as she releases yet another perfect discus 
throw, (above right) 

Flyin' Farmer. Senior Jessica Farmer 
soars through the air, and polishes her 
moves for the next dance, (left) 

Hang On! Sophomore Laura Risi 

catapults herself miles into the air. 


Enraged! Sophomore Jen Whipple gets 

mad at her coach, while Westfield 

opponents look on in fear, (right) 

The Scoreboard 


Us Them 






91 45 





36 105 





84 61 

West Springfield 




104.5 36.5 

Chicopee Comp. 




Gung Ho! Sophomore Bill St. Clair leads the 
determined pack of Lancers onto the field, 

Shannon Bradley '99 

The LHS boys' Varsity lacrosse team played hard and 
as a team all throughout the season and found that with this 
cooperation and effort the team could go quite far. They made 
it to the playoffs for the twenty-ninth consecutive season, a 
most an impressive feat. One of the team's strengths was their 
incredible talent. With the help of their captains, the younger 
players developed into outstanding athletes. The future looks 
bright for the boys' lacrosse team in upcoming years. 

Some key players who made amazing contributions to 
the team are Eli Greiner (long stick mid-fielder), Brian Weeks 
(mid-fielder), and Brian Wezowicz (defense). Captains Matt 
Szlachetka, Brian Wezowicz, Jay MacDonald and Ryan Thomp- 
son did an outstanding job of showing how teamwork is the 
key to success. Coach Glen Mailer and Assistant Coach Marty 
Lynch guided the team toward another season full of accom- 

The Junior Varsity boys' lacrosse team also had an 
excellent season. Although they had a rocky start, the team 
improved tremendously once they learned to come together. 
Sophomore captains Dan Gold, Tim Walsh and Will Chamber- 
lain were great role-models for the rest of the team. They all 
will make great additions to the varsity team this coming 

Air Osgood. Junior Topher Osgood soars through 
the .ur ,is he hurls the ball directly into the goal. 

Close Save. Goalie Junior Brian Orr 
makes an incredible save, (above) 


Row 1: C. Purdy, B. St. Clair, L. Tannenbaum, J. 
Stambovsky, B. Wezowicz, J. MacDonald, 
M.Szlachetka, R. Thompson. Row 2: B. Weeks, P. 
O'Hara, B. Russel, J. Blair, M. Papaluca, E. Griener, A. 
Brown, E. Kloster. Row 3: J. Tourtellotte, J. Sarrage, 
R. Noonan, M. Drost, P. Hallahan, R. Brawders, P. 
Scully, C. Osgood. Row 4: P. Morse, J. Hill, R. 
Ackley, T. Derosier, B. Orr, M. Cummings. (above) 

Row 1: J. Rohrbach, W. Chamberlain, T. Walsh, J. 
Wegiel, K. Miller, D. Gold, K. Rowe. Row 2: D. Hill, 
E. Chang, J. McKay, T. Hill, E. Sellica, H. Lanoette. 
Row 3: D. Blinn, R. Duncan, K. Conboy, N. Graveline, 
N. Pederazani, J. Weinmann. Row 4: K. Bessoff, T. 
Leahy, J. Kent, C. Carr, M. WHite, J. Kurland, T. 
Barbeau. Row 5: Coach Kerry, M. Chircop, J. Barr, A. 
Kleiner, J. Hollister, Coach Mayola. 

Duck, Duck Goose. Senior Benji Russell 
ducks out of the way of an incoming 
asteroid, (above) 




Us Them 1 






3 "-"--'•■ 




South Hadley 















West Springfield 


















South Hadley 



Victory! Senior Captain Ryan Thomp- 
son tries to convince his opponents that 
he really is Lord of the Dance, (above) 


Brianna Murphy '00 

The Varsity Girls Lacrosse team went 
all out this year with another great season. 
The team, consisting of six seniors, eight 
juniors, four sophomores and one freshman, 
was very talented and with so many under- 
classmen, should come back very strong in 
the next few years. Senior Co-Captains 
Bridget O'Connor, Katie Heaps, and Meghan 
Martin led the team with their leadership 
and ability. The team went 14-5, making it to 
the quarter finals in the state tournament. 
Some players to watch next season will be 
junior Meaghan McCormick, and sopho- 
mores Melissa Martinelli and Courtney 

The Junior Varsity Lacrosse Team 
was impressive as well this season winning 
all but two of their games. Sophomore 
captains, Sarah Stewart and Molly LaBroad 
pulled the team together when it counted, 
leading their team to several victories 
throughout the season. Coaches Kim 
VanGaasbeck and Kim Visco are both ex- 
cited for their third year of coaching next 
season and are ready for another great year. 

Row 1: B. O'Connor, M. Martin. Row 2: 

M. McCormick, A.Ferrel, L.Hollister, A.Guerra, E. 

Kelleher. Row 3: M. Martinelli, C. Brown, K. 

Threlfall, L.Luciano, U. Stahl, B. Murphy. Row 4: 

A.Sorrell, L. Skypeck, M. Reynolds, L. Holden, Coach 


Furious! Senior Katie I leaps attacks the 
field in a rage. (abo\ e) 

Go Meghan! 

Martin tries 
to distract 
the goalie by 
sticking her 
tongue out 
while she 

Nice Jump!!!! Sophomore Caroline Adams 
makes a bountiful leap as she splits the 
defenders and scores, (above) 

Nice Breeze! Sophomore Karin Ross blows by 
her defender, (above) 

Row 1: J. Tognari, E. Smith, C. Adams, L. Rooke, 
M.Selbovitz, M. LaBroad, S. Baxter. Row 2: K. 
Bragdon, L. Desmaris, K. Spinelli, K. Ross, K. 
Provonos, L. Phaneuf. Row 3: Coach Vangaasbeck, 
K. O'Malley, S.Stewart, L. Townsend, A. 
Witzenburger, S. Haddad, L. Rider, M. Spalino. 

The Scoreboard 



Them ■ 






9 W 




East Longmeadow 











South Hadley 









South Hadley 












South Windsor 



East Longmeadow 



What an Actress! Junior Meaghan McCormick fakes left 
then goes right to assist the winning goal, (above) 


Row 1: R. Harbison, J. Balise, J. Chernock, T. Leonard. 
Row 2: D. Luftman, J. Blair, A. Grodd, M. McCary, H. 
Kung. Row 3: J. Orenstein, M. Kahan, C. Smith, T. 
Kucab, P. DellaLuna. Row 4: Coach McCarthy, R. 
Birtwell, E. Ginsburg, R. Berger, P. Magowan 

Mike McGarry '99 

The 1998 Boys' Tennis Team had 
an extremely successful season that 
yielded a Western Massachusetts Cham- 
pionship. Led by captains, senior Rick 
Harbison and junior Alex Grodd, and 
Coach Mr. McCarthy, the team finished 
the season with a record of 13 wins and 
2 losses. Though all of the members 
contributed to the team's success, some 
of the key players this season were 
senior Rick Harbison, juniors Alex 
Grodd, Justin Blair, and Mayer Kahan 
along with sophomores Ryan Birtwell, 
Mike McCary, and Howie Kung. Alex 
Grodd summed up the effort by saying, 
"We worked hard and had fun as a 
team, and it translated into a great 
season." Congratulations on another 
excellent season! 

Eye on the Ball. Sophmore Mike McCary prepares 
to intimidate his opponent with his fierce forehand, 

King of Sex Appeal. Senior Rick Harbison sticks his 
tongue out at his opponent after slamming the ball 
with incredible power and speed, (left) 

The Gossip Corner. Senior buddies Jeb Balise and Tim 
Leonard share intimate secrets on the basics of tennis, (above) 

The Scoreboard 



Them 1 















North Hampton 





East Longmeadow 



North Hampton 













West Springfield 


Up and Over. Sophomore Peter Delia-Luna 
uses all of his might to return a shot to his 
opponent, (above) 


Fly like an Eagle. Junior Dave Luftman serves with 
incredible talent and ease, (above) 

I Want My Mommy. Freshman Chris Smith is 
on the verge of tears as he looks over the net at 
his opponent, (left) 


Erin D'Elia '00 

The Longmeadow High School Girls' 
Tennis Team led by new coach Steve Lesko and 
senior co-captains, Justine Kurland and Cassie 
Marantz, had an excellent '98 season, finishing 
with an incredible record of 13-1. The team's 
record allowed them to compete in the Western 
Mass. Competition for the eighth year in a row. 
However the team was defeated, despite an all 
out effort by the LHS players. As the team 
looks back on the year they remeber the enthu- 
siasm and support they received from one 
another and their numerous McDonald's 
celebrations. The team is confident that there 
will be many more celebrations to come and 
they are determined to regain their spot on top. 

Key players this season were seniors 
Isabelle Eiff, Cassie Marantz, Jen Kuhr, Becky 
Rhee and Justine Kurland, as well as juniors Pia 
Solomon and Jaclyn Loizzo. The team also 
benefited from strong play by sophomores 
Rebecca Jangraw, Klara DeTemmerman, Raeka 
Talati and Erin D'Elia. The outstanding under- 
classmen show incredible promise for more 
outstanding play in the coming seasons. Con- 
gratulations to all of the players on yet another 
outstanding season!! 

Row 1: J. Kuhr, J. Kurland, C. Marantz, B. Rhee, I. 
Eiff. Row 2: L. Fontaine, P. Solomon, J. Loizzo, K. 
DeTemmerman, R. Talati. Row 3: R. Osofsky, E. 
D'Elia, M. Yaffe, M. Hyde, R. Jangraw 

Wham! Junior Pia Solomon returns the ball 
with perfect form and ease, (below) 

Sunblock. Senior Isabel Eiff keeps her 
eye on the ball as she serves to her oppo- 
nent, (abcn e) 

Wonder Woman! Senior Becky Rhee prepares to 
crush the ball with her powerful backhand, (above) 

I'm Flying! Sophmore Raeka Talati is airborne as she 
prepares to slam the ball across the court, (right) 

The Scoreboard 



Them P" 1 ?^ 











West Springfield 


North Hampton 





East Longmeadow 



West Springfield 







South Hadley 






What a Stroke! Junior Jaclyn Loizzo 
watches her ball sail over the net and com- 
pletely bewilder her opponent, (above) 

All Smiles. Sophomore Becca Jangraw and senior Isabel 
Eiff are excited after another victory, (above) 

1998 Spring Supplement Staff: 

Co-Editors-in-Chief: Aizza 
Hassan & Sheetal Khera 

Assisstant Editor-in-Chief: Jon 

Student Life Editors: Michael 
Wiseman and Susan Purcell 

Sports Editors: Adrienne 
Juozokas and Melissa Martinelli 

Copy Editors: Nicole 
Megatulski and Jessica Dugre 

Thanks to all those who 
contributed to this supple- 
ment. We couldn't have 
done this without all of 
your tremendous help. 
Thanks also to Steinmetz 
Photography and Jostens ~ 
especially Matt Fenn-who 
have made this supplement 

The <9nd. . . mm 

> O 




The Year 

Nineteen Hundred and 


Longmeadow High School 
Longmeadow, Massachusetts 


Volume 42 


List of Characters *-%"» 


Epilogue ^r Closing ^ 238 

Once Upon a Time 






* i 


N^ W 

• ■ 11 » 

■V ^^^Y w ^^ Mil ftMk 

► *; 

' tH^H 

;l £ 

ufc •■ J 

1 1 \ ^B 

1 ff*^ " m 


J \ ill S J 

i ' 

■ ^J 



r* V 

• ■■*.' 


» - 

*. V 

V ? 

i e 




•% % * 




Once Upon 

a Time. . . 


• -..••7-.- •- ■ . 
■t. . •. • -r> .-■-./' 

,• v. -•,• . , . >- .. 
.: ..:••! . '-'•••:•■ , 
••..• • •..•■ • •■:■■ . ■''•■■:&■'■ -.i ' i '■'■ 

•i * . k 

'.a" >• 



•--.t > " 


•r r: ....■ >i 

■^''-"'.tV'.:'- ,e H t ?-' 

. • ,-;S- j.c] -.;■ :^. % : 5t_ 

\,./ :..,:-,; path 

H/g/j School on the 
way to the "real world " 
has not always been paved 
..j . ■ with smiles, fun, and happiness. Indeed, 

we all have discovered that Longmeadow quite often 

is not the castle on a cloud as it is perceived. However, like 
all of the fairy tale characters we have grown up to admire, we 
at Longmeadow find ourselves constantly striving to better our- 
selves. Like Princess Winnifred, ive search to gain more out of life 
and our time together. And that is what Longmeadow High School has 
been for us - a place to discover our dreams and our hopes and perhaps, 
if we're lucky, ourselves. Through friendship, laughter, and yes, even stress, 
we have pushed ourselves to become who we were always meant to be. Along the 
way, we've realized that people and lives inevitably change, that how we care is who we 
are, and that, even though we arc a little scared, we are ready tor the whole new world that 
awaits US just outside the castle gates. These years at Longmeadow High School are an important 
chapter in our lives— they are our stories' beginnings filled with memories, experiences, and dreams., 

T I O N 

The class of 1998 proudly dedicates "Once Upon a 
Time," the 1998 Masacksic , to Mr. Jeff Goodwin. Mr. Goodwin's 
humor, friendship, and obvious love for teaching has greatly 
influenced the lives of his faithful students. No matter how 
difficult the challenge, he has always found a way of reaching 
those in need. Through laughter, perseverance, and his unique 
teaching style, Mr. Goodwin epitomizes the distinguished 
teacher and role model. 

Teacher of biology and chemistry, Mr. Goodwin cares 
about helping his students in and out of the classroom. Many 
seniors claim to have formed a rare bond with Mr. Goodwin. 
Because he is so open, friendly, and accessible, some seniors 
who never even had the privilege of being in one of Mr. 
Goodwin's classes consider themselves his students. They 
claim that he teaches lessons about life as well as lessons in 
science. He understands and, as one student puts it, "always 
knows the right things to say." 

One of Mr. Goodwin's finest attributes is 
is teaching style inside of the classroom. Mr. 
Goodwin's classroom, which consists of a light- 
hearted yet hard-working atmosphere, houses 
the magical world of horse friends, moles, and 
other imaginative characters. These are the char- 
acters that always end up on his tests which 
teach a lesson and tell a story. Mr. Goodwin's 
tests spark the interest of all of his students in a 
voice all his own. 

Talented teacher, mentor, creator, Mr. 
Goodwin has served another important role for 
the Class of 1998. He has been our friend. 

]cff Goodwin 


OnceUponaTime. . . 

Rob MacDonald and Lindsay Porter hide their senior 
secrets from naive freshmen with smugfaces. (above) 

W kofher magk wand... 

Cinderelhfound herself wearing 

the ma 

ul dress, the loveliest 

erseen in 

No one can stop the amazing Mark 
Zimringfrom catch ingthc pigskin being ' 
launched at him. (right) 

Swaroop Samant and Cassie Marantz 
ecstatically rejoice after Steve Cantin fi- 
nally learns how to' grapevine" without 
causing them injury (left) 


Sophomore Scott Haselkom suavely pronounces his name after dialing 
someone collect and saving them big bucks, (above) 

Junior Justin Blair does a dance in the cafeteria because he 
loves pizza day! (above) 


junior Justin t'iveson takes freshman Steven Butcher 
under his wing and shows him the frightening ways of 
the high school, (right) 


Sophomre Ryan Birtwell, and 
juniors Jennifer Skowera, 
Christine Coady, and Trip 
Young buckle down with 
some quality work at their 
Key Club meeting, (below) 


Sophomore Emily McMahon 
whips out the paint case so 
that she may begin a work of 
art. (left) 

A sophomore gym class endures abdominal torture before beginning their real 
zvork-out. (above) 


OncellponaTime. . . 

magic hvim I 

Senior girls patiently wait for the curtain to i 
rise and the audience to fill up before 
make their grand entrance, (left) 

ft I, 

** ■ 1 

n 1 


V J 


""•vl W^ 




Aaron Peskin definitely needs a vacation from 
the stress of college applications, (left) 

Kate Garvey enjoys thefeel of Dave Patterson's 
lace on her neck; Dave simply enjoys wearing 
lace, (below) 



uUT Win 

fddputs Dave Martens in ajriendly head-lock as 
meet in the notorious LHS hallways, (below) 

Sean Keane, Jeff Blair, Adam Kramer, and Jay Long try to 
coerce Benjy Russell to don a fake goatee, (above) 

d he alma 

with happiness. . . 

Wezowicz can't help being drawn to the shocking color of 
Margaret Townsends pants, (right) 

The Beasts u$y snout 
turned magically into 



Sophomore Andrea Bazos me- 
anders an empty halhoay on 
Monday morning, (right) 


Juniors Billy Butcher and Rob Douglas team up with senior Dan Gebo to practice their music 
after school, (above) 

juniors Lindsey Weisser 
and Renee Osofsky hold 
hands and pray that they'll 
win a costume prize at the 
Holloween Dance, (right) 


f 4 






1 . 




' c 





junior* Jeff Moran and Jason Cooper chill in 
the library so that they don't have to face their 
dreaded SLOs. (above) 

Ju nior AH Peters daringly sticks 
her hand into her locker not 
knowing what she may find 
lurking in there, (above) 

Sophomore Nick Pioggia 
trudges through leaves in one 
of the notorious LHS court- 
yards, (left) 


OnceUponaTime. . . 

Aisha Eastling closes her eyes and grits her teeth as 
she defends herself against her sweatshirt, (below) 

Median Martin, Heather Warwick, Laura 
Stewart, and Oni Matulewicz continue their 
discussion of politics as others marvel at their 
conversations depth, (right) 


Because ofSLOs, catching up on his zzs has 
never been so easy for Ed Chang, (above) 

. . . there 

were three little pigs, 

who left their m ummy and daddy 
to see the WOrU... 

Seniors enjoy their last jew weeks oj freedom as they 
vacation together during the summer, (above) 

Sir Harry and Lady Larken (Eric Tjonahen 
and Evelyn Orenstein) think about their son 
to-be in the play (right) 


me bed of 

thebkest ocean, 

lived the Sea King. . . 

Irin Ginky fends offsenioritis by studying 
< her hearts content, (right) 

nee upon a time in 
the small kingdom 
of Longmeadow, 
there were two manors, the 
House of William and the 
House of the Glenn Brook. 
While both were alike in dig- 
nity and were separated by 
only a few acres, they seemed 
worlds apart. Communica- 
tion amongst the manors was 
scarce. As gossip and ru- 
mors flew, a fledgling rivalry 
arose. Anxieties grew when 
the time came nearer for them 
to merge forces at the Long- 
meadow High Castle. . . 











Vacatio ns 

Seniors Rose Calucchia and Julie 
Niedzwiecki relax under an ancient 
stone bridge in Paestrum, Italy, 

Seniors Jessica Farmer and Kathy 
Danahey can't control themselves 
while eating lobster at Cape Cod. 
(far right) 


by Jennifer Ranahan 

Summer vacation serves as a break between two seemingly 
endless and very tiring school years, and is much needed oy 
the students here at Longmeadow High School. Some people 
used the summer as a resting period that included nothing more 
than reducing themselves to couch potatoes while catching the 
occasional ray of sun. While others used it as a time to get away 
from Longmeadow (which is usually dormant during the sum- 
mer) and went somewhere exciting. Sophomore Marisa Moseley 
escaped to Guyana for two weeks where she visited friends and 
familv while touring the country. Emily Darling, a sophomore, 
toured Israel for two weeks with her familv and a tour group. 
Senior Swaroop Samant visited his relatives in Mumbai, India. In 
fact, there was probably a native of LHS in just about everv corner 
of the world this summer. And for those who couldn't get away 
this summer, camps were a popular way of passing the summer. 
Longmeadow tampers did just about everything imaginable, 
from basketball camp at Babson college to tennis camp in South 
Hadley. It'^ safe to say thai everyone enjoyed their time away 
horn school, whether they sat in front of the television all summ 
or took exciting trips. Can't wait 'till next year 



A group of seniors celebrate their last days of freedom during the summei 
outside one of I lampton Beaches' main ice cream parlors (abo\ el 

Juniors Adam Szafran and Mike Wiseman explore the physics of hiking in the 
White Mountains, (left) 

A group of freshman boys spend 
their SLO time effectively, (far left)! 

Senior Katie Heaps spends her SLOs 
studying in the library, (left) 

Seniors Liz Dibble and Swarood 
Samant contemplate the usefulnesT 
of SLOs. (below) 

by Jem 



ennifer Rmiahan 

New to LHS this year are Student Learning Opportunities, or 
SLOs. (Some comical teachers like to refer to them as 
SLOPS.) SLO is the euphemism for what was originally 
called a "study hall," before the state instituted the 990 hour 
requirement on all students. Unfortunately the study halls of the 
fairy-tale past just don't qualify as real "learning opportunities" 

All students are assigned to a room for their SLO blocks. 
For freshmen, nothing has really changed, because they are still 
stuck in an assigned SLO for the entire hour. However, for 
sophomores, juniors, and seniors, a SLO is something new. Gone 
now are the days of reminiscing about freshmen studies. Sopho- 
mores no longer have the luxury of cafeteria studies with food and 
friends. The freedom of having free blocks and leaving the school, 
is gone for juniors and seniors, who can no longer think back to 
their freshmen and sophomore years and laugh. 

As for the students' reactions, some find the new SLOs to 
be helpful because it forces them to sit down and get 
work done without distractions. A great majority ol 
students however, prefer the freedom of cafe studies 
and free blocks, and can now only hope for some- 
thing, anything, to rescue them trom the captivity of 

their h 


y Sheet al Khera 

Seniors Jess Lucia, Sam Prestia, Meghan Martin, and Oni Matuliwicz relax 
together during weekends, (below) 


"f you're ever sitting in English class and the teacher asks for an 
example of an oxymoron try this out: a fun weekend in Long 
.meadow. Weekends are supposed to be a fun time spent 
relaxing and hanging out with friends. Unfortunately, Long- 
meadow doesn't exactly abound with excitement. Most Friday 
nights here in Longmeadow consist of a very cold night at the 
football game and maybe a stop at Friendlys or Lil Peach after- 
wards. Or for some of the less fortunate the night is spent baby- 
sitting or in some cases being baby-sat. 

With Friday night down, two more days are left to the 
weekend. At this point, most people are at a loss for things to do. 
It's widely agreed among the students at LHS, that to have an 
enjoyable weekend you have to do everything in your power to get 
out of Longmeadow. Hitting the slopes is always a popular way 
to spend a winter weekend, or some prefer to take a day trip up to 
New York City. Weekends, or perhaps Sundays, can be a very 
important part of the weekend for lot of students, especially those 
who like to begin their three hours of tedious homework at around 
ten-thirty that night. 

Once in a while, term paper blues can also kill your 
weekend plans, but there's always a good weekend to be had — 
just be prepared to have to go out and find it! 



Sophomores Kati Spinelli, Courtney 
Brown, Molly Dullea, Melissa 
Martinelli, Caryn Ross, Sara Stewart, 
Liz Townsend, and Alex Foote pile 
up on an old couch to watch their 
favorite movie, (left) 



An LHS student rings up many pur 
chases during her evenings at CVS 

Senior Dave Paysnick displays his 
artistic ability while cooking a gour- 
met meal at Bertucci's. (right) 


Junior Amanda Rubin pauses dur- 
ing a particularly slow moment at 
BigY. (far left) 

Senior Ryan Willoughby gets an 
outside education by learning the 
ins and outs of Brightwood Hard- 
ware, (left) 

iphmore Pat Kevane is the proud head janitor of Bliss Pharmacy, (above) 

Whether in need of spending money, a car, or trying to help 
relieve the overwhelming burden of college tuition costs looming 
in the near future, many LHS students have hit the work force. 

While most students have little to offer in the form of 
degrees and experience, they usually can find minimum wage jobs 
at almost any of Longmeadow's businesses. CVS, Friendly's, 
Armada's, and Rinaldi's are some of the many places that employ 
teenagers part-time. 

Students with special skills can also find jobs lifeguarding 
or working for the local paper and /or LCTV. Even for students 
lucky enough to land such jobs, the pay may be less than desirable. 
Still, an after school job usually supplies enough money to pay off 
the month's car insurance and have enough left over for a Saturday 
night out on the town. 


Jruit Sale 

Juniors Adam Grazincky and Paul 
Roberge shiver in the cold for a 
cause called fruit, (far left) 

Sophomore Aaron Szafran shows 
off his awesome pipes by lifting a 
large box of ripe and juicy grape- 
fruit, (left) 

Senior Heather Devine actively col- 1 
lects money for the Music 
Department's effort to buy two new- 
grand pianos, (below) 


by Kcllic Tracy 

The Fruit Sale is the major fund-raising project of the LHS 
Music Department. Held annually in the fall, the sale raises 
money to fund the year's busing to concerts, competitions 
and auditions, to purchase music, and to be saved for future 
occasions. This year, the Fruit Sale brought in a whopping $12,000 

The success of the sale was due greatly to the hard work of 
the student musicians. Each music student was required to sell 
$100 worth of citrus oranges and grapefruits over a span of 
approximately two weeks. Then, in early December when the 
orders came in, many students sacrificed SLOs to lug the boxes to 
the auditorium stage. Still more worked on Saturday, December 
6th, carrying 20 pound boxes of fruit to cars and verifying receipts. 
( ommented vocal musicdirector Peter Thomsen, "I think the Fruit 
Sale gives the students a wonderful opportunity to work together 
to support public education." Obviouslv, the students agreed. 




by Sydney Leavens 

Seniors Diego Hermosilla and Lia Lefreniere delight Juniors Robyn Weinstein, 
Seamus Cullinan, Keith Bartolomei by talking to them at the dance, (below) 

'or some guys, the thought of a school dance brings date- 
anxiety. It is not too rare Tor a guy to clear his throat, grab the 
pen on his desk with a shaking grip, and begin drafting a note 
to the girl next to him in math class containing that one ominous 
question: Will you go to the dance with me? 

The Sadie Hawkins Dance let the male population breathe 
a little easier. For this dance, held on Friday, December 12th, girls 
asked the guys. As usual, the setting was the lovely (and elegant) 
school cafeteria. However, this year's dance had a new twist. 
Instead of being limited to juniors and seniors, it was open to the 
whole school. Freshmen and sophomores joined the upperclass- 
men to dance to popular music and to drink the free soda provided. 
While the dance was momentarily disrupted when a fire alarm was 
pulled, sending students shivering to the lobby, overall attendees 
had a good time. 

The dance served as a fund-raiser for all four classes. The 
money earned at the event was split up proportionally based upon 
the number of students that attended from each respective class. 
However, the dance enhanced school spirit as well. Remarked 
Senior Class Secretary Leah Halsey, "Students look forward to 
chances to get together other than during the school day and at 
— ting events." 


Juniors Dave Luf tman and Brian 
Sherman have no qualms about 
oing "stag" to the Sadie 
Hawkins— your loss, ladies! (far 

Seniors Justine Kurland and 
Leah Halsey abandon their 
dates for a higher cause: selling 
soda, (left) 





Seniors Eli Zimmer,SwaroopSamant, 
Bub Patterson, Steve Cantin, and 
[mran Faruqi dazzle the ladies with 
their costumes, (above) 

Senior Maria Bienkowski gets dose to 
Fred FlinstoneQunior Jeff Schneider). 




Seniors Ali Hyde, Ryan McMahon, 
Margaret Townsend, Katie Garvey, 
and Lauren Katz spend their last 
Halloween Dance together, (far left) 

Juniors Stephanie Wezowicz, Kolajo 
Afolabi, and senior Aura Spivak take 
a break from dancing, (left) 


by Sydney Leavens 

Despite a lower attendence than in years past, this year's 
Halloween Dance was a great success. Lured by such 
perks as free soda, a great DJ and a professional photogra- 
pher to capture the memories, Juniors and Seniors gathered after 
the night's football game, dressed in costume, to dance the evening 

A popular event of the evening was the contest for the best 
costumes. Contestants were required to walk slowly in a circle so 
that judges could see their costumes as the DJ helpfully played 
music. The contenders were senior Imran Faruqi, who came 
dressed as a member of the Star Trek crew, and seniors Alison 
Hyde, Kate Garvey, Becky Williamson, Ryan McMahon, Margaret 
Townsend, and Lauren Katz, who came as the Spice Girls. 

Seniors Candy Willett, Kristen Washington, Katie Hennessy, and Amie Guerra 
ontemplate if M&M's really do melt in your mouth and not in your hand, 


(fraisy Weed 

Senior Weeds Suzie Carrazza and 
Jess Lucia crush Senior Daisy Cassie 
Marantz between them, (right) 

Seniors Rachael Polep, Oni 
Matulewicz, and Kate Garvey show 
no hard feelings after a good game 
ending with a tie. (far right) 


by Sydney Leaivns 

Practices might have been few and far between, but if team 
spirit was the determining factor, the Daisy and Weeds 
teams were well prepared for the annual Daisy Weeds game 
held Wednesday, November 26th. Each team began wearing its 
uniform, sweatpants and sweatshirts emblazoned with intimidat- 
ing messages for the other team, on Tuesday. 

On Wednesday, the two teams came dressed up again to 
participate in the pep rally, each team competing to scream louder 
and look stronger. The daisies, perhaps in retaliation for the 
intrusion of the night before, came equipped with music from 

Atnoon, it was finally time for the much anticipated game. 
Weeds coach Mr. O'Shea went over plays with help from his 
daughter, who remained on his shoulders throughout the game. 
On the opposite side of the field, Mr. Ellis and Mr. Mortise 
Coached the Daisies. 

The day seemed about to go to the Weeds in 
the last few minutes of the game with the score at 12- 
7. 1 [owever, to the tune of the buzzer the Daisies 
scored a touchdown, bringing the game to a cl 



The Daisies call Betsy the Cookie Lady back into their group picture after B 
game, (above) 

with a tie. 


The group of Weeds cheer themselves 
on right after the pep rally, hoping for 
victory, (right) 

Senior Rachael Shelasky smiles on the 
sidelines before going in to tackle the 
Weeds, (below) 

X>^MS M 

k -I A / J 

Seniors Dana Landis, Ryan Seniors show that there are no hard 

Willoughby and Eric Tjonahen en- feelings after the very competitive 

courage the Weeds with their cheers. Daisy Weeds football game, (above) 


Senior Sara Wolf sits and relaxes 
during one of her many SLO's spent 
in the photo room, (far left) 

Senior Matt Szlachetka is sleeping 
his senior year away, (left) 

Senior Candy Willett wanders 
around aimlessly, knowing tha( 
eventually she will reach the library! 


by Sydney Leavens 

Senior year for the class of 1998 has been tarnished by the 
introduction of SLO blocks and the loss of the senior lounge. 
I [owever, these inconveniences have not prevented seniors from 
accomplishing that which seniors do best... NOTHING AT ALL. 
Oh, sure, we put on an amazing senior class play, we 
pursued our extracurricular activities diligently, and we certainly 
experienced the "college application grind "of first semester. How- 
ever, once the last of our letters was finished, so was our work ethic. 
We lounged. We slept. We watched Melrose Place, 
Jeopardv and even infomercials. We held meaningful conversa- 
tions with our parents, brothers, sisters, dogs, and fifth-cousins- 
twice-removed named Vinny to whom we hadn't spoken since he 
entered the witness protection program and moved to Arkansas. 
In short, we did anything and everything possible to avoid doing 

Next year we will make up for this year of slacking as we 
head off to our future destinations... but what does this one minus- 
i ule semester matter in the whole scheme of things? After all, 
which will we be most Likely to remember 40 years from now, the 
specifics of the reign of Charlemagne over the I loly 
Roman Empire or the specifics of ^n aimless after- 
noon spent driving around theparkinglotofDunkin' 
Doughnuts 1 Actually, probably neither, so we might 
as well he having I UN! 


K group of sophmores share a special moment during lunch, (below) 


by Sheetal Khera 

Ah... lunch time in the LHS cafeteria. It's finally a time to 
take a break from lecturing teachers and to relax and socialize with 
friends. Or so a freshman would hope. In actuality, the cafeteria 
acts as yet another way to define the social hierarchy of the school. 
Freshmen, who are lowest in rank, are stuck by the wall. 

Mashed up against the 
far right wall provides for 
little space, if any, for fresh- 
men to sit and relax. The 
lunches, especially first and 
third, are crowded, but fresh- 
men are not able to migrate 
to open spaces in the center 
of the cafeteria, which is defi- 
nite] y non-freshmen gov- 
erned territory. 

The airless freshmen caf- 
eteria section is to. be ex- 
pected though. Freshmen 
are, of course, perched on 
the bottom rung of the lad- 
der of high school evolution. 
As they become sophomores, 
juniors, and finally seniors, 
they will someday see the 
light of day in the more spa- 
cious area by the windows. 
It serves as a great incentive. 

Juniors Liz Zick, Jacklyn Loizzo, 
Ellen Bogdanowicz, Jeanette Portier 
and Emily Walsh all gab during 
lunch, (left) 

Junior Kolajo Afolabi displays one 
of our schools most popular food 
items- fries, (far left) 




Juniors Meredith Belmont and 
Jeanette Portier relax in the latest 
style of jeans, (right) 

Longmeadow High School students 
love to wear their Adidas pants, 
showing that warm-ups aren't just 
for gym anymore, (far right) 

by Jennifer Ranahnn and Emily Darling 


i ■ ihe '97-'98 school year at LHS showed a wide variety of 
I fashions, fads, and trends. From two-inch platforms to 
JL cargo pants, the halls of Longmeadow High School looked 
more like the runways of New York City. Adidas bags adorned the 
backs of many students, while the ever popular L.L. Bean back- 
packs were seen on just about every freshman. Bootcut jeans 
gained popularity last year and were still a necessity in every 
student's wardrobe. Overalls made a comeback from our elemen- 

[ary school years. Comfy wool sweaters and cargo pants were "in" 
or the winter season, along with the revived "pea coat". How- 
■ver, on brisk winter mornings, it wasn't uncommon for many 
students to just throw on their Adidas warm-ups and a sweatshirt 
for the long day ahead of them. 


Seniors lillum Passo, Sarah Gowtham, and Kristine Blinn show that then! 
iiion' than one fashion style at LHS. (above) 


Sophomore Matt "Turbo" Kilbania dares to be different in his fashion style, (left) 
A sophomore cheerfully expresses her intense love of overalls, (below) 

I L * % I 


Seniors Lia Lefrenere and Rachael Polep 
hang out with Ms. Eagen and Ms. Pelland 
during a SLO discussing their great fash- 
ion sense, (above) 

Seniors Jen Kuhr, Laura Basdekis, and 
Sara Wolf share a love of sweaters, (left) 


Seniors Amy Wilson, Meredith Winer, 
MelanieDamsker, Ambria Cone and Jun- 
iors Sam Wolman and Robyn Weinstein 
are all smiles after arriving to the Jr./Sr. 
fashionably late, (right) 

Senior Jay Thomas, Junior Brian Junior Stephanie Lin, looking stun- 

Suxnmersi'tt, and Seniors \hke ning in her authentic Chinese gown, 

Hubbard and Tim Dubay take a break leaves her date, Kola|o Aiolabi, for 

from dancing, leaving their dates beg- the cameraman, (right) 
gmg them to come back, (above) 


Jr. / S r . 


A group of LHS students show off their 
impressive dance moves, (right) 



eniors Mike O'Malley and Jon Brinn express their approval of the DJ's choice 
f music, (above) 

he Jr/Sr semi-formal is an opportunity for both juniors and 
seniors to come together as upperclassmen for one elegant 
evening. This year's Jr/Sr semi-formal was also largely 
attended by underclassmen and students from neighboring high 
schools who were invited as dates of the LHS juniors and seniors. 
The dance, held at Chez Josef, was once again a huge 
success. The dance floor was over-flowing with students while the 
DJ played all types of music. The only complaint, in fact, com- 
monly heard from students was that there seemed to be a lack of 
dance space; it was too crowded! The dance lasted for three and 
a half hours, but the festivities continued long into the night with 
post-dance activities. 

Everyone looked spectacular and a fabulous time was 1 
by all. 



Once QJpon a 

Co-Director Rebecca Cohen-Shrage 
gives a look of approval to the hard- 
working cast members surround- 
ing her. (right) 

Senior Girls act confused as the 
Queen orders them to begone, (far 


by Sydney Leavens 

November is notorious for being crunch time for seniors 
Still, the seniors complained very little and their perfor- 
mance of "Once Upon a Mattress" went down in the books 
as one of the best senior class plays ever to grace the stage of the 
LHS auditorium. 

The spectacular and hilarious performances of Katie 
Mikesh (Princess Winnifred), Dave Patterson (Prince Dauntless), 
Sassie Freedberg (Queen Agravain), Steve Cantin (King Sexti- 
mus), Evelyn Orenstein (Lady Larken), Eric Tjonahen (Sir Ham'), 
Swaroop Samant (Minstrel), Cassie Marantz (Jester), and Mike 
Burton (Wizard) left the audience amazed and delighted. 

The hard work and dedication of the Pit Orchestra also 
contributed to the play's success. Conductors Dana Landis and 
Jessie Steinman, both who hope to pursue careers in the music 
field, extended their rehearsal schedule to include "retreats" — 
full day rehearsals usually held on weekends. 

Much of the hard work was accomplished behind the 
s< enes, as senior directors Ben Abbate and Rebecca Cohen-Shrage 
labored for countless hours after school, along with co-producers 
Sydney Leavens and Drew Starr. Stephanie Angelides and Julia 
Rousse were the stage managers, and Jason McDonald was the 
technical director. Rich Baker constructed most of the class' fabu- 
lous set, and Laura Stewart designed the T-shirts and 
^ playbill. While space limits the students who can be 
(J— — v *n mentioned by name, it was die workol all the seniors 
36 I invoked made "Once I Ipon a Mattress" one ot 
U" ' "-* — * the best senior class plays mills historj 


Queen Aggravain (Sassio l-rtvdberg) throws her jaw open in horror as sfl 
realizes thai she can't speak, (above) 

The Jester (Cassie Marantz) shudders in terror as she hides the 
disguised Lady Larken (Evelyn Orenstein) from the evil Queen., 

Co-Director Ben Abbate directs his fellow classmates with expe- 
rience and conviction, (below) 

Steve Cantin gives his all-too-familiar 
confused look as he hides Swaroop 
Samant and Evelyn Orenstein under the 
mattresses, (above left) 

Senior Guys prove that they're not afraid 
to show their feminine side as they dis- 
play their spandex tights while lifting, 

Members of the senior class play bask in 
their pride and glory as they know they 
have come a long way as actors and 
friends, (left) 


The cheerful baby-version of Aisha 
Eastling dreams about the day she'll 
graduate from Longmeadow High, 

Four-year-old Lia LaFreniere can't resist 
digging into a bowlful of plain yogurt, 

Newborn Rebekah Meckler has! 
lot on her mind; she can't w. 
before she can talk! (below) 

Pint-sized Margaret Townsend is already preparing to choreograph the "Span- 
ish Panii dance in Once Upon a Mattress , (above) 


Once ^pon 

a "Time... 

Heather Warwick loves having this 
big chair all to herself! (far left) 

As a toddler, Chris Johnson starts 
the overalls-craze that continues to 
this day. (left) 


ra Wolf is shocked that someone would interrupt her bathtime to take 
ctures. (above) 

nee upon a time a child was born — 200 or so of them in fact. 

These children learned how to cry, to walk and to speak. 

They played in sand boxes, stuck their fingers in the icing 
of birthday cakes, and watched Maria, big bird and the gang on 
Sesame street. One day, equipped with smurf lunchboxes and 
brand new shoes, these little warriors were sent to seek their own 
destinies in the form of public education. 

It was quite a traumatic experience when whole 
_, groups were split along enemy lines into the Center, Blue- 
erry and Wolf Swamp zones. But recess was good, and kickball 
on Fridays wasn't so bad either. Fourth grade brought safety- 
hood to many complete with orange sashes and smelly ponchos. 
Once again, the knights or 1980 (and some '79 and '81 as 
well) were forced to form new allies in the middle school wars. 
Vanilla Ice's hit "Ice, Ice Baby" was all the rage as were snap 
bracelets and "Full House." Sporting fluorescent tye-dye, jam 
shorts, and (of course) side ponytails and the bang-whirl, the 
newly proclaimed Williams and Glenbrookers found the middle 
school not as scary as they had expected. In seventh grade they 
began switching classes and in eighth grade they 
sauntered with their big backpacks as the kings and 
queens of the castle. 


A « 


igh Castle contained 
many surprises 
which created quite 
astir. Among the most feared 
was the murky moat in which 
they were forced to play wa- 
ter polo. The newcomers were 
dazzled by the psychedelic or- 
ange corridor and the variety 
of delicacies served at the Ban- 
quet Hall. After entering the 
majestic High Castle Horse- 
shoe, they were greeted every 
morning by the court herald's 
melodious "good-morning- 
Surely, Longmeadow High 
Castle held much to be dis- 




OttCC Upon CI time —the year was 1994— we remember the dues drive, the countless phone calls, the whys 
of such a drive? We think back on the first class trip to New York— the South Street Seaport shopping trip, 
the plays— Les Miserables and Miss Saigon . We remember the question— are these freshman ready for a 
play such as Miss Saig on? 

OlKe Upon d tltne- -the year was 1995—the Sophomore lock-in, the "unusual" pizzas donated by Bertucci's, 
Dr. Murphy in the kitchen heating up all those pizzas, the exhausted bodies trying to get a moment of sleep 
anywhere. How wonderful it was for all the help we received in preparing, and cleaning. We remember 
the support from the parents that chaperoned during the wee hours of the morning. We remember the 
Sophomore Dinner Dance at Bay Path. Did that bus really break down? We all did finally arrive, even if 
we went in shifts, and fortunately the bus was in working order for our return trip to LHS. 
In the Spring the Sophomore trip to New York— once again shopping at the Seaport— What a gorgeous day 
it was! The plays were The King & I and Sunset Boulevard . We spent time looking for the two lost students 
who weren't really lost— just following directions— "If separated, stay put!"— but we didn't know where 
they were staying put!!! 

Once Upon a time—the year was 1996-the Class of '98 was more than half-way there! We remember the 
car wash— with the broken nozzle— Will this be the waterless car wash? Aha! A parent to the rescue with 
the correct Allen wrench! Then there came time for the Junior-Senior Semi-Formal at Chez Josef. Would 
there be a need for a breathalizer? No, we were on our best behavior all decked out in those fancy clothes- 
-with the occasional sound of "My strap broke— does anyone have a safety pin?" 

Once Upon a time— the year was 1997— We remember the car wash— again a scramble to get the water 
running— does that faucet key really work? The back to school dance, the Halloween dance, the Sadie 
Hawkins dance— Who won that best costume award at the Halloween dance? What girl asked you to the 
Sadie Hawkins? 

We will always remember Once Upon a Mattress . Oh, will we remember it - the ordering of scripts, the 
painting of sets, the tears of sorrow, the tears of laughter, the endless time in the cafeteria as we awaited 
our turn to perform. Setting up the television monitors so we could see what was going on stage. 
Wondering - The pit orchestra, will they be too loud? The backstage crew— will they be too loud?? The cast 
behind the curtains, will they be too loud??? The actors, will they be loud enough???? And with style and 
grace you came through with flying colors and put on a memorable performance. 

Once Upon CI time— the year 1998 was happening— As we write this and reminisce, we are thinking - the 
Junior-Senior is next week, the Valentines and Heart-To-Heart are near at hand, we are in the midst of 
college acceptances, looking forward to the senior week with the banquet, High Meadows, Prom, 
rehearsals, and finally graduation. 

Once Upon a time— the next millennium— where are you, Class of 1998? Happy, healthy, full of remem- 
brances. We wish you well. We are proud to have been your advisors. 

Bravo, Bravo, Bravissimo!!!!!! 

Linda L. Berard 
Virginia L. Guistina 


Your Advisors . 

Benjamin Abbate 

66 Longfellow Drive 

Ben, Babbit, Sol-Orchestra 9,10,11,12; Lyrics 
10,11,12; 1 Cantori 11,12; Pit Orchestra 9,11; 
Swim Team 9,10; International Club 10,11,12 
(Co-Pres.); Yearbook 11, 12 (Organizations Ed.); 
Jet Jotter 10,11,12; Young People's Symphony 
9,10 (England); Riverside 12 (Magician); Se- 
nior District 9,10,11; Senior Class Play (Direc- 
tor); Drama Ensemble 9; Intramural Frisbee 
11,12; NHS 12 

Angela Agnoli 

32 Wild Grove Lane 

Angie, Ang, Canoli- Soccer 9; Gymnastics 10; 
Cross Country 1 1,12; Ski Team 9,10,1 1 ,12; Track 
9,10,11,12; Key Club 9,10,11,12 (Board Mem- 
ber); Yearbook 11,12; NHS 11,12 (Tutoring 
Chair); Internship 11; Spain 12; Daisy Weeds; 
Senior Class Play 

"When we really want to do something we 
find the time." 
Elizabeth L. 

Salina Amenta 

14 Matthew Drive, Easthampton 
Softball JV 9,10, 1 l(Capt.), 12(Capt.); Gymnas- 
tics 10; Swimming 9,11,12; Key Club 10,12; Art 
9,10,12; La CappellalO;SeniorClass Play; Daisy 

"Yesterday is over for sure, so I can't look back 
for too long. There's just too much to see wait- 
ing in front of me." 
Jimmy Buffet 


You don't look back along time but 

down through it, like water. Some- 

times this comes to the surface; some- 

times that; sometimes nothing. 

-Margaret Ativood 

Life can only be understood back- 

wards; but it must be lived forwards. 

-Seren Kierkegaard 

Those who lose dreaming are lost. 

-Native Australian pvoverb 

Jhat Makes LHS Unique: "turning on the soda machine after school ends"... "the vocabulary that students use". 


Chandra Anctil 

64 Bclleclaire Avenue 

Shaniqua. Ganj, Channie- Soccer 9; Intramural 

Frisbee 11 ,12; SADD 1 1 ; Banana Splits 1 1; Daisy 


"Old friends. Memory brushes the same years, 

silently sharing the same fears... And what a 

time it was. It was a time of innocence. A time 

of confidences. Long ago it must be. I have a 

photograph. Preserve your memories. Thev're 

all that's left you." 

-Simon & Garfunkel 

StepJianie Angelides 

27 Wendover Road 

Steph, Stephanoula, Fanny, Nie, Noula, T.S.- 
Volleyball 9,11, 12(Capt.); Field Hockey 9; Ten- 
nis 9; Intramural Vollevball 11,12 (Champi- 
ons); Community Market H;SeniorClassPlay 
"I don't know what God is doing. He knows. 
We do not understand, but one thing I'm sure, 
He doesn't make a mistake." 
-Mother Teresa 

Charles Auth 

95 Dover Road 

Chuck- Basketball Manager 9,10,11,12 
"You can't always get what you want.' 
-Rolling Stones 

Richard Baker 

24 Quinnehtuk Circle 

Rich, Dick, Bake, Hake Da Snake, Shake n 
Bake- Soccer 9,10; Hockey 9; Track 10,11,12; 
( toss (. mintry 12; Science league 12; Senior 
C lass l'la\ ; StOITS | ibrary 

"Society.., often confuses insanity with pure 

James Balise 

15 Pendleton Lane 

Jeb, Penguin, Rosev, Fon/ie, Quitter- Tennis 

10,1 1,12; Soccer 11; Hockev 11 

"I haven't seen you since 'nam" 
■C assie Marantz 

"In and out like a robbery ." 
-Tupac Shakur 

Amanda Baraldi 

128 King Philip Drive 

Mand, Superchic, Neeche- Kev Club 
<>, 10,1 HMD Ircasurer).l2(M P Secretary); 
Track 10,11,12; Internship II: Concert Band 
'M0, II, Wind Ensemble 12; England /Scotland 

Trip 1 I , Senior Class Pla\ ; Dais) W eeds; MIS 

"A little consideration, a little thought for oth- 
ers, makes all the difference.* 
"Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon 
-Winnie the Pooh 


'the board"... "the bland mental-institution-like walls"... "the horseshoe"... "me"... What SLO Stands For: 

Eric Bascom 

59 Converse Street 

Coach Bascom- Key Club 9,10,11,12; Football 
9,10,11,12; Basketball 9(Statistics); Intramural 
Basketball 9,10; Baseball 9,10,11,12; Habitat 
For Humanity 10,11,12; Saint Mary's Boys' 
Basketball 11,12; Internship with Longmeadow 
Community Television 10,11,12; Continental 
Cable/Media One 11,12; The Hall 11,12 
"Sometimes when the team is up against it and 
the breaks are beating the boys, tell them to go 
out there with all they got and win just one for 
the gipper." 
-Knute Rochne 

Laura Basdekis 

198 Inverness Lane 

George, Basketcase, Diesel- Environmental 
Club 9,12; SADD 9,10; Outing Club 11 ,12; Key 
Club 10,11,12; SwimTeam 10; Ultimate Frisbee 
10,11,12; Art 9,10,11,12; Daisy Weeds; Intern- 
ship 12; Senior Class Play 
"Life is all memory, except for the one present 
moment that goes by so quickly you hardly 
catch it going." 
-Tennessee Williams 

Devon Bausch 

455 Laurel Street 

International Club 11; PALS 12; Work 12; Se- 
nior Class Play 

"Never try to teach a pig to dance. It wastes 
your time and it annoys the pig." 
-some math room 

Tristina Beak 

68 Massachusetts Avenue 
Smurfette, Robert Pemperton, Veruca Salt- 
French Club 9,10,12; Reality Club 11,12; Am- 
nesty International 9,11; Environmental Club 
9,12; Wicca Club 12(Pres.); Photography Club 

"Stop worrying about trying to fit the status 
quo of what is beautiful and what is politically 
correct. Believe in yourself and do what's 
right. If you want to be like me be yourself." 
-Marilyn Manson 

Xulio Beiras 

135 Ashford Road 

Xu- AFS 12; Senior Class Play 

"A people without the knowledge of their past 

history, origin and culture is like a tree without 


-Marcus Garvey 

Maria Bienkowski 

911 Maple Road 

Mia- Lyrics 11,12; NHS 11,12; Saint Mary's 
Church Choir 9,10,11,12; Senior Class Play; 
AFS ll,12(Committee of Correspondence); 
Mock Trial (witness) 10,11,12; Intramural 
Frisbee 11; CCD Teacher Aide 10,11; Physics 
Day at MIT 11 

"I could burn with the splendor of the bright- 
est fire or else I could choose time." 
-Andrew Llovd Webber "Evita" 

udents Locked Out (of freedom)"... "Seniors Lack Options"... "State Legislature Oppression"... "Seniors Lose 


Jeffery Blair 

59 South Park Avenue 

Jeff, Blair, B, Tye, Herbie- Football 9,10,11,12; 

Basketball 9,10; Lacrosse 9,10,11,12; SADD 12; 

Senior Class Play; Men's Chorus 12; Ring Ding 

Club 10,11, I2(|Pres); Christians Of The Court 


"For long you live and high you flv, And 

smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry, And all 

you touch and all you see, Is all your life will 

ever be." 

-David Gilmour (P.F.) 

Kristine Blinn 

1 66 Converse Street 

Bhnner, Kris, Claire-Basketball 9,10; Softball 
9,10,11,12; Volleyball 12; Intramural Volley- 
ball 11 (Champions),l 2; FAITH 11, 12; Key Club 
12; Yearbook 11,12; Senior Class Play; Youth 
Group 9,10,11,12; Daisy Weeds; NHS 12 
"There is no greater catastrophe than underes- 
timating the enemy. But underestimating the 
enemy, I almost lose what I value. Therefore 
when the battle is joined, the underdog will 
-Lao Tsu 

Jeremy Block 

100 Lvnnwood Drive 

Tiffany Blonder 

715 Williams Street 

TJ, Tiffer, Juney, Tiff, Wiffer, Smokey, Blondie, 

Butterfly- Ski Team 10; Soccer 9 

"Your mind is like a parachute, it won't work 

if lis not open." 


Arianne Boyajian 

4 C ) Fdgewood Avenue 

Ari, Ar, Boyaj, Arbv, Boyajian, Arbs- Soccer 
9,10,1 l(C.oalu'). Basketball 9,10; CVS 11,12; 
Kiddly Winks 12 

" Can she help it if she looks good 1 ! No!" 
( \ \1J.,V.C.,J.L. 

Natanya Braun 

125 Hopkins Place 

I an) .i. 1 an- I m ironmental Club 9; |CC Swim 

Team 9,10,1U2; Senior Class Play 

" II you don't like something change it If vou 
can't change it. change the way you think 
about it." 

Jonathan Brin 

1258 Williams Street 

Shorty Dew Wop, Brin Tin Tin, Method Man- 

PAC Room 10,11,12 

"Hey guys wanna have a BBQ or a clam bake! " 

-Josh Catter 

Jaclyn Brittman 

65 Quinnehtuk Road 

Jackie, Britty, Carrot Top, Big Read, Jack-O- 
Lantern, Jacks-Gymnastics 9,10; Track 
9,10,11,12; Swim Team 11,12; Key Club 
9,10,1 l,12(Board Member); NHS 11,12; Senior 
Class Play; Daisy Weeds; Internship 12; Vari- 
ety Show 9,10(Stage Crew) 
"We can't forsee the outcome of the journey, 
but we can take the next step." 
-Elizabeth L. 

Erica Brody 

145 Coventry Lane 

Kathryn Brookmeyer 

50 King Philip Drive 

Katie, Kate, Brookmeyer, Brook, Brooky, The 
Athletic One, Captain, Champ- Amnesty In- 
ternational 9,10(Sec.),ll(Pres.); Impressions 
4,111,11,12; Jet Jotter 9,10,11,12; Yearbook 
9>il,12(Underclass Ed.); Concert Band 
l ',10,l 1,1 2(Section Leader); NHS 12; Odyssey 
Senior Class Play; Daisy Weeds 
"After the coffee, things ain't so bad." 
-Henry Herbert Knibbs 

Adam Brown 

9 Kingsbury Lane 

Brownie, A. B., Nagle- Soccer 9; Basketball 9,10; 

Lacrosse9,10,ll, 12; Key Club 10,11,12; Jetjotter 

11; NHS 12 

"Columbus? Euro-trash." 

-Jerry Seinfeld 

C. Michael Burton 

62 Ellington Street 

Mike, Ears- Hockey 9,10,ll(Asst. Capt.),12; 
Baseball 9,10,11,12; Soccer 9,10; Senior Class 
Play (Wizard); DARE Program Asst. 9,1 0, 1 1 , 1 2; 
School Custodian 10; NHS 12 
"The key to eating the black and white cookie 
is to get some black ,\nd some white in every 
bite. Nothing mixes better than vanilla and 
chocolate, and yet, racial harmony eludes us. 
If people would just look to the cookie, all of 
our problems would be soh ed." 
-Jerry Seinfeld 

"Students' Last Option"... "Sit, Listen, Obey"... "A Freshman Study"... Driving Mishaps: "I drove off a 


In three words I can sum up every- 
thing I've learned about life. It goes 


-Robert Frost 

'Pooh, promise you won't forget 
about me, ever. Not even when I am 
a hundred." 

"How old shall I be then?" 
Pooh nodded. 
"I promise," he said. 

-Winnie the Pooh 

We learn only when it is too late that 
the marvel is the passing moment. 
-Francois Mitterand 


Rose Cahicchia 

60 Burbank Road 

Rosie, Ro, Pinkv, Girly, Rosa, Rosita- Odvssey 
of the Mind 9; Jet Jotter 9, 10,11 (Sports Ed.),12; 
Yearbook 10,ll(Photo Ed). 12; Amnesty' Inter- 
national 9; Basketball 9,10; Track 10,1 1 ,12; Storrs 
Library 11,12; Youth Group 9,10,ll,12(Pres.) 
REALITY H,12;SeniorClassPIay;Guitar 11,12; 
Holy Trip 11; Japan 12; La Capella 12; Daisy 
Weeds; YMCA 12; Youth Adult Committee 
11,12; Camp Counselor 11,12 
"Two roads diverge in a wood, and I took the 
one less traveled by, and that has made all the 
-Robert Frost 

Stephen Cantin 

106 Uuns.iiu Drive 

Steve, Boris, Tin Can- Orchestra '■',10.1 1,12 

\ I is 1 1 , 1 2i I reas.); Yearbook 12( Business Ed.j 

Senior Class Play l0(Pit),12(Km S Sexitmus) 

Science League 10,11,12; Math Team 11,12 

International Club 12(HMUN); ',Young 

People's Symphony 9,10,11,12; Big Y 9,10,11 

I acrosse9; Track 10; Intramural Frisoee 11,12 

Intramural Volleyball 12, 

"Always laugh at yoursell iirst before others 


Andrew Camp 

711 Laurel Street 

Camp, Camper, Andy Capp, Android, Ma- 
chine, Forrest Gump- Cross Country 
9,10,1 l,12(Capt.); Track 9,10,1 l,12(Capt.); Art 
Club 12; Cock O' the Walk lO(Waiter); Bliss 
Pool 11,12; Senior Class Play; Daisy Weeds 
"Talk low, talk slow, and don't say too much." 
-John Wayne 

Suzanne Carrazza 

63 Falmouth Road 

Su/ie, Su/. Carrazza Woman, \ana, Razzfl 
Su/ie Q- Soccer 9,10; Basketball 9,10; 1 acrosse 
9,10; Goll 11,12; Yearbook 11.12(9ports Id); 

SADD 10.11, 12, Class Council 9,10,11,12; Se- 
nior Class Pla\ l)ais\ Weeds Chorus 9,10,11; 
1 \ncs 12, Romper Room 11,12: MIS 12 
"Turns out not where but who you're w ith thai 
really matters." -DMB 

raken out of context, I must seem sostrange.' 
•Am Difranco 

cliff before I got to school one morning."... "I rear-ended Vito's car outside the parking lot."... "I ripped my mm 

Edward Chang 

75 Brookwood Drive 

Ed- Orchestra 9,10,11,12; Lacrosse 9,10; 

nesty International 9,10 

"Veni, Vidi, Vici." 

-Julius Caesar 


Rebecca Chernock 

104 Cooley Drive 

Lenny, Chernocks.Q- Swimming 10,11, 12; Key 

Club'9,12; SADD 10; Outing Club 11; Spain 

Trip; CVS 12; Just Keep Livin' 11,12; Internship 

12; Senior Class Play; Daisy Weeds 

"Could 1 have been any one other than me?" 


"I never make a mistake but when I do, I lie 

about it." 

-Roger Gore 

Matthew Chelli 

148 Hazardville Road 

Chell-Dog, Chell-Rock, Mongrel, P.O., Sinney, 

Italiano- Late Night 11,12; Soccer "Winchendon 

Prep" 10,U(Capt.); Hockey "Winchendon" 

10,Longmeadow 12; Hockey 9,10(Jr. Olympics- 

Capt.); New England Sharks 9,10 

"I am the Queen of Pantihose. I ha ve more legg 

than anyone!" 

-W. O. M. 

Meghan Chiusano 

75 Edgewood Avenue 

Meg- Synchronized Swimming 9,10,11,12 
Aqualina's of Western Mass. Swim Club; In- 
door/Outdoor Zone Competitions 9,10,11,12, 
National Age Group Competition 10,11; US 
Junior Olympic National Competition 11 
Speed Swimming 10; YMCA Lifeguard Swim 
Instructor 11,12; Charis Air Sudent Pilot 12 
"I could be the million you never made." 
-Ani Difranco 

Jason Chernock 

82 Merriweather Drive 

Cherns, Chernie, Knockers, Nicholas Cage- 
Tennis 9,10,11,12; B'nai B'rith Youth Organi- 
zation ll,12(V.Pres.); Science League 9; Gus 
and Paul's 11; Israel 11 
"The time to hesitate is through." 
-Jim Morrison 

"The impossible is possible tonight." 
-Billy Corgan 

Moira Chiusano 

75 Edgewood Avenue 

Mo- Synchronized Swimming 9,10,11,12; 
Aqualina's of Western Mass. Swim Club; In- 
door/Outdoor Zone Competitions 9,10,11,12; 
National Age Group Competition 10,11; US 
Junior Olympic National Competition 11; 
YMCA Lifeguard Swim Instructor 1 1 ,1 2; Cha ris 
Air Student Pilot 12 
"All our dignity lies in our thoughts ." 

Most Embarassing Moments: "I tripped up the stairs in a 


Rebecca Cohen-Shrage 

85 Greenacre Avenue 

Becca, Bee, Shrage- Orchestra 9,10,11,12; Se- 
nior Class Play(Director); Debate Team 
10,ll,12(Capt); Jet Jotter 9,10,11,12; Intramu- 
ral Frishee 10,11,12; Daisy Weeds; JCC Theater 
9,10,11,12; Learning Center 10,11,12; Israel 

"In a minute there is time for decisions and 
revisions which a minute will revise." 
-T.S. Eliot 

> 1 





/ .V' 


Scott Colton 

202 Williamsburg Drive 

Scooter, Coltrane, Scolton- Wind Ensemble 
9,10,1 1 ,1 2(Section Leader); Symphony Orches- 
tra 9,10,1 1,12; Key Club 10,1 1,12; NHS ll,12(Tu- 
toring Chair); Coif 9,10,11; Jazz Band 
9,10,11, 12(Section Leader); Law Internship 12; 
Twin Hills Country Club Bag Room 11,12 
"Life is but a walking shadow, a poor player 
that struts and frets his hour upon the stage 
and then is heard no more. It is a tale told by 
an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying 
nothing." -William Shakespeare 

Ambria Cone 

69 Fairfield Terrace 

Ambs, Ambi, Ambular- Cheerleading 10,1 1 ,12; 

Senior Class Play; Daisy Weeds; National 

Cheerleading Competition 11; Art Club 12; 

Intramural Volleyball 12; Intramural Frisbee 

12; Outing Club 12; Environmental Club 12; 

Scotland /England Trip 11 

"Advice is what we ask for when we already 

know the answer, but wish we didn't." 


(>2 Fairfield Terrace 

Dabbs, Dabbles, Dabbises, Diggity Dabbs, 
Jules- LEAF Club 9,10,1 l,12(Founder); Intra- 
mural Frisbee 11,12; SADD 12; Senior Class 
Play; Homes for Humanity 10,11,12; Kiddly 
Winks 10; Class Council 12;Daisy Weeds; 
France Trip 10; Central Park East Committee 

"Been walking my mind through aneasv time, 
my back turned towards the sun. Lords knows 
when the cold wind blows it'll turn your head 
around And as I waste the time on the tele- 
phone lini' to talk about things to i ome. s\\ eet 
dreams and fine machine in pieces on the 
ground." -lames Taylor 

Signe Dahlquist 

7SC'lairmont Street 

Sigs, Sig, Siggy, Sig-Fig. Iggy- Field Hockey 

9,10,ll,12^ving9,10,ll,12(Capt.); US Diving 

9,10,1 1.12; Senior Class Play; Daisy Weeds 
"Don't cry because it's Cfl er, smile because it 

happened ." 

Melanie Damsker 

18 Osceola Lane 

Mel, \1ellv, Meejay, Mel D, Pbabe- 

Cheerleading 11,12; Senior Class Play; D.usv 

Weeds, I \,ks 12; SADD 9,10,12; (luting Club 

11,12; Middleton High School 9,10; Matin] 

Biolog\9.]0(S\ );SpiritC onimittiv" 10 I 1 \F 

Club 12; B'nai B'rith Youth Organization 

9,10.11. 12(\ Pies). Intramural Volleyball 12; 

Intramural Frisbee 12 

"Once somebodj touches your heart, the fin- 

gerpnnts last forever." 


skirt, and my binder and books flew everywhere after exposing my butt to everyone."... "Sophomore year, Josh 

Kathleen Danahey 

95 Dunsany Drive 

Kathy, Kath, Kat, Lynny, D, Buffy- Track 9; 
Soccer 9,10,11,12; Basketball 9,10,11,12; Soft- 
ball 10,ll,12(Capt.); Key Club 11,12; Senior 
Class Play; Daisy Weeds; Lifeguard 10,11,12 
"There are things I'll remember and things I'll 
forget. I miss you, I guess that 1 should. 3,500 
miles away, but what would you change if you 
-Adam Duritz (Counting Crows) 

Niyati Desai 

74 Clairmont Street 

Neets, T-Money,Te- Ski Club 10,12; World Beat 

Drum Circle 11,12; Hemp and Clothing Sale 

11,12; Longmeadow Days 11,12; LEAF Club 12 

"All I suggest, a man hears what he wants to 

hear, disregards the rest." 

-Paul Simon 

Denise DaSilva 

851 Maple Road 

Tyson, D, Dee Dee, Double D, Didi, Skipper- 
Basketball Stats 9; Environmental Club 9,10,12; 
SADD 11,12; Intramural Volleyball 10; Senior 
Class Play; Friendly's 11,12 
"Think as it was, then again it will be, though 
the course may change, sometimes rivers al- 
ways reach the sea." 
-Led Zepplin 

Pieter De Temmerman 

19 Brittany Road 

Senior Class Play(Stage Crew); AFS 12; Track 

"Newton's dead, Einstein doesn't live any- 
more and I don't feel so well either." 

Heather Devine 

192 Greenacre Avenue 

Devine, Heatha, Heath- Orchestra 9,10,11,12; 
Impressions 10; Spain Trip 10; Key Club 12; Pit 
Orchestra 10; Hudon's 10,11; Student Council 

'"It is never good dwelling on goodbyes,' she 
said. 'It is not the being together that it pro- 
longs, it is the parting.'" 
-Elizabeth Bibesco 

Elizabeth Dibble 

180 Eton Road 

Liz, Foo, Oops, Dribble, Dumb, Woman, Sis- 
ter, Honeybuns, Litabit, Bizzer-Field Hockey 
9,10,11,12; Ultimate Frisbee 11,12; Daisy Weeds; 
Ski Club 9,10,11,12; AFS 9,10,11, 12(Sec); NHS 
ll,12(Co-Pres.); Prittie 9,10,1 l,12(Co-Pres.); 
Math Team 10,1 1,12; Science League 12; Senior 
Class Play 9,10,12; Wind Ensemble/Orch. 
9,10,11, 12;' Jazz Band 10; District Orch. 9,10.11; 
Allstate Band 9,10; All-Eastern Orch. 11; Gr 
Boston Youth Sym. Orch. 10,11,12; Physics 
Nerd Club 12 -~ 

"Suddenly, Eeyore was so happy he simply 
had to stand on his head." 
-A. A. Milne 

ipiro accidently pushed me down the bleachers at a game in front of everyone. I tumbled head-first and 


Timothy Dubay 

68 Drury Lane 

Doobie-Football 9,10,11,12; Wrestling 9,10,11, 

12(Capt); Track 11; Internship ll,12(Phys. Ed); 

Landscaping 10,11,12 

"The greatest pleasure in life is doing what 

people say you cannot do." 

Lisa Dunn 

1223 Longmeadow Street 

I is. I ai, I issa. Cookie- Kev Club 9,10,11,12; 

KFS 10,11,12; Yearbook 11(1 acuity Ed.),12; 

Impressions 12(1 iterarv Ed.); LEAF 12; Senior 

(. lass Play; Daisy Weeds; Intramural Frisbee 


"Always speak highly of people and you'll 

never need to whisper " 

Bridget Dullea 

72 Twin Hills Drive 

Bridge, Beefv, B, O'Douls, Pooh-Bear-Soccer 
9,10,11, 12(Capt.); Basketball 9,10,11,12; La- 
crosse 9,10; Daisy Weeds; Romper Room 
11.12(Co-V.P.); Best Of My Buddy Seniors 12; 

"Our memories will last a lifetime, we'll take 
the best, forget the rest, and someday we'll 
find these are the best of times." 
-Kermit the Frog 

Aaron Dunn 

73 Ellington Street 

Dunni Boy, Dunn-B'nai B'rith Youth Organi- 
zation9,10,ll; Longmeadow DemocraticCom- 
mittee 10,1 1,12( Associate Member); Suffield 
Academy 10; Big Y ll,12(Service Clerk); 
Friendly 's 1 1; Water Polo 10; Track 10,12; Se- 
nior Class Plav 

Anne Dupre 

17 Westmoreland Avenue 
Girl, Girly, Annie, Banana, Anna Banana, An- 
vil. Andy, Naners- Yearbook 1 1,12; Spain Trip 
10; Lifeguard 10,11,12; Camp Counselor 10,11; 
Team 10; Intramural Frisbee 10,1 1,12; Alcolyte 
9,10,11,12; Senior Class Plav; Ke\ hub 10; 
Backpacking Trip 10 

"The problem with the present is il keeps turn- 
ing into the past 


Kristina Dybdahl 

164 Westmoreland Avenue 
Kristy, Kris. Dybs, Dibbie, Dybdahl -Basket- 
ball 9,10; Track ILF.A.I.T.H. 11.12; Pep Band 
9,10,11,12. Concert Band 9,10,11; Wind En- 
semble 12; Youth Croup 10,11,12: Operation 
Serve I0.ll. I a \ Ida 9.10; Big Band 10 
"God grant me the serenit\ to accept the things 
I cannot change, the courage to change the 
things 1 can, and the wisdom to know the 
different e 


got stuck."... "Getting caught picking my nose by the biggest nose-picker of them all, Raquel Rodriguez."... "I flippei 

Aiesha Eastling 

42 Phillips Avenue, Springfield 

Eshe, Meth's Wife, Angel-Unity Club 

9,10,11, 12(Drill Team); Cheerleading 10,11; 

Senior Class Play; Daisy Weeds; Black College 

Tour 11; Wu-Tang 12 

"Don't depend on connections, baby. ..that's 

like depending on somebody else, and I touched 

Method Man." 

Isabelle Eiff 

23 Brooks Road 

Eiff, Izzy, Is-Cross Country 9, AFS 
9,10,1 l(Publicity),12(Co-Pres.); French Club 
9,10,12; SADD 12; Diving 10; Tennis 11,12; 
Wind Ensemble ll,12(Section Leader); Intra- 
mural Frisbee 10; Internship 11; Jet Jotter 11; 
NHS 1 1,12; Concert Band 9(Section Leader),10; 
Senior Class Play; Daisy Weeds 
"Life is full of simple pleasures— long walks, 
good books, soft kisses, and delicious choco- 
-Beth Mende Conny 

Randi Elman 

22 Primrose Drive 

Rands, Goods-Track 9,10,11,12; Swim Team 

11; Key Club 9,10,11,12; Senior Class Play; 

Daisy Weeds; Yearbook 9; England/Scotland 

Trip 11; Spain Trip 12 

"A friend is one who: pushes you in the swing, 

pulls you up the ladder, pats you on the back, 

and hugs you good-bye." 

-Katherine N. Davis 


essica Farmer 

70 Avondale Road 

Jess, Farm, Farmdoy, Bum-Jet Jotter 9, Am- 
nesty International 10; Dairy Queen 11; NHS 
11,12; Volleyball ll;BasketbalI9,10,ll,12; Track 
9,10,11, 12(Capt); Senior Class Play; Daisy 
Weeds; The Big 8 9,10,1 l,12(Co-Pres.) 
"Lift up your eyes upon this day breaking for 
you. Give birth again to the dream." 
-Maya Angelou 

Imran Faruqi 

7 Berkely Drive 

Swim Team 9,10,11; Debate Team 11,12; Sci- 
ence League 9,10; Librarian 9,10; Software Sales 

"The more man learns about himself and the 
universe, the more he will be disappointed." 
-Imran Faruqi 

Nicole Fishbein 

57 Ridge Road 

Nikki, Nick, Nikki Ray, Fisky, BA, Twigs, 
Mosquito Bites-Amnesty International 9; Key 
Club 11; Business Club 1 1 ,12(Sec); Senior Class 
Play; SADD 12; CVS 11; Spingler Sumner In- 
surance Agency 12; Yearbook 12 
"In these typical times, too many choices. 
Everybody's happy. Everybody's free." 
-Dave Matthews Band 

ppjkwdid over the bench at my soccer game in front of a huge Cathedral crowd."... "Sitting in a broken chair and 


Annette Fournier 

153 Western Drive 

A-Nut, Nettie-Ski Team 9; Track 9; Concert 
Band 9,10; Rough Draft 9,10; Mock Trial 11,12; 
French Club 9,10; Summer Theater at Mount 
Holyoke College Intern 10,11; Community 
Theater 9,10,11,12; Ski Haus 11; Lifeguard 
10,11,12; Columbus Day Queen 11; Riverside 
12; First Church Sunday School Teacher 11; 
Intramural Frisbee 10; NHS 12 
"How many cares one loses when one decides 
not to be something, but to be someone." 
-Coco Chanel 

Marie Francis 

82 Wayne Street 

Ree-Pasqueles Restaurant 11; Kentucky Fried 

Chicken 11,12 

Sarah Freedberg 

48 Converse Street 
Sassie, Sas, Sassafras, Freed, Freegles, Freegleburger, 
Hollywood, Sexy-Field Hockey 10.11.12 (Co-Capt.);j 
Ski Club 11,12; Concert Band" 10; Wind Ensemble | 
11,12; NHS 12; Senior Class Plav (Queen Aggravain); 
France Trip 10; Daisy Weeds; Blockbuster Video 11; 
Rough Draft 12(Film Critic) 

"I wake up and ask myself what state I'm in, and I say"! 
well I'm lucky cause I'm like East Berlin- 1 have this i 
wall and what I knew of the free world was that I could I 
see their fireworks and I could hear their radios. And 
I thought that any minute 1 would only start confess- 
ing, and they'd know that I was scared, they would 
know that I was guessing- but the wall came down and 
there they stood before me, with their stumbling and , 
their mumbling and their calling out just like me." 
-Dar Williams 

Daniel Friedman 

98 Colony Road 

Dann-Jazz Band 9,10,11,12; AFS Semester in 
Argentina 11; Young Democrats 11; Rough 
Draft 9,10; Wind Knsemble 9,10,1 1,12; N I IS 12 
"Keep looking shocked and move slowly to- 
ward the cake." 
-Homer Simpson 

Katharine Garvey 

45 Twin Hills Drive 

Katie, (.arv, Cirvs-Soccer 9(Capi.), 
10,ll,12(Capt); Basketball 9,10; Track 
9,10,1 l,12(Capt); Sailing 4,10,1 1,12, Intramu- 
ral Volleyball 9,10; Boys' Basketball Stats 11; 
Ski Club 11,12; SADD'll,12(Sec), PI I 
12; Internship 11,12; Senior Class I'lay, NHS 
12; Daisy Weeds; La Capella 12 
"The greatest discover} thai true friends can 
make is they can grow separately without 
growing apart." 

David Gerstein 

119 Lawrence Drive 

Ski Club 10,11,12; Volunteer at Nev. EnglaJ 

Air Museum 4,10,1 1.12(Aircratt Restoration). 
B'nai B'rith Youth Organization 12; NHS 12 
"1 hope life isn'l one big joke, because 1 don't 

-Deep Thoughts, by lack Hand) 



having it fall apart in front of the class."... "I stepped in dog dung freshman year with my new shoes."... "I sai 

Erin Ginley 

186 Sheffield Avenue 

AFS10,ll,12(Treasurer);Concert Band 9,10,11; 
NHS 11,12; Arthritis Treatment Center 11,12 
"Some people come into our lives and go 
quickly. ..some stay a while and leave foot- 
prints on our hearts and we are never the 

Adam Godding 

89 Bliss Road 

Baseball 9; Track 10 

"We are the youth gone wild." 

-Skid Row 

Yosef Glushien 

742 Shaker Road 

"You tried your best and failed miserably. The 

lesson is never try." 

-Homer Simpson 


There is always one moment in child- 

hood when the door opens and lets 

the future in. 

-Grahm Greene 

Sarah Gowtham 

68 Hazardville Road 

Gotham City-Cheerleading 9,10,11, 12(Co- 
Capt); Lyrics 10,11,12; 1-Cantori 11,12; Sr. Dis- 
tricts/All-State 10,11,12; Nationals 11; UCA 
All-Star 12; National Sara(h) Society 1 l,12(Co- 
Pres); FAITH ll,12(Leader); Yearbook 
ll,12(Fine Arts Ed); Senior Class Play; Intra- 
mural Frisbee 10,11,12; High League 
9,10,11, 12(Leadership Team); Alto Sectionals 
11,12; Greece Trip 12; Daisy Weeds; NHS 12 
"Have faith in God, the sun will shine.Though 
dark your path may be today;His love has 
planned your way and mine,Have faith in 
God, have faith always." 

The problem with the future is that it 
keeps turning into the present. 
-Calvin and Hobbes 

Everything you wish for will come 


-Jimimj Cricket 

inopause' really loudly just as the classroom suddenly became quite"... Typical Dance: "a major violation of 


Eli Greiner 

6 Farmington Avenue 

Nut, E, Easy- Concert Band 9; Soccer 9,11,12; 
Lacrosse 9,10,11,12; Umoja 9; Youth Leader- 
ship Circle Program of Springfield 1 1 (Counse- 

"Be Glad, Be Good, Be Brave. " 
-Elenor Hodgman Porter 

Amie Guerra 

839 Maple Road 

Ames, AGG, Aim- Soccer 9,10,11,12; Basket- 
ball 9,10/Manager 11,12; Track 9; Lacrosse 
11,12; Environmental Club 9; Habitat for Hu- 
manitv 9,10; Key Club 10,11; Internship 11; 
Senior Class Play; SADD 11; Daisy Weeds; 
PALS ll,12(Officer); Jet Jotter 11,12; Yearbook 
12; NHS 12 

"Smile at me and I will understand, cause that 
is something everybody, everywhere does in 
the same language." 
-Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young 

Kimberhf Haflich 

^4 1 .island Road 

Kim, Kimrm, Kimis- Mock Trial 9; Dance 
9,111,11; Key Club 9,10,1 1,12; Amnesty Interna- 
tional 10; Yearbook 10; Spain Trip 10; Piano 
10,12; England/Scotland Trip ll;OutingClub 
11,12; B'nai B'nth Youth Organization 11,12; 
Armala's 11,12; I aim Club 12; SADD 12; Se- 
nior Class PI,h ; NHS 12 

"The thing always happens that you really 
believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it 
real!) happen 

I Link I lo\d \\ right 

Leah Halsey 

76 Coventry 1 ane 

Class Council 9,10,1 l,12(Sec); School Council 
9,10,1 1,1 2(Class Rep.); Concert Band 9(Section 
Leader); Wind Ensemble 10,1 1,12; Swimming 
9,10,11,12; Track 9, 10,1 l,12(Capt); Date; 
Weeds; Soccer 9; Senior Class Play 
"Congratulations! Today is our day. We'reoff 
to great places. We're off on our w .i\ 
-Dr. Seuss 

Jennifer Hamlin 

12<h Wenonah Road 

Jen.Jennv, Hamlin, Jan, Hatnmy- Cross< oai 

try 9,10,11, 12(Capt.); Track 9,10,11, 12iCapt.) 
SADD 12; Senior Class Play; Daisy Weeda 
Pilgrim Fellowship 10,1 1,1 2(V. P. );Communitj 
Market 1 1 , Fire and Water Club 1 1 , 1 2iCo-Pres.) 
NHS 12 

"Second place is not a defeat, ltisastimulatior 
to get better It makes you even more deter 
-Carlos Lopes 


federal law"... "dark, sticky, hot but a lot of fun with really good music"... "in dire need of some techno". 

Erin Hanson 

1029 North Street, Feeding Hills 

Hanson, Sharky, Skip, E-RINE- The Zoo 11,12; 

Senior Class Play; Daisy Weeds 

"The best thing you've ever done for me, is to 

help me take my life less seriously, it's only life 

after all." 

-Indigo Girls 

Richard Harbison 

217 Farmington Road 

Ricky, Harb- Soccer 9,10,11,12; Tennis 
9,10,11,12; Jazz Band 9,10,11, 12; Ski Club 9; 
Nordic Ski 9; Stateline Cycles 9; Wind En- 
semble 9,1 0, 1 1 ,1 2; Orchestra 9, 1 0,1 1 ,1 2; Senior 
Class Play; Senior District 9,10,11,12; All State 
10; Crater Club 12; Essex Inn 12; Mountain 
Bike Racing 9,10,11,12; Snowboarding Posse 
9,10,11,12; Waterski/Wakeboard Posse 11,12; 
NHS 12 

"Sometimes you're the windshield. Some- 
times you're the bug." 
-Dire Straights 


Kathleen Heaps 

65 Englewood Road 

Katie, Heaper, Heaps, Franny, Kathleen 
Francis- Soccer 9,10,ll,12(Capt.); Lacrosse 
9,10,11,12; Basketball 9; Ski Club 10,1 1,12; Daisy 
Weeds; Senior Class Play; Intramural Volley- 
ball 9,10,11; Romper Room 11,12 
"If you love something enough, set it free. If it 
comes back to you, it's yours. If it doesn't, it 
was never meant to be." 

Kathryn Hennessy 

25 Chatham Road 

Katie, Henney, Tennessy, Laugh-A-Lot- Field 
Hockey 9,10(Capt.); Swimming 9,10,11, 
12(Capt.); Pioneer Valley Aquatic Club 
9,10,11, 12;SADD9,10,ll,12;Chorus9,10; Daisy 
Weeds; Senior Class Play; Internship 12 
"There's no greater blessing thana friend who's 
there when good times aren't." 

Diego Hermosilla 

220 Greenacre Avenue 

D- Soccer 12; AFS 12, Exchange Student 12 

"Viva Chile...." 

-All the Chileans 

iihering of students having fun in a responsible way". . . "a billion frosh too scared to go close to the DJ, sophomores 


David Herzenberg 

1200 River Road, Agawam 
The Kid Salami, Herzenbogle, Dave, Ska Boy, 
Don Ho, Flvin' Hawaiian, Cheeto- Mountain 
Bike Club 11,12; Ski Club 9,10,11,12; Interna- 
tional Club 9,10; Science League 9; AFS 12; 
Spain Trip 12; Amnesty International 
ll,12(Sec); Outing Club 12; Environmental 
Club 12; B'nai B'rith Youth Organization; 
Weight Lifting 10,11,12; Slob Productions 
12(Co-Owner); Intramural Football 10, Intra- 
mural Volleyball 12 

"Life goes by so quickly, you should take the 
time to enjoy every minute of it." 

Seth Hirsch 

106 Inverness Lane 

S.A., Hirsh, the Animal, Sethio, B.A.- Business 

Club 12 

"And so it begins." 

^ ^ 


Eli Holguin 

25 Lincoln Park 

Helmet, Iggy- Football 9,10,11; Pilgrim Fel- 
lowship 9,10,1 l,12(Pres.); Deacon at First 
Church 12; Habitat for Humanity 9,10,11,12, 
Outing Club 11,12; Senior Class Play 
"There's more to life than this." 

Lauren Joyce 

61 Nevins Avenue 

Lorlila, Lorena, LJ, Laur-Laur- Softball 
9,10,11,12; Gymnastics 9,10; Intramural Vol- 
leyball 12; Key Club 9,10,1 1,12; Environmental 
Club 9; Concert Band 9,10(Section Leader); 
Wind Ensemble 11,12; Friendly's 11,12; Daisy 
Weeds; Senior Class Play(Pit); Science League 
10; SADD 9; Drama Ensemble 10; NHS 12 
"If the track is tough and the hill is rough, 
thinking you can just ain't enough." 
-Shel Silverstein 

Matthew Judd 

605 Maple Road 

Judd, Judder, Juddernut- Football 9; Wrestling 
10; Track 11,12; The Bottle Shop ll,12(Clerk) 
"Never let school get in the way of your educa- 
-Mark Twain 

Michael Kabell 

896 Longmeadow Street 

Basketball 9; Track 10; Concert Band 9,10,11,12 

Michael Karpman 

31 Cherry Lane 

Bouncer, Fireman, Rudabaugh- Football 9; 

Track 10,11,12; SADD 10,11,12; B'nai B'rith 

Youth Organization ll,12(Board Member); 

NHS 11,12; Young Judaea Israel Discovery 11; 

Ping Chin Kung Fu 10 

"You can't run away from your troubles. Ain't 

no place that far." 

Lindsay Kata 

80 Lynnwood Drive 

Linds, Kataz, Shorty, Shorty Rocks, Lindsay 
Goods- Soccer 9,10; Ski Club 9,10; Wear It Weil 
11,12; Internship 11; Tutoring 10,11,12 
"Feeling strange, Feeling high, Pack my things, 
say goodbye, come with me, on my way, Let it 
be yesterday. ..W.I.F." 

Lauren Katz 

591 Pinewood Drive 

Laur, Laurz, Laurenita- Basketball 9; Key Club 

9,10,11; SADD ll,12(V.Pres.); Yearbook 12; 

Chorus9,10,12; Internship ll(Childrens' Study 

Home); Senior Class Plav; Daisv Weeds; NHS 


"It is never too late to be what you might have 


-George Eliot 

•uld Be: "Give me the Ivy League or give me death."... "Stop at nothing to raise the GPA."... "Home of the 



Nothing lasts forever, not the moun- 

tains or the sea, but the times we've 

had together will always be with me. 

Yukako Kazvasaki 

225 Blueberry Hill Road 
AFS 11,12; Basketball Club 10; Piano 9,10; Cal- 
ligraphy 9,10; Japanese Language School 11,12; 
VIP 9(Returning Student Program) 
"Sadness and hardship are the passing points 
for happiness." 


.. ' 

i v ' ''■'■'•< ii"iii' ; '-Vr ; - i; ftli : -'' ; iif 

Sean Keane 

122 Cooley Drive 

Keaner, Bi'rd-Soccer9,10,ll,12(Capt.);Hockey 
9,10,11, 12(Capt.); Baseball 9,11,12; SADD 
10,1 1,1 2; School Custodian 11; Franconia Main- 
tenance 1 2; Men 's Chorus 1 2; Senior Class Play; 
Ring Ding Club 10,ll,12(Co-Founder) 
"Always stay out late, you can sleep when 
you're dead." 

-The Samples 

Before I knew the best part of my life 

had come, it had gone. 

-Aslileigh Brillant 

What do you want me to do? Dress in 

drag and do the hula? 

-Timon, The Lion King 


Christopher Keiter 

70Oakwood Drivo 

Keiter, Mr. Chin, Dutchkilla- Ski Club 

9,10,11,12; Track 9,10,11; Hygincs 9,10,11,12; 

Mobil 9, 10. II 

"The best thing about high school girls is 1 keep 

getting older and they stay the same age." 

-Dazed & Confused 

Elizabeth Kelleher 

54 Edgewood Avenue 

Liz, Lizzie, Lizard, Kelleher, Kelligirl, Karen, 
Kelli- Field Hockev 9,10,11,12; Lacrosse 
10,11,12; Romper Room 11,12; Best CM M\ 
Buddy Seniors 12(Pres); France Trip 10; Daisy 
W eedf Straw D'slO,ll,12(Co-Founder); I'ntrie 
Club 9,10,11, 12(Co-Pres). Sandbox 12; Intra- 
mural Vollevball 11,12; Ski Club 10,11,12 
Friendlv s 11,12 

"Strangers stopping strangers just to shakt 
their hand." 
-The Dead 

Brian Kennedy 

00 Dover Road 

3.K.- Hygincs 9,10,11,12 

Anarchy is a state of mind, despite all the 

ules that govern this land, no one can stop you 

rom doing what you want, sure they can pun- 

sh you if you get caught doing something 

llegal as long as you don't hurt anyone." 

Keep moving the world lies waiting beneath 

'our feet." 

Matthew Kleiner 

.9 Belleclaire Avenue 
jri lutteyz, Klein-Ditty, Klinger, Klein-Nice, 
/1WK- Football 9; Basketball 10,11,12; Busi- 
31 1 ess Club 11,12; Mobil 12; NHS 12 


Erin Kent 

71 Birchwood Avenue 

Er, Rina, Keifer- FAITH 1 l,12(Leader); Opera- 
tion Serve 9,10,11,12; Hi-League 9,10,11, 
12(Leadership Team); See You At The Pole 
10,11,12; Missions in Mexico 9,10; Covenant 
High In Christ 11; Destiny West 1 1 .^(Counse- 
lor); String Bass 9,10,1 l,12(Section Leader) 
Chamber Music Concert 12; Creation 11,12 
Field Hockey 12; Basketball 9; Volleyball 12, 
Senior Class Play; Daisy Weeds 
"Anything less than a life in full service of God 
and others is a life I do not wish to live." 
-Marie Drown, African Medical Missionary 






Eric Kloster 

4 Berwick Terrace 

BDW, Klos, Big Guy, Big E, KB, K-Dog, Chest 

Daddy Warbucks- Football 9,10,11; Lacro. 

9,10,11,12; Intramural Basketball 10; Mo 

9,10,11; Internship 11, 12; Greenwood Cai 

12; Key Club 9 

"I can't believe that we would lie in our gra\ 

wondering if we had spent our living dc 

well. I can't believe that we would lie in t 

graves dreaming of things that we might ha 


-Dave Matthews Band 



Sarah Kiely 

46 Mohawk Drive 

Holifield, Snarah, Little "K", Gut, Skipper- 
Friendly's 11; Environmental Club 12 
"Times in my life I felt I was dying,. Trials of 
my life I'm still surviving. I must face the facts, 
acknowledge all that I have known, across the 
tracks and back finally I have grown." 
-an insignificant little tree 

Anthony Kolb 

199 Yarmouth Street 

Lanky Bits, Tone Bone, Kolb Nut- Basketball 
9,10; Track 10; Cross Country 11; Jet Jotter 
10,ll,12(Art Ed.); Science League 11,12; 
Annata'sll,12;Swndny Ri'/'uW/Vah 1 1,12; Intra- 
mural Volleyball 11,12; Intramural Frisbee 

" If we're not supposed to eat animals then whv 
are they made of meat?" 
-Drew Starr 

gen ; and just be friends."... "permanent dismissal notes"... "Take Spanish Video and nothing else."... "Get out 


Noah Kolodziejski 

78 Farmington Avenue 
Cooter- Orchestra 9,1 0,11,1 2; Pit Orchestra 9,10 
Young Democrats 9,10,1 KFounder & Pres.) 
Amnesty Internationa] 12; Senior Class Play 
Young People's Symphony 9,10; Junior Dis- 
trict 9; Science League 9,12; NSF Grant Recipi- 
ent ll,12(Research Scientist); NHS 12 
"I ain't saying you treated me unkind, could 
have done better, but I don't mind. You just 
sorta' wasted my precious time." 
-Bob Dylan 

Angela Korchevskaya 

464 Allen Park Road, Springfield 
Angie- NHS 11,12; Business Club 10; Impres- 
sions 10,11,12; Jet Jotter 10,11,12; Manisha's 
Furniture 12; 

Adam Kramer 

65 Metacomet Road 

Rock, Ralph, til' Ralph, Kramer- Football 
9,10,ll,12(Capt); Basketball 9,10,11,12; Base- 
ball 9,10,ll,12(Capt.); SADD 12; Senior Class 
Play; Men's Chorus 12; Jews Of The Court 
ll,12(Co-Pres.); Boy Scout 9,10 
"Even when you're on the right track, you'll 
get run over if you just sit there." 
-Shnitzal Luwatski 

Gregory Krill 

158 Converse Street 

Football 10,11,12; Basketball 9,10,11,12; Busi- 
ness Club 10,11,12 


Jennifer Kuhr 

TfM t .reen Hill Road 

Jenn, Jennv, lenker, Kuhr-O.irl- Yearbook 
9,10,11,12; Chorus 9,10; Lyrics 11,12; Alto 
Sectionals 11,12; AFS 9,10.1 l,12(Co-Pres ); 
FAITH 11,12; Germany Exchange 9; Tennis 
10,11,12; Daisy Weeds 1 2; Senior ( lass Play; let 
lotter 9,10,l'l(Canipus News Ed.); Long- 
meadow Community Market 12; \IIS 12 
"I learned there are troubles of more than one 

kind. Some come from ahead anil some come 
from behind Hut I've bought a big bat, I'm all 

ready, you see. Now inv troubles are going to 

hat e troubles with me." 
-Theodor S ( ieisel (Dr. Seuss) 



Justine Kurland 

1 IS V iscount Road 

JK, Jus, |uss\. lust Muscles- Class Coun^j 

9,10.1 1.12(V. Pres); Tennis 10.11,12. Jet |ort* | 

9,10,11, 12(Production Mngr.); Yearbol 

9,10,1 l<SpOItS Id). 12; Daisy Weeds; Sonic I 

Class Pla\ ; \1 IS 1 1 ,12; SADD 12. Fire & Watf | 

Club ll,12(Co-Pres ) 

"So loss aw aj stutl you don't need m the enc | 

but keep what's important and know who 

your friend. " 

Lia Lefreniere 

43 Crown Street, Springfield 
Li, Princess Leia, Roo, Covergirl, Meat,Charlie- 
Cheerleading 11,12; Ski Club 10; Drama Club 
9,10; Art Club 9,10,11,12; Senior Class Play; 
Daisy Weeds 12; Rachel's Table 12; Boston 
Globe Art Competition 11; Environmental Club 

"People always say how you should be your- 
self, like yourself is the definite thing. Every so 
often I'll have a moment when being myself, in 
my life, right where 1 am, is enough." 

Suzanne Lak 

407 Frank Smith Road 

Suzie, Suz, Slak- Softball 10,11,12; Basketball 
9,10; Gymnastics 10; Outing Club 11,12; AFS 
11,12; SADD 11,12; Senior Class Play; Environ- 
mental Club 12; Daisy Weeds 
"There are three things in life that should never 
be broken; hearts, dreams, and promises." 
-William Wallace 

Dana Landis 

158 Coventry Lane 

Daner, Danish Conqueso, The Dana- Jazz En- 
semble 9,10,11,12; Wind Ensemble 9,10,11,12; 
Symphony Orchestra 9,10,11,12; Odyssey of 
the Mind 9,10,12; Young People's Symphony 
10,11,12; Tanglewood 11; NHS 11,12; Senior 
Class Play 9,10,ll,12(Music Director); Lyrics 
10,11,12; I-Cantori 12; Student Council 
9,10,11,12; England /Scotland Trip 10 
"Every man dies, but not every man really 
-William Wallace 

Meghan Lappin 

02 Farmington Avenue 
deg- Play 9(Can';t Take it With You & Once 
Jpon a Mattress); Dance 9; Variety Show 9; 
)rama 10,1 1; Big Y 10,1 1; Life Guarding 10,11 
Better late than never." 

Andrea Larson 

111 Colton Place 

Andy- Youth Group 9,10,11,21; Drama Group 

9,10,11,12 (Assistant Leader); Youth Choir9,10; 

Nursing Home Ministries 9,10 

"For God so loved the world that he gave his 

only son that whosoever believeth in him shall 

not die but have life everlasting." 

-John 3:16 

Stefanie Laughlin 

Stevie, Steves, Coclin, Steven, Senorita 
Vocabulario- Volleyball 9,ll,12(Capt); Basket- 
ball 9,10(Co-Capt.j; Community Service 9,10; 
City Year 9,10,1 1,1 2; Daisy Weeds; Senior Class 
Play; NHS 12 

"Forgive \ our enemies but never forget their 
-J.F. Kennedy 

ls-like, who?, maniacal, hilarious"... "poor, fair, good, excellent (just like a book slip)"... "backpacked, forgotten, 


Sydney Leavens 

663 Longmeadow Street 

Syd.Sha- jet Jotter 4,10.11 (Features Ed.),12(Co-Ed. in 
Chief); Yearbook 4,10,1 l,12(Copv Editor); AFS 
9,10,1 1,12(V. Chairman of Comm.j; AFS Summer 
Homestav-Argentina 11; Visions- Dominican Repub- 
lic 12; Rough Draft 9,10,12; Swim Team 9,10,11.12 
Orchestra 9,10.11,12; Spanish Club ll,12(Pres.); N.E. 
Young Writer's Conference 10; Senior Class 
Plav(Producer); Daisv Weeds; Impressions 
9,10,1 l,12(Co-Ed. in Chief); NHS 11,12, Junior District 
Orchestra 9; Life Guarding 10,11,12 
"Los Hombres no sucumbinos a las grandes penas ni 
a las grandes alegnas, y es porque esas penas y esas 
alegrias vienen embozadas en una immensa niebla de 
pequenos incidentes. Y la vida es esto, la niebla-'' 
-Miguel de Unamuno 

Rebecca Letendre 

83 Sunapee Street, Springfield 
Ribbil, Becky, Becca, Reba, Reebie, Beebok, 
Reebs-Chorus 9; La Capella 10,11,12; 
Heading 9; Drama Ensemble 10,11,12; 
Business ( lub 12, Dante 4,10; Youth Group 
9,10; Pasqueles 1 I ; Stop & Shop 12; Voice I is- 
sons 10; Senior C lass Play; New Y'ork 1 1 
"II you don't like nn shoes, to hell with you." 

Adriane Lee 

52 Florence Street, Springfield 
Rage, A, Lee, Ragriane, Raglee, Whitie, 
Adriana, Whoopi, Adge, Boo, Glasses, Kubesa, 
Charburger- Cheerleading 10(Capt.), 11,12; 
Unity Club 9,10,ll(Treas.),12; Yearbook 11,12; 
Business Club 12; Unity Drill Team 12; Black 
College Tour 11; Daisv Weeds; Senior Class 
Plav Track 12; Dance 9; Chorus 9; Sounds of 
Music 9,10,11,12; Collesium 10; Stop & Shop 
1 1 (Cashier); Showcase Cinemas 1 1 ,1 2(Conces- 
sion Stand); Intramural Volleyball 12; Queen 
Bees 10,11,12; Big Bad Mama's 10,11,12 
"Throughout your life men will come, and 
men will go, but your girlfriends will always 
be there." 

Timothy Leonard 

195 Knollwood Drive 

Timmy, Head, Buckers- Soccer 9,10; Big Yl 1,12; 
Tennis 9,10,11,12; JCC Basketball 10,11; Cad- 
dying 9,10,11,12 

"When Fate shuts the door, come in through 
the window." 

"Once I thought 1 was wrong, but I was mis- 

Robert Libfeld 

239 Academy Drive 

Bob, Rigoberto, lurgis, Scooter, Radar, Silent 
Bob, L'il Sampras, Virginia, Chico, Bob Dole- 
NHS 1 1,12; Science League 11,12; Lnfield Ani- 
mal Hospital 11,12; 1 rack 9, 10; Key Club 4; Big 
Y 10,1 1; Senior Class PlavlStage Crew); Intra- 
mural I- risbee 1 1,12, Intramural Volleyball 11,12 
"It's too bad that whole families ha\e to he torn 
apart by something as simple as wild dogs." 
-Jack Hainies 

Jennifer Lippert 

44 Laurel Street 

Jen, Jenny, Lippert, Lip, Lippv, Kicks, Blackit 

Upton, Clara- Environmental Club 9; Arte lu 

10; Unity Club 10,ll,12(Sec ) lei lotk 

11.121 Photo Id); Yearbook 11.12(Photo Ed. 

Senior C lass Play; Dais\ Weeds, Queen Bet 

10,11,12; Vllinv & Sliakir.) s C liqu 

11, 12(Treas.); Big Bad Mamas 10,11,1 


"It you stand for nothing you will fall ft 



spasmatic, gone"... "fool, geek, freak, cool"... What We'll Remember the Most about LHS: "how the library i % 

^ **»* 


Jason Long 

53 Eureka Street, Springfield 
Jay, Longer, Rat, Schlong- Springfield Crew 
10,11,12; Hockey 9,10,11,12; SADD 11,12; Se- 
nior Class Play; Peter Pan 11,12 

Be your own dog." 
-Red Dog Slogan 

Jill Lowery 

141 Avondale Road 

Boo, Boo-Kit,Jilly Bean, Jill B-Soccer9,10,ll,12; 

Basketball 9,10; Track 11,12; London Trip 10; 

CYO Basketball Coach 11,12; Band 9; Senior 

Class Play; Daisy Weeds 

"I just remembered something.'re boring 

and my legs work." 

-David Spade 

essica Lucia 

34 Winding Lane, Springfield 
Jess, Lucia, Due, Turkey- Soccer 9,10; Basket- 
ball 9,10; Softball 9; SADD 11,12; Romper Room 
1 1,12(V. Pres.); BestOf My Buddy Seniors 12(V. 
Pres.); Springfield Crew 9,10,11,12; Daisy 
Weeds; Ding Club 12(Co-Founder); Friendly 's 
11,12; Senior Class Play; NHS 12 
"Here's to the ones we love, and the ones that 
love us. If the ones we love don't love us, to 
hell with them, here's to us." 
-Girls of '98 

Rebecca Lucia 

98 Converse Street 

Becca, Lecca, Smash, Lilac, Jim- Ski Club 10,12; 

Concert Band 9,10,12(Section Leader); Lyrics 

12; Leah's Rainbow Family 9,10,ll,12(Lilac); 

French Trip 10 

"There is an audience to our drama; Magic 

shade mask; Like the hero of a dream; it works 

for us, in our behalf." 

-The Lizard King 

Serge Luzhanskiy 

112 Entrybrook Drive, Springfield 
Sergio, Surge-of-Power- Track 10,11,12 
Weightlifting 10,11,12; B'nai B'rith Youth Or- 
ganization 9,10; Red Rose 10,11; JCC Camp 11, 
A-l Auto 12; Hong Kong Express 12 
"C'est la vie." 

ason MacDonald 

129 Ardsley Road 

Shmooey, Shmoo,J. Mac, Mac, Doogle, Daddy 

Mac, Poloman- Lacrosse 9,10,ll,12(Capt); 

SADD 10,11,12; Soccer 9,10,11; Basketball M; 

Spain Trip 10; Senior Class Play; Bandits 1 2(Co- 


"The loftier your goals, the higher your risk, 

the greater your glory." 


lid be a perfect slip-n-slide"... "goodmorningmorningannouncements"... "those teachers who really cared". 


Robert MacDonald 

594 Pinewood Drive 

Mac.Ocho, McDougall, Dougall, PO- Lacrosse 

9,10,11,12; Sandbox 12; Mac's 9,10,1 l,12(Co- 


"Bronco's ate the cowboys" 

"I am who I am, but who am I?" -DMB 

"She works at a movie store. You like movies, 

1 should've seen this coming." 

Rachel Mandell 

7 Deerfield Avenue 

Rach, Ray, Giggles, Pooh, Pooh-Bear- Amnesty 
International 9; Environmental Club 9,12; Key 
Club 10; Swimming 10; United Synagogue 
Youth 10,11; B'nai Brith Youth Organization 
11,12; Science League 11,12; Drama Ensemble 
11,12; Senior Class Play; Daisy Weeds; NHS 1 2 
"Don't frown because it's over, be happy be- 
cause it happened." 
-Sarah Garb 

' < ^ 

V ' 

Nicholas Mandrus 

1001 Williams Street 

Nick- Track 9,10; Soccer 9; Basketball 9,10; JCC 

Basketball 11,12; School 9,10,11,12; Worked 


"No quote needed." 

-Scooter Robinson 

Catherine Marantz 

1 1 7 Rugby Road 

Cassie, Cass, Cassius, Casserole, Role, 
Cassoipe- Tennis 9, 10, 11. 12; Soccer 9,10(Capt.); 
Cross Country 1 l,12(Capt.); Yearbook 
U,12(Sports Ed.); Jet Jotter 9,10,11; Key Club 
9| I r.-sh. Rep.),10; NHS 11,12; Lyrics 11,12; Vi- 
sions 12; District learning Team 11, Daisy 
Weeds, Sen ior( lass Play; Alto Sectionals 11,12; 
District Choir 9,11; Romper Room 11,12 
"You're surrounded b\ cra< kpots.nothing but 
crackpots: you live with them two or three 
years, and little by little, withouteven noticing 
i become ot.ii\ yourself. It's inevitable " 

Anton Cheko\ 

David Martens 

1053 Frank Smith Road 

Dave, Dave Martens Band, Hollywood, Dave 

"TheMan" Martens- Football 9,10, 11,12; Wres- 


Sales); Intramural Frisbee 1 1,12 

"The time is always right to do what is right." 

-Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. 

Meghan Martin 

38 Oxford Road 

Meg, Megs, Meegs. Martian Mogli, Meegan 
Matin, Mel- Soccer 9,10,11,12; Lacrosse 
9,10,11,12; Ski Club 9,10.11,12: Yearbook 
lO,ll,12(Photo I d | SADD 10,11, 12(Tres); 
( hoi us9;l aCapella 10,1 1,12; Student c ounril 
^,10.11,12, Senior Class Play; Dais\ Weeds; 
Internship ll(D.A.'s office); Martha's Vine- 
yard Association 1 l,12(Pres.); Romper Room 
11,12 NHS 12 ;7 1 96 

"It's alright tor a perfect stranger to kiss \our 
hand as long as he's perfect -Oni \l 
"Ma) the road rise to meet you, ma\ the wind 
be .ilwa\ s at \ our back " -Irish Blessing 


Colleen Matthews 

.20 Hopkins Place 

Leo, Flipper, Califlower, Schwilly Mama, 

Uolleen- Art Club 12; England /Scotland 11; 

ewelry Distributing 10,11,12; Clothing Design 

nd Sale 10,11,12 

Even the President of the United States some- 

imes must have to stand naked." 

Bob Dylan 

Oni Matulewicz 

192 Converse Street 

Onzo, Ons, Matuletwank, Pia, Yanni, Bombs, 
Mom- Diving 9,10,11, 12(Capt.); Soccer 
9,10(Mngr.); SADD 9,10,11,12; Yearbook 
1 1 (Underclass Ed.),12(Senior Ed.); NHS 1 2; Intra- 
mural Frisbee ll(Co-Capt.),12; Internship ^(Pe- 
diatrics/Adult Medicine); Key Club 9; Chorus 9; 
AFS 9; Big Y 10,1 l,12(Baker); Martha's Vineyard 
Association 11, 12(Driver); 7/4/96; Romper Room 
11,12; Daisy Weeds; Senior Class Play; Central 
Park East Committee 10;Class Council 12 
"Diplomacy: the ability to tell someone to go to 
hell and have them look forward to the trip."- 
"Senior Quote." -J, L, M, O 


Isaac Maxmen 

>e> Brookwood Drive 

vlax,Paro- Mountain Bike Club 10,1 l,12(Pres.); 

\mnesty International 9,10; B'nai B'rith Youth 

Organization 10,1 l,12(Membership Pres.); Vet- 
irinary Lab Assistant 9,10,11,12; Lifeguard 

1,12; Gameroom Supervisor 12; Basketball 
.loach 12; Day Camp Counselor 1 1 
'If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for any- 

'It's Friday. You ain't got no job, and you ain't 
;ot nothing to do..." 
Chris Tides 


We laughed until we had to cry. We 

loved right down to our last goodbye. 

-St. Elmo's Fire 

Edward McDonough, III 

47 Chatham Road 

Eddie, Ed, Slick, Mo's Brother- Baseball 9,10; 

J.C.C. Basketball 10; School 9,10,11,12; Ryan 

Drug Store 10,11,12 

"What I want is what I've not got, But what I 

need is all around me." 

-The Dave Matthews Band 

You know that place between asleep 

and awake? Where you still remem- 

ber dreaming? That's where I will 

always think of you. 


What a long strange trip it's been. 

-Jerry Garcia, Grateful Dead 

Steele"... "term paper week junior year"... "the shocking orangeness of the orange hallway"... "how people 


Margaret McKenna 

40 Benedict Terrace 

Soccer 9,10; Volleyball 11; Basketball 
9,10,11, 12(capt.); Softball 9,10,11,12; Wind En- 
semble 9,10,11,12; Young People's Symphony 
"Life is a journey, not a destination." 

Ryan McMahon 

21 Homecrest Street 

RyRy, Ryguy, Ry, Ryanna Banana- Soccer 
9,10,ll(Capt); Ski Club 9,10,11,12; Track 
9,10,11,12; Key Club 9,10; Art All-state 11; 
SADD 1 2; Art Club 12; Senior Class Play; Daisy- 

"Don't worry about me, I know where I am, 
where 1 am going and where I have been." 

Katherine MikcsJi 

I lh Hopkins Place 

Katherine Elizabeth Marie Mikrsh IV. Katie, Kate, 
Kay dot, Katiemikesh, Meekish, 'ikesh, Dig D- 

[teadinglO,n(Nationals),12(U( AAU-Stai 

ics 10,11,12; Senior District Chorus 11.12; All-State 

mi:, mis iij;. Yearbook Ll,12(Prne Arts 

enlor< lass Play; Youth Group 9(S« ). I0,11(V 

Pres l,12(Pres.); Dullea's #1 Fan 11, 12; Alto Sectional 


"Yippee! 'ikesh Is on my team tor camival.. wait a 
second her last name ■-tart', with an M." -Dullea 

You move, \ ou huh-lccd " 
"Who is this Mikcsh I am hearing so much about?" • 

Imran (while sitting <lnri llv in Iron! ot me) 
kills award von know " 

"Just nod anil smile 

Aleksandr Milshteyn 

7 Woodland Road 

B'nai B'rith Youth Organization 9,10(Trea- 

surer); Tae Kwon Do 9,10,1 l,12(Demo Team) 

"Anger is the wind that blows out the light of 


I am not paranoid, it's just that everyone is 
trying to kill me." 

Rebekah Mekler 

11 East Primrose Drive 
Bekky, Bek Mek, Miss Universe, Bekkv Lov, 
Beaker, Peanut, Cookie- La Cappella 9,10; Sun- 
day School Secretary 9,10; Sound of Musk 
11 (Nun); Fiddler on the Roof 12(Villager, Rus- 
sian, & Bottle Dancer); New England Dance 
Conservatory 10(Jazzand Modern); Babysitter 
9,10, 11,12; Summer Nanny 10; Camp for Kids 
ll(Volunteer C1T of the week) 
"Time is so precious that it is dealt out to us 
only in the smallest possible fractions-a tiny 
moment at a time." 
-Irish Proverb 

Shatic Mitchell 

90 Wenonah Road 

Boolee, "Sha", Phenom, "Tic", I il Penny, D 

lllest, Boolee'Tha'kid- l onceri Band ^,1C 

IKSec. Leader); Wind Ensemble 12:1 mtvtlu' 

9,10,11, 12(V.Pres i Baseball ^,10,11,12; Oper 

Panrn 4, 10,1 1; Senior Class riav(Production.. 

Leftside 9,10,11,12; "About the Benjamin! 

Club 10,ll,12(Treas.); Bailers Squad 11 J 

Shotcallers Squad 10,11,12, Playas of Americ 

9,10,11. 12(Consultant) 

"If 1 could. I'd give tins boy the moon an 

stars. -Poppa 

Irani up a child m the w a\ he should go an 
when he is old. he will not depart from it " 
Prov: 22:o 



change personalities and friends quicker than clothes"... How We've Changed Since Freshman Year: "I've cu 

Bernard Mullen 

53 Meadowlark Drive 

You and I will meet again, one day when 
we're least expecting it. In some far off place; 
f will recognize your face, I won't say goodbye 
my friend; for you and I will meet again." 
'Tom Petty 

Patrick O'Hara 

18 Westmoreland Avenue 

lick, Head, Potato, Irish-Cowboy, Potatohead- 

acrosse 9,12; Hockey 9,10; PALS 11,12; Owls 
'" 0,11,12; Men's Chorus 12; Senior Class Play 
, No I cannot forget from where it is that I come 

•om and I cannot forget those who love me." 

ohn Mellencamp 

Julianne Niedzwiecki 

15 Arcadia Street 

Julie, P.P., Barbie, Jules, Cher, Nadz- Ballet 
9,10,11,12; Key Club 10,ll(Newsletter Ed.), 12; 
Bliss Pharmacy 11,12; Latin Club 12; Yearbook 
11,12; Senior Class Play; NHS 12; Daisy Weeds 
"I have never let my schooling interfere with 
my education." 
-Mark Twain 

Bridget O'Connor 

27 Longmeadow Street 

Gidget, B-O-C, Bridge- Soccer 9,10,11,2; Ski 
Club 9,10; Ski Team 11,12; Lacrosse 9,10,1 1,12; 
Daisy Weeds 

"We make our world significant by the cour- 
age of our questions and the depth of our 
-Carl Sagan 

Michael O'Malley 

290 Farmington Road 

MJ, O'Mallz, The Goodfella- Soccer 9,10,11, 

12(Capt.); Lacrosse 9; Intramural Basketball 

9,10,11; AFS 9; Spain Trip 10; JCC Basketball 

9,10,11,12; Soccer Magic Instructor 9,10,11,12; 

Ski Club 9,10; Track 11,12; SADD 12 

"If your plans prosper, everyone will be your 

friend; if your plans fail then you'll know your 

true friends." 


Evelyn Orenstein 

43 Osceola Lane 

Ev, Eveline, Eveleen, Evespleen, Spleen, 
Evelina- Chorus/Lyrics 9,10,11,12; I-Cantori 
12; Jr./Sr. District Chorus 9,11,12; All-State 
Chorus 11,12; Voice Lessons 9, 10, 11, 12; Dance 
9,10,11,12; JCC Theatre 9; Senior Class Play 
(Lady Larken); Yearbook 11 (Student Life 
Ed.),12(Co-Ed.-in-Chief); Jet Jotter 9,10,11,12; 
NHS ll,12(Tutor Chair); B'nai B'rith Youth 
Organization 11,12; Camp Counselor 
9,10,11,12; England Trip 10; Spain Trip 12 
"Nobody has ever measured, even poets, how 
much the heart can hold." 
-Zelda Fitzgerald 

nd a half off my hair."... "1 vegetate much more and am very chill and content with my laziness."... "smaller 


Matthew Papaluca 

238 Academy Drive 

Pappy, Paps, Matty P.- Soccer 9,10; Lacrosse 

9,10,11,12; Young Democrats 11; Senior Class 

Play; Ski Club 9,10 

"Some individuals turned the game into a 

Howard Stern contest." 

-Dr. Murphy 

David Paysnick 

142 Cambridge Circle 

Dave, P-Man, Paysnick, Pays- B'nai B'rith 
Youth Organization "-'(Membership V.Pres.), 
10(V.Pres.),ll(Pres.),12(Reg. Senior Chair); 
Ryan Drug 4; Brightwood 10; Big Y 10; 
Bertucd's 11,12; Scotland /England Trip 11; 
|( ( 10,1 1,12; Young Democrats 10, 11,12; I n\ i 
ronmental Club 12 

"The wheel is turningand you can't slow down, 
you can't let go and you can't hold on, you 
can't go back and you can't stand still, it the 
thunder don't gel you than the lightning will." 
■Grateful Dead 

Pl3 B 

J Mian Passo 

158 Primrose Drive 

Jill, Jillz, Passo- Key Club 9,10,11,12; Ski Club 

10,11,12; SADD 12; Yearbook 12; Internship 

11,12; Intramural Volleyball 10,12;Girls' Night 

10,11,12; T-Dog 11; Senior Class Play; Daisy 

Weeds; Just Keep Livin' 11,12 

"I always knew that when I looked back at the 

times where I cried, I would laugh, but I never 

knew when I looked back at the times where I 

laughed, I would cry." 

Aaron Peskin 

19 Natonis Path 

Knickerbocker, I'eskin, P-Dawg- I ootball 
9,10,11,12; Baseball 9,10; Debate 11,12; NHS 
I 1,12(1 ii tor Chair); I lewbrew High School 

4,111,1 1,12; United Synagogue Youth 9; Senior 
Class Play; As Schools Match Wits 12; YMCA 
Camp Hi-Rock 9,10(1 eader In Training); Cre- 
ative Chemicals Inc. 10,11,12; Panim el 
Panimdewish Leadership Conferenoelll; In- 
tramural Vollevball 11,12; Intramural rrisbee 
11,12; Concert Band 9,10 
"I have to In e with mj sell .wn\ so, i want to be 
fit for myself to know;l want to be able as days 
go by, always to look mysell straight in thi- 
eve, " 
Edgar A Guest, "Myself" 

David Patterson 

40 Edgewood Avenue 
Bub, Bubba, Wild Man, Doodie Heckler 
Butthead,- Student Council 10,11, 12(V Pres : 
Soccer 9,10,1 l,12(Captain); Basketball 9; La 
crosse 10; Baseball 11,12; Yearbook 1 2i Assl 
Sports Ed.); All-State Chorus 11,12; Distric 
Chorus 11,12; Lyrics 11,12; HMU1M 12, lacia 
Hair Growing Contest with SwaroopfM 
Loser, Always and Forever); Lloyd 12 
"The most beautiful thing we can experience! 
the mysterious. It is the source of all true aj 
and science." -Einstein 

Elizabeth Picknalh/ 

57 \\ ynawnrd Road 
Beth, 1 i/, Bethy- Em ironmental Club 9; K I 
Ghib 9,10,11,12; Business Club U.12(Treaij 
SADD 11,12; England 'Scotland II; Da- 
Weeds, Senior C lassPlav;( ampCounseli 
Stop & Shop 11; Outing Club 11.12; Interns) 
ll(D.A.'s Office); Greece 12; i XV 9, 10, 11,1 j 
"A journex of a thousand miles begins wit 
single step " 

Jeffrey Plotkin 

15 Berwick Terrace 

Rachael Polep 

9 Churchill Drive 

Rae, Rach, Franklina- Field Hockey 9,10; SADD 
11,12; Ski Club 9,10,11,12; Intramural Volley- 
ball 10; Internship 12; Senior Class Play; Daisy 

"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may 
look back and realize they were the big things. " 

Dara Pollak 

34 Northfield Road 

Field Hockey 9,10; Track 9,10; Ski Club 
9,10,11,12; Spain Trip 10; Greece Trip 12; Daisy 
Weeds; Senior Class Play; SADD 11,12; Flash- 
light Tag 11; NHS 12 

"You have to laugh at yourself cause you'd cry 
your eyes out if you didn't." 
-Indigo Girls 

Lindsay Porter 

152 Morningside Drive 
Wednesday Night Club 12 
"You have to forget about what other people 
say, when you're supposed to die, or when 
you're supposed to be loving. You have to 
forget about all these things. You have to go on 
and be crazy. Craziness is like heaven." 
-Jimi Hendrix 

Samantha Prestia 

94 Churchill Drive 

Sam, Sammy, Samola, Shammy, Samuel, 
SLAM- Field Hockey 9,10,ll,12(Capt.); La- 
crosse 9,10,11; Indoor Field Hockey 9,10,1 1,12; 
NHS 11,12; PALS ll,12(Founder); Yearbook 
10,11,12; Key Club 10,1 1; Daisy Weeds; Senior 
Class Play 

"Strangers, they're exciting, their mystery 
never ends, but there's nothing like looking at 
your own history in the face of your friends." 
-Ani Difranco 

Andrew Provencher 

73 Herbert Street 

"If like the memories of me to be a happy one. 
I'd like to leave an afterglow of smiles when I 
leave an echo whispering softly down the ways, 
of happy times and laughing times and bright 
and sunny days. I'd like the tears of those who 
grieve to dry before the sun, of happy memo- 
ries that I leave behind when the dav is done." 
-I.M.O. Robert J. O'Connell 


No love, no friendship can cross the 

path of our destiny without leaving 

some mark on it forever. 

-Frangois Mauriac 

Aaron Quinn 

499 Laurel Street 

Quinn, Quinnie, Gladiator- Hockey 9,11,12; 
Lacrosse 9; Key Club 9; Big Y 11,12; Environ- 
mental Club 12 

"Into this house we're born, into this world 
we're thrown." 
-The Doors 

We shall not cease from exploration 

And the end of all our exploring 

Will be to arrive where we started 

And know the place for the first time. 

-T.S. Eliot 

This is the time to remember 'cause it 

will not last forever. . . 

■Billy Joel 


Emily Randall 

38 Crescent Road 

Em, Emmie- Soccer 9,10,11; Key Club 

9,10,1 l,12(Board); Senior Class Play; NHS 12; 

Youth Group 9,10,1 l,12(Secretary); Church 

Nursery Volunteer 10,1 LJapanTrip 12; Mercy 

Hospital Volunteer 10; Friendly s 12; Track 10 

"What happens to us is not as important as 

how we respond." 

"With love, our world falls into place." 

-Elizabeth L 

Kathryn Rafferty 

131 Crescent Road 

Kate, Raff, Shnooter, DOMK, Binkv, Piglet. 
ral Volleyball 10,12; Dance 9,10,11,12; Intern- 
ship 11; Senior Class Play; Daisy Weeds; Th( 
Zoo 11,12; Spain Trip 12; 8/16;Strople Talki 
11,12; Stats 10,11,12 

"Some people come into our lives and quickly 
go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints 
on our hearts and we are never, ever the same." 

Alison Ratner 

120 Ely Way 

Al, Ratner, Rosie, Roberta, SIS, Ralison- Intern- 
ship 11 (Wolf Swamp); Key Club 10; HebrefV 
School 1 l,12(Teaching); Israel 12; JCC 1 1 ; Trance 
10;Girls' Night 10,1 1,12, Just Keep LivnV 1 1,12. 
SADD 12; Senior Class Play; Dai-\ Weeds 

It you're 1 gonna be mean to someone behino 
their back, you might as well just be mean te- 
their face-the story of my life." 
-Alison Ratner (Self Quote) 

more mature, less mature."... Where Will you Be in Twenty Years: "Swimming naked in a pile of money". 

Rebecca Rhee 

162 Williamsburg Drive 
Becky, Beck, Beeks, Boris Becky, Reba, R- Ten- 
nis 9; Daisy Weeds; NHS 11,12; International 
Club 9; Yearbook 9,10,11,12 
"When you have exhausted every single possi- 
bility, remember this, you haven't." 

an Richton 

39 Converse Street 

Richton, Rich-diggy, Rich Diggity, Smack 
Dogg, B Diggy, Pop tart- Rough Draft 9; B'nai 
B'rith Youth Organization 9,10,ll,12(Member- 
ship V.Pres., V.Pres., Treasurer); Amnesty In- 
ternational 9,10; CVS 9,10,11; Bertucci's 11,12 
"Waiting for the tiime when I can finally say 
that this has all been wonderful, but now I'm 
on my way." 


f JflfUr 


r 4£-.\ 


\£j '^ 

V* : ' 

■ x - ftw 


Jason Rickless 

18 Maplewood Street 

Hockey 9,10,11,12 

"Of all the things I lost, 1 miss my mind the 



Andrea Rinaldi 

30 Mayfair Drive 

Rinalds, Rinaldo, Rinaldi, Drea, Dre, Andy, 

Gertrude- Ski Club 9,10,11,12; Key Club 9,12; 

SADD 12; T-Dog 11; France Trip 10; Spain Trip 

12; Daisy Weeds; Internship 12; Senior Class 

Play; 8/ 16; Intramural Volleyball 10,12(Capt.); 

The Zoo 11,12 

"I'm not going to spend my life explaining, 

either you get it or you don't." 

Christina Rinaldi 

119 Primrose Drive 

Chris, Chrissy, Ish, Ishey- NHS 1 1 ^(Commu- 
nity Service Chair); Daisy Weeds; Senior Class 
Play;SADD 10,11,12; Internship 11,12; AFS 10; 
Japan Trip 1 2; CCD Teacher 10,1 1,12; Rinaldi's 
9,10,11,12; Art Club 12; Greece Trip 12; Flash- 
light Tag 11 

"Don't drown your sorrows just soak them a 
-Dara Pollack 

David Robert 

148 Cedar Road 

Dave, Red, Big Red, Ben , Hips, The Stratus- 
CVS 9,10; Wendy's 11; Media Play 12; French 
Club 9,10,12; REALITY Club 11,12; NHS 11,12 
"Stop trying to fit the status quo of what is 
beautiful and what is politically correct. Be- 
lieve in yourself and do what's right. If you 
want to be like me, be yourself." 
-Marilyn Manson 

etired and eating off of Social Security."... "Living in the Bahamas as an International spy."... "On Broadway, 


Jennifer Roberts 

47 Lincoln Road 

Jen, Jenny, Kanga- Track 9,10,11,12; Cross 
Country' 10; Cheerleading 11,12; SAFL 
Cheerleading Coach 12; Nationals 
1 1 (Cheerleading); Friendly's 12; Daisy Weeds; 
Senior Class Play; Drama Club 9,10; Environ- 
mental Club 9 

"Find some inspiration, it is down deep inside 
of you. Amend the situation, your whole life is 
ahead of you." 
-Boyd Tinslev 

Daniel Rothschild 

160 Westmoreland Avenue 
Psycho, Sloth- Baseball 9,10,11,12; Soccer 
9,10,11,12; Intramural Basketball 10; Riverside 
9,10,11; England /Scotland Trip 11; Business 
Club 12; Delivered Newspapers 9,10,11,12 
"Practice the one thing vou do well, and every- 
thing else will come naturally." 

Julia Rousse 

116 Benedict Terrace 

Jewls, Spanky, Hoolia- Lvrics 11,12; District 
9,11,12; All-State 11, 12; Chorus 9,10; Orchestra 
12; F.A.I.T.H. 11,12; AFS 10,11,12; Jet Jotter 
9,10,11,12; Drama 9,10; Diving 9,10; Track 
10,11,12; Bliss Pharmacy 10,11; Music & The- 
ater Camp 9,11,12; Senior Class Play(Stage 

"So many faces in and out of my life, some will 
last, some will just be now and then. Life is a 
series of hellos and goodbyes. I'm afraid it's 
time for goodbye again." 
-Billy Joel 

Talisa Rush 

20 Cortland Street, Springfield 

Lee-Lee, ralouse, Shorty, Red- Drill Team 12; 

Black College Tour 10; Daisy Weeds - 

"Don't love a man more than vou love your- 

sell " 

-PWnelfl Johnson 


Benjamin Russell 

117 Eton Road 

Ben, Benjy, Russo- Soccer 4,10,11,12 (l apt.) 
Ski ream 9,10,1 l,12(Capt.);Lacrosse9,10,l 1,12 
Jazz Band 11,12; Wind Ensemble 9,10,11.12 
Men's Chorus 12; Student Council 
9,10,11, 12(Treas.); NHS ILSADD 11,12 
"Cause it will save vour life." 
-Laird 1 lbs 

Swaroop Samant 

B4 Inverness I .ine 

oup, Shoop Pooraws K<s 
Sim"- Yearbook 9,10(Photo Ed.),ll(< 
Chief).12(Co-Bd.-in-Chief); Lyrics 10,11,12 I C.mtori 
10,11,12; International Club 10,1 l,12(Co-Pres.) IIML'N 
11,12; Odvssr\ ol the Mind » I20udge); fel |otter9 10, 
IKLifestylea Kit.i:. District Ul-SUte lO.lllHbufl 
Quartet),12 (House Quartet); Science League 10,1 1.12; 
NHS 11, 12;Senior Class PlaytMinstrel); Indian Assodfl 
lion 9,10,11,12; 1 ngland 10; India ll 12: Voice 10,11.11 
Piano 9,10,11,12 SAC 12: Facial Hail Growing Conjpl 
with Buh IL12(Me Winner always and forever); Ihc 
Spol I 1 (Co-Founder); Tenor Sectionals (never) I l"\<l I 
V> arm) can withstand the strength ol an idea » hose 
time come 
\ ictor Hugo 

1 here is no greater tTBged) 111. in indllleren* e 

Red Cross slogan 

Gary Scheer 

270 Brookwood Drive 

Gar, Jon-Jon, RL, P.-Bear, Paco- Key Club 

9,10,11,12; Yearbook 9,10,1 l(Photo. Ed.),12; 

Student Council 10,11,12; Outing Club 11,12; 

B'nai B'rith Youth Organization 11,12; SADD 

12; Senior Class Play 

"We all cross the finish line, us winners just 

find a better way of getting there." 

Michael Schwerin 

260 Blueberry Hill Road 
Pos, Schwer Pos, Sch wer, Mike- Key Club 1 1,12; 
Science League 11,12; Math Team 11,12; Pro- 
gramming Team 10,11,12; Intramural Frisbee 
11,12; Intramural Volleyball 11,12 
"A committee is a group of people who, indi- 
vidually, can do nothing, but collectively can 
meet and decide that nothing can be done." 

James Scliopou 

27 Dunbar Street, Springfield 
Jim, Jimmy, Squiggs- Baseball 9; Wrestling 
10,11,12; Volunteer at Baystate Medical Ctr. 
9,10,11,12; Student Ambassador at Baystate 
Medical Ctr. 11,12; Head Altar Boy 10,11,12 
"You can spend your time alone redigesting 
past regrets, or you can come to terms and 
realize you're the only one who can forgive 
yourself; makes much more sense to live in the 
present tense." 
-Pearl Jam 

Evan Scott 

84 Dunsany Drive 

Track9,10,ll; Wrestling 11; Amnesty Interna- 
tional 11; Pilgrim Fellowship 9,10,11(V. 

"It's 106 miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank 
of gas, half a packet of cigarettes, it's dark, and 
we're wearing sunglasses, hit it." 
-Blues Brothers 

Joshua Shapiro 

17 Canterbury Lane 

Josh, Hyman, Jew, Twizzler, Shaps- SADD 
11,12; Mansfield Paper Company 10,11, 
12(Warehouse); Ski Club 10,11,12 Men's Cho- 
rus 12; Senior Class Play 
"Each man has a choice in life: he may ap- 
proach it as a creator or critic, a lover or a hater, 
a giver or a taker." 

"The choices we make dictate the life we lead." 
-Danny Devito 

Kenneth Sheffield 

259 Sheffield Avenue 

Shef-funk, Shef-nice, Sheff, The Sheff, Chief- 
tain, G- Track 9, 10,1 1,1 2; Wrestling 9,10,1 1,12; 
Football 9,10; Cross Country 12; Wind En- 
semble 10,11,12; Jazz Ensemble 11,12; Pit Or- 
chestra 11; Senior Class Play 
"Life in the great suburban outback is Certainly 
fraught with peril." 
-Hobbes (Bill Watterson) 

kj :terson (I'm a guy.)"... "I'll be married to a teenager." One Word That Describes LHS: "stress"... "money 


Rachel Shelasky 

61 Eunice Drive 

Rach, 908, R, Ij, Mooch, Ray, Shelasky- SADD 

9,10,11, 12(Pres.); United Synagogue Youth 

9,10,1 l,12(Com. V. Pres.); France Trip 10; Key 

Club 9,10; Communications Internship 11; 

Romper Room 1 1,12; Israel Seminar 12; Daisy 

Weeds; Senior Class Play 

"Dear God, I'm doing the best I can." 

-Frank, Children's letter to God 

Jonathan Soja 

26 Oxford Road 

Jon, Soha, Suge, Johnny Boy- Soccer 9,10; Base- 
ball 9,10,11,12; Basketball 9; SADD 11,12; Se- 
nior Class Play 

" I he road less traveled by is less traveled for a 


Shaina Shusterman 

230 Meadowlark Drive 

Shay, Shane, Shi-ay , Sahina, Shanerd, Plumber- 
Key Club 9,10; Gymnastics Team 9,10; Just 
Keep Livin' 11,12; Senior Class Play; Daisy 
Weeds; JCC Camp Counselor 12; United Syna- 
gogue Youth 12; SADD 12 
"If you can't trust your best friends with a key 
to your house you better find some new best 
friends." -Life's Little Book of Instructions 
"Remember that everyone you meet is either 
afraid of something, loves something, or has 
lost something." 

Aura Spivak 

61 Erskine Drive 
Aura. An raclc, Spiv. Spn ic.Spivie-Pooh- Concert Band 
9,10,ll,12(Sec. Leader); Pep Band 9,10.11,12; Trom- 
bone 11.12; Art 9, 10,1 1.1 2; Senior District 10.11 
Club 1,10,11.12, Yearbook 9,12; Divine Team 9; lnt'l 
Club 10; Drama Club 10, Science League 9,10,11,12, 
Hebrew Teacher 9,10(Aide).ll,12; B'nai B'rith Youth 
Organization 9,10(Sec.),l HMem. V.Pres.),12H'res i; 
Israel 9,10,11,12; fel-Avh University 1 2; France 9.11; 
Senior Class Play; Music Club 9, Art Club 9,10,12; 
Dais) Weeds 

If something is not to vour liking, change it 11 it can't 
be changed, accept it. If you can netiher change nor 
accept it. then alter vour own circumstances to cope 
with it But under ho circumstances whine about it 

e whining accomplishes nothing but age 
Hon " 
-Peter Benchley 

Vadim Shvakhman, Jr. 

621 Maple Road 

V-Butter, "El Loco Ruso", Russian Rocket, 
Large Jimmy- JCC Basketball 9,10,11; Basket- 
ball Coach 12; JCC Game Room Supervisor 12, 
Central High School 9(Student) 
"Tell your friends to get with my friends and 
we can be friends." 
-Puff Daddy 

Alan Stambovsky 

79 Lynnwood Drive 

BOSS- JCC Basketball 9, 10.11,12(GuardCapt.); 

Painter 12 

"There are just some kind of men who -ire so 

bus) worrvmg about the next world Ihey never 

learned to live in this one." 

-Harper I ee 

Andrew Starr 

81 Williamsburg Drive 
Drew- Key Club 9,10,1 1(N.E. District Bulletin 
Ed ),12(N.E. District Govenor); Jet Jotter9,10(Prod. 
Manager). ll(Opinions Page Ed. ),12(Co-Ed. -in- 
Chief); Mock Trial 9,10,1 1,12 Senior Class Play(Co- 
Producer); Math League 10,11,12; As Schools 
Match Wits 11,12; NHS 11,12; Spain Trip 10; En- 
gland/Scotland Trip 11; Intramural Volleyball 
11,12; Intramural Frisbee 11,12; Student Repre- 
sentative to School Committee 11; Yearbook 
9(Name Spelling Ed.),ll; Mass. Academic Bowl 
11,12; U.S. Fencing Association 
"Man must sit in chair with mouth open for very 
long time before roast duck fly in." 
-Ancient Chinese Proverb 

Stephen Stierer 

19 Osceola Lane 

Steve, Styer, Spoon, Sturrer, Shaken not stirred - 
Soccer 9,10; Cross Country 11; Golf 12; Basket- 
ball 9; Baseball 9,10,11,12; JCC Basketball 
1NN.E. Champs),12; Spain Trip 12; Lehigh 
Valley Baseball 12; American Legion Baseball 
10,11,12; Southwick Mickey Mantle Baseball 
9(Sandlot Tournament Champs) 
"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and 
look around sometime, you might miss some- 
-Ferris Bueller 

essica Steinman 

887 Maple Road 

Jess, Jessie, Steinman, Stein, Stienperson, JS- 
Orchestra 9,10,1 l,12(Principal); Concert Band 
1 1 ,1 2(Principal); Lyrics 10,1 1 ,1 2; I Cantori 11,12; 
District Orchestra 9,10,ll(Principal); All-State 
Orchestra 11; National Youth Orchestra 12; 
NHS ll,12(Bookstore Mngr.); Jet Jotter 
9,10,11,12; Yearbook 10,11,12; Pep Band 
10,11,12; Senior Class Play 10,ll,12(PitOrch.& 
Co-Conductor); Chorus 9; Junior District Cho- 
rus 9; Young People's Symphony 9; Viola 
Teacher 9,10,1 1,12 
"Heart on fire, brain on ice." 
-Mr. Mucci 

Emily Sturgis 

101 Ellington Street 

Em, Ems, Emy, Emer- Swimming 9,10,11, 

12(Capt.); Field Hockey 9,10(Capt.); Lacrosse 

Stats 9,10,11,12; SADD 11,12; Internship 11, 

NHS 1 2; Senior Class Play; Daisy Weeds; Dairy 

Queen 10,11,12; District Learning Team 


"The best way to figure out who you are is to 

get to a place where you don't have to be 

anything else." 

Laura Stewart 

67 Windsor Place 

Laurs, Stewie, L, Lulu, Mark- Cross Country 
11, 12; Track 11, 12; Soccer 9,10(Mngr.); Lacrosse 
9; Art Club 12; France Trip 10; SADD 10,11,12; 
Daisy Weeds; Senior Class Play; Martha's Vine- 
yard Association; Romper Room 11,12; 7/4/96 
"Every artist dips his brush into his own soul, 
and paints his own nature into his pictures." 

Matthew Szlachetka 

246 Merriweather Drive 
Slick, Slatty, Hogman, P-King, Matt, Mr. Chin, 
Matty- Soccer 9(Capt.),10; Lacrosse 9,10,1 1,12; 
SkiClub9,10,ll, 12; FilmClub 11; Young Demo- 
crats 11; Amnesty International 12; Riverside 
11; NHS 11, 12; Variety Show 1 1,12; 
10; Indoor Lacrosse9,10.1 1,12; Bavstate Games 
9,11; Snowboard Posse 9,10,11,12 
"You gotta strike when the moment is right 
without thinking." 
-Roger Waters 

<".. ."clueless"... "Adidas"... "bottled-water"... "football"... "vexatious"... "Peach"... Favorite After-school 


Heather Tariff 

35 Erskine Drive 

Heath, ET, Tariff. Tax, Ambie, SIS, Chrissy- 
Synagogue Youth 12; Internship 11,12; JCC 
Camp Counselor 12; CVS 12; Daisy Weeds; 
Just KeepLivin' 11,12; Girls' Night 10,11,12 
"We have known each other our whole lives 
and now we will go our separate ways. Some 
will remember, and some will forget each other, 
but we will always have a part of each other 
inside us." 

Jason Thomas 

40 Nevins Avenue 

Jay, Chops, Jocko, Wol fman- Senior Class Play; 

Intramural Frisbee 12; Football 9,10; Daisy 

Weeds; Bovscouts 9,10,1 l,12(Eagle); Outing 

Club 10,1 1,12; Ski Club 11,12; Movie Shops 12; 

Friendly 's 11; Outdoor Adventure Camp 

ll,12(Counselor); Philmint High Adventure 

Camp 11 ;Snowboarding Posse 1 1,12; Film Club 


"If you are ever passing my way, don't wait to 

knock! Tea is at four, but any of you are 

welcome at any time." 

-Bilbo Baggins, The Hobbit 

Lyndsey Thomas 

33 Benedict Terrace 

Kirby, Lynds, Dumbo, Chief, Lulu, Shminds- 

Hockey Stats 9; Friendly's 1 1,12; Daisy Weeds 

"A friend is someone you can call and talk to at 

4 a.m." 

-Sarah Kiely and Kelly Kuhn 

Christopher Thompson 

232 Kenmore Drive 

BAN, Happy Days, Ronnie, Appleson, Chris, 
Timmy Thompson- Big Y 10,1 1 ,12; Aqua-matie 
11,12; Lawn Service 4, 10, 11, 12 
"Yes, I know my enemies I hc\ .ire the teach- 
ers taught me to fight me. Compromise, 
conformity, assimilation, submission, igno- 
rance, hypocris) .brutality, the elite: all of which 
are American Dreams " 
-Rage Against the Mai hine 


Ryan Thompson 

1 38 Greenmeadow Drive 
Bone, Mr. President- C lass ( ouncil 
9,10,1 l,12(Pres ); District Learning Team 
10,1 1,12; Key Club9,10,ll,12; Jet Jotter 10,1 1.12; 
Yearbook 12; Young Democrats 1 1; Ski Club 
10,12; Intramural Basketball 10,1 1; Soccer 9,10; 
Basketball 1 '; I acrosse 9,10,11,12; GoB 12 
"A society that will trade a little hhorU for a 
little order will deserve neither and lose both." 
-Thomas [efferson 

461 Franksmith Road 

Enrique, Rico, TJ, Johnnv. Brotherman- Soccer 
9, 10; Intramural Voile) ball 1 1.12:Concert Band 
9,10; Wmd Ensemble ll,12(Section Leader); 
Kej Club 11,12(1 t Governor); NHS' 
11,I2(Y Ties |; S-nior Class Plav; '^ oung 
People's Symphonj 11,12; Pep Band 9,10,1 1,12 
"You will learn more about a road bv travel- 
ling it than bj consulting all the maps in the 


Ylliny Torres 

74 Chiswick Street 

Cuban Momi, Eyeeny, Chicky, Honey- Field 
Hockey 9; Unity Club 11,12; Ylliny and 
Shakira's Clique 11,12; Naturalizer 12; Queen 
Bees 11,12 
Keep your head to the sky." 
■Mary J. Blige 


Elivard Tyrell 

'0 Wenonah Road 

il, Fananzi- Sha and El's Pep Band 9,10,11,12; 
'ure Playa's United 9,10,ll,12(Pres.); Unity 
lub 9,10,ll,12(Pres.); Lyrics 12; Wind En- 
emble 12; Concert Band 9,10,11; Ylliny and 
hakira's Clique 11,12 

Margaret Townsend 

227 Farmington Road 

Margs, Marge, Margy- Dance 9,10,1 1,12; Yearbook 
ll(Underclass Ed.),12(Senior Sect. Ed.); NHS 12 
Ski Team 9; SADD 10,12; Intramural Frisbee 11,12 
Senior Class Play; Daisy Weeds; France Trip 10, 
Greece Trip 12; Impressions 9; Ski Club 12; Days 
Club 11,12(V. Pres.); Just Keep Livin' 11,12 
"You must be very careful each time you step out 
your front door because your front walk is really a 
road, and the road leadsever onward. Ifyou aren't 
careful, you're apt to find yourself simply swept 
away, a stranger in a strange land with no clue as 
to how you got there and no way to get home 
-J.R.R. Tolkien 

Lauren Urbschat 

266 Pinewood Drive 

Sage, Rosemary, Tyme, Urbs, Lulu, Mamoux, 
Woman- Swim Team 9,10,11,12; Intramural 
Frisbee 10,1 1,12; NHS 11,12; Senior Class Play; 
Yearbook 10,11,12; London Trip 10; Daisy 
Weeds; Loaves and Fishes 1 1,1 2(Coordinator); 
Horizons 12; Working at TSM 10,11,12; Art 
Club 12 

"To know the way, We go the way; We do the 
way, the way we do, the things we do it's all 
there in front of you, But if you try too hard to 
see it, You'll only become confused." 
-Benjamin Hoff (The Tao of Pooh) 


We ourselves feel that what we are 
doing is just a drop in the ocean. But 
if that drop was not in the ocean, I 
think the ocean would be less. . . 
-Mother Teresa 

How lucky I am to have something 
that makes saying goodbye so hard. 

Life's like a movie, write your own 
ending, keep believing, keep pretend- 
ing, we've done just what we set out 
to do. 

■The Muppet Movie 

■.pending quality time with Swaroop and Ev in room 113 working on Masacksic , the LHS yearbook!"... "I 


Erica Vander Leeden 

81 Tecumseh Drive 

Rika, Ricki, Eri, Woman, the "uh-oh too much 

hard core" girl- AFS9,10,ll,12(Sec); Days Club 

9,10,11,12 (Co-Pres.); Rough Draft Wannabes 

9,10,11,12; Art Club 9,10,11,12; Intramural 

Frisbee 10,1 l,12(Capt.);Prittie Club 9,10,1 1,12; 

Longmeadow Community Market 12; Daisy 

Weeds; Senior Class Play 

"...and all of your precious love you can paint 

as light as you see, and you can make reasons 

for everything but as long as I dream, some 

things will always be." 


Heather Warwick 

59 Sunset Lane 

Heath, Warwick, War, Abu, Quey, Tigger, 

Preschooler, Giraffe- Field Hockey 9,10; Ski 

aub9,10,ll,12; Lacrosse Stats9,10,ll,12;SADD 

10,1 1,12; dass Council 1 1,12; Yearbook 11.12: 

Intramurals 11,12; The Zoo 12; Senior Class 

Play: Daisy Weeds; Strople Talks 11,12 

"I can't remember all the times I tried to tell 

myself to hold on to these moments as thev 

p.lss " 

-Adam DuritZ (Counting C rows) 


Joseph Vivenzio 

74 Massachusetts Avenue 
V, Vivenzio, Anteater, Bombs- Hockey 10,11,12; 
Springfield Crew 10,11,12; Intramural Foot- 
ball 10; Neighborhood Crime Watch 
9,10,11, 12(Leader); Tag Team 11,12; Men's 
Chorus 12 

" Yo, Joe, when's the Thanksgiving Day game?" 

Michael Waryasz 

7b7 Shaker Road 

Mike, Mikey, Waraz, Warziak, Widge- Cross- 
country 10,ll,12(Capt); Hockey 9,10; Base- 
ball 9,10; Internship llfDA's Office); NHS 
ll,12(Pres.); Mountain Biking Club 
10,1 l,12(Pres.); Lifeguard 10,1 1,12; Intramural 
Basketball 10,12(Capt.); Basketball 9,10,11,12; 
Senior C lass Play 

"If you don't know where you're going, you 
could wind up some place else." 

-Yogi Bern 

Caitlin Wagner 

87 Oxford Road 

Wags, Shwagner, Cait- Soccer 9, 1 0, 1 1 ,1 2(CapL) 
Ski Team 9,10,11, 12; Lacrosse9,10,ll,12;SAD[i 
10,11,12; Yearbook 12; Daisy Weeds; Intramu 
ral Volleyball 10,11,12; 7/4/96; NHS 12 
"OK, everybody stick with me. ..We're goinj 
out the window!" 

Kristen Washington 

28 Sheffield Avenue 

KC, Fresh, Wash, K-Wash, Wishv-Washj 
George, RFC, |aba- Unity 9,10,11.12; Basket 
ball 9,10,11,12; 1 rack -'.10,11,12; SADD 12;* 
nior Class Play; Class Council 12; Soccer I 
Volleyball 11,12; I US Summer Job 10,11* 
Softball Referee 11.12; Kill Basketball 12: Ir 
ternship 12: Daisy Weeds 12: Black Colleg 
Tour 12; NHS 12 ' 

"Sometimes things happen which we Jo m 
like and which we cannot control, but on 
redeeming notion that gi\es u-. hope is fow 
in the tact that we cm choose how to react." 
\K Ryan 

Aixa Weekes 

234 Green Hill Road 

Queen Aixa, Chica, Ixa- Track 9,11,12; Year- 
book 11,12; Impressions 9,10,11,12; Unity 
9,10(Sec.),H(V.Pres.),12(Pres.); Volunteer Tu- 
tor 11,12; Dance 9,10,ll,12(Dance Teacher); 
Black College Tour 10,11; Church Choir 
9,10,11,12; Summer Camp 10,11,12; Daisy 
Weeds 12; Drill Team 12 
" If you aim at nothing, you'll hit it every time." 

Jennifer Weeks 

123 Woodside Drive 

Jay, Jen, Little Jenny Foot, Weeksy- Long- 
meadow Park and Rec. 11; D'Angelo Sand- 
wich Shop 11; Environmental Club 9 
"Maybe that's all that we need is to meet in the 
middle of impossibilty, where standing at op- 
posite poles equal partners in a mystery." 
-Indigo Girls 

Susan Wegiel 

166 Yarmouth Street 

Asha Welder 

35 Blockland Drive 

Ballet 9,10,11; Theater 9,10,11,12; Ballroom 
Dancing 9; Gymnastics 11; Student Govern- 
Tient9(Pres.); Piano 9,10,11; Camp Counselor 

Don't worry, be happy." 


Margaret Wenig 

139 Maple Road 

Brian Wezowicz 

135 Blueberry Hill Road 
Wez, Brother, Hollywood, The Man, Moves, 
Teddy Bears, Wong and Owens- Football 
9,10,ll,12(Capt.); Lacrosse 9,10,1 l,12(Capt.); 
Wrestling 10,11; Days Club ll,12(Co-Pres.); 
Hollywood Fan Club 12(pres.); Pie Eating Con- 
test 9,10,11, 12(Champion); Senior Class Play; 
NHS 12 

"Guys, don't be scared. You've got a cup on. 
You got shoulder pads. So get out there and 
-Jason Chircop 

dlessly staring at my calc homework, hoping it will get done by itself"... "I program computers"... "sleep". 


Jaime White 

46 Erskine Drive 

Beamer,Jamer-Bamer, Harney- Ski Club 10,12; 
France Trip 10; Greece Trip 12 
"Take what vou have gathered from coinci- 
-Bob Dylan 

Candace Willett 

48 Drury Lane 

Candy, Dulce, Candes, Candies, Candala, 
Sweets, Spin, Tobi- Soccer 9,10,11,12; Track 
9,10,12; PALS 1 l,12(Officer); Internship 
1 1 (Cherokee Industries); Soccer Coach 10; Soc- 
cer Referee 10,11,12; EPOCA Tournament 11; 
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Community Service 
9,10,11,12; 1997 Columbus Day Scholarship 
Pageant Queen 12; Daisy Weeds; NHS 12 
"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. It 
you can dream it, you can become it." 
-William Arthur Ward 

/. Ryan Willoughby 

49 i awnwood Avenue 

Ry-Ry. Willoughby, Josh, Ry- I-AITH 12; 

Brightwood 10,11,12; BusinessClub9,10,ll,12; 

Youth (.roup 9,10,1 1,12; Monadnock Winter/ 
Summer Camp 1 1,12; Piano 9,10; Springfield 
Resi ue \li--sion 9,10,1 1,12; Cummings Memo- 
rial Mission 12; Word of I ife "Superbow!" 

"I or ( !od so loved the world that I le gav e I lis 
onlj begotten Son, that whoever believes in 

Mini should not perish but have everlasting 


-Jesus (Jo*n 3.16) 

Amy Wilson 

98 Meadowlark Drive 

Ames, Will\-, Willv-Wilson, WiKon- 
Cheerleading 10(Capt.),l 1,12; Just Keep I i\ in' 
1 o, 1 1 ,1 2; SADD 1 2; CVS 1 1 ; Senior Class Play; 
l).ns\ Weeds; Big E U,12;GymnasKcs 10,11,12 
"We met as strangers, grew as classmates and 
lease as friends 

Rebecca Williamson 

28 Highland Street 

Becky, Beck, Bueler, BB- Environmental C\v 

9; Ski Club 9,10,11,12; Wednesday Night Clu 

12; Daisy Weeds 

"The person who knows how to laugh at hin 

self will never cease to be amused." 

-Shirley Maclaine 

Meredith Winer 

64 \ isiount Road 

Mere, MereBear, Teenie, "M". M-N 
Dorkadoth- Cheerleading 9,10,11.12(Capfl 
Longmeadow Flowers 12. Suburba 
Cheerleading Coach 12. United Synagdfl 
Youth 9,10,ll,12(Treas.); GymnasH 
",10.11.12. Cirls Night 10,11,12, Intramur* 
Volleyball9,10;DaisyWeeds;Senior( lasstV 
G-Sharks 11: Internship 11; lust Keep I ivil 
10.11.l2;SAnn 12. \I1S 12 
"Advice is what we ask tor when ue ahead 
know the anBM er but u ish we didn't." 


Dumbest thing you've seen a frosh do: "enter the library by walking through the exit"... "turn around in the- 

Sara Wolf 

42 Williston Drive 
Wolfy, Wolf, Sars, Wolfenstein- Ice Skating; 
Ski Club 10,11,12; Intramural Frisbee 
10,11, 12(Capt.); Israel 12; National Sara(h) So- 
ciety ll,12(Co-Founder); Senior Class Play; 
Hebrew School9,10,ll,12;Yearbookll,12;NHS 
12; SADD 10,12; Daisy Weeds 
"Know you what it is to be a child? It is to be 
so little that the elves can reach to whisper in 
your ear; It is to turn pumpkins into coaches, 
mice into horses, nothing into everything, for 
each child has its fairy godmother in its soul." 
-Francis Thompson Shelley 
"You don't just know what you've got until 
you've got no more..." 
-OSK & NH 

Shakira Wray 

112 Marlborough Street, Springfield 

Shaky, Shak, Dai-Dai, Kira- Cheerleading 10; 

Lnitv <->, 10,11, 12; Black College Tour ll;Gus& 

Paul's Bakery 9,10,1 1,12; Ylliny and Shakira's 

Clique ll,12(V.Pres); Unity Drill Team 12; 

Daisy Weeds; Queen Bees 10,11,12 

"You have one body, respect it; one mind, feed 

it; and one life.enjoy it." 


Clayton Wood 

1562 Longmeadow Street 


"Well boy.. .you tried your hardest and you 

failed miserably. The lesson is, never try." 

-Homer Simpson 

Jessica Wypasek 

24 Fairfield Terrace 

Jess, Wyp, Whippy, Whippersnapper- 
Cheerleading 9,10,ll(Nationals),12( All-Star); 
Just Keep Livin' 10,1 1,12; Daisy Weeds; Gym- 
nastics 9,10,11,12; NHS 12 
"The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you 
gotta put up with the rain." 
-Dolly Parton 

esse Wood 

1562 Longmeadow Street 
Computer Tech Assistant/Graphic Artist 11,12; 
Piano 12; Computer Consultant 12; Web De- 
signer 12; Equestrian 12; Electronic Engineer- 
ing 12; Frisbee Player 11,12; Computer Pro- 
grammer 12 

"To find the coin at the bottom of the pool, it is 
the best to begin by getting out of the water." 
-Jesse Wood 

Deanna Y eager 

b7 Parkside Street 

Deane, Diana, Dee, Angel, Alice in Wonder- 
land, Paizano, Yeegcr, Buddy- Softball 9(Long. 
League); Key Club 11,12; Impressions 11; Light- 
house Preservation Society 10,11,12; Chorus 9; 
La Cappela 10,11,12; Volunteer at Church 
Nursery I (I; Carrier tor 77irK<™/m/rr9,10,l 1,12; 
Super Stop & Shop 11; Shaw's 12 
"I nave often dreamed of a far-off place where 
a hero's welcome will be waiting for me and 
the crowds will cheer when they see my face 
and a voice keeps saying this is where I'm 
meant to be. I'll be there someday. I will go the 
-Michael Bolton, Hercules 

vay three times"... "walk into a senior class and sit down"... Dream Senior Privileges: "being able to go to the 




Could I have been a parking lot atten- 

dant? Could I have been a million- 

aire in Bel-Air? Could I have been 

lost somewhere in Paris? Could I 

have been your little brother? Could 

I have been anyone other than me? 


May you build a ladder to the stars, 

and may you climb on every one. 

And may you stay forever young. 

-Joan Bacz 


Anna Yearwood 

285 Hopkins Place 

Anna Banana, Anawana, Anns, Shorty, Nunc 
Nutter- Track 9,10,11,12; Cross Country 
9 / 10,ll,12(Capt.);OutingClubl 1,12; Key Club 
11,12; Impressions 10; Senior Class Play; Mt. 
Tom 9,10,11,12; Environmental Club 12' 
"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is 
ever wasted." 

Anne Yereniuk 

151 Lawrence Drive 

Annie, Anna, Anita, Chicitta- Dance9,l 0,1 l,12f 
Mass. Audubon 9,10,11, 12(Volunteer); Am- 
nesty International ll,12(Sec); NHS 
Environment Program in Canada 12; I n\ iron- 
mental Club 12(Chair); Mock Trialll, 12; CeitJ 
ter School Internship 11; Piano Lessons 9,10; 
SADD 11,12 

"The Earth retains our footprints as surely as if 
we stepped in fresh concrete. We are leaving 
something of ourselves behind." 

Eli Zimmer 

88 Kidge Road, E, EX, Pimp, Matzo- Soccer 9; Wrestling 

9,10,11,12; Track 11,12; Bag Room At LCC 

10,11,12; SADD 10,11,12; Snowboard Posse 

10,11,12; Senior Class Play; Waterski/ 

Walleboatd Posse 11,12; Intramural l'risbee9; 

Chorus 12; Orchestra 9,10,1 1,12 

"You will be judged bv the content of your 

character and how completely you break free 

then reset 1 your edge." 

Mark Zimrin^ 

32 0\ erbrook Lane 

Zim, Zimmer- Soccer 9,10,11,12; Wrctlir 

9,10,11, 12; Baseball9 ; Track 10,11, 12; Ke) Clu 

9,10,1 l,12(Board Member); Senior Class 

MIS 12 

"Education makes people easy to lead 

difficult to drive; easy to govern but irr 

sible to en6la\ e 

-Henry Peter Brougham 

. . .are the children of the Eighties. We are not the first "lost generation/' nor today's lost gener; 
inB:t, we think we know just where we stand-or are discovering it as we speak. We are the ones who played 
uilding Blocks when they were just building blocks and gave Malibu Barbie crewcuts with safety 






scis^^sthat never really cut. We collected Garbage Pail Kids and Cabbage Patch Kids and My LittlePonies 
and Hot Wheels and He-Man action figures and thought She-Ra was the perfect woman. We played with Pogo 
Sticks, Skip-Its, Hula Hoops, Big Wheels; bicycles with streamers were the way to go, and sidewalk chalk was 
It ydo* needed to build a city. Strawberry Shortcake, Rainbow Brite, and Pillow People came to bed with us 
every nignf imagination was the key. It made the Ewok Tree house big enough for you to be Luke, and the 
kitchen table and an old sheet dark enough to be a tent in the forest. Your world was the backyard and it was 
all you needed. With your pink portable tape player, Debbie Gibson sang back up to you, and everyone wanted 
a skirt like the Material Girl and a glove like Michael Jackson's. We knew all the words to "Walk Like an 
Egyptian" and "We Didn't Start the Fire." We recited lines with the Ghostbusters and still look to The Goonies 
for a great adventure. We flip through TV stations and stop at Knight Rider and Fame, and laugh with The Cosby 
Show, Family Ties, Funky Brewster, and Growing Pains. We hold strong affections for The Muppets and The 
Gummi Bears. And why did they take The Smurfs off the air? We are the ones who read Nancy Drew and The 
Hardy Boys, The Babysitters Club, and Judy Blume. Friendship bracelets were ties you couldn't break, and 

K | 1/ 1/ — ' AX If J 

friendship pins went on your shoes, and pegged jeans were in as were layered socks, jean jackets, and jams. 
Charm necklaces, jellie bracelets, side ponytails, and boys' tails were things that every kid had to have. Braces 
with colored rubber bands made you look cool. The back door was always open and Mom served only red Kool- 
fAidjfto the neighborhood kids who never drank the New Coke. Entertainment was cheap and lasted for hours, 
eeded to be a princess were high heels and an apron; the Sit 'n' Spin always made you dizzy but never 

ade you stop; Pogo Balls were dangerous weapons, and Chinese Jump Ropes never failed to trip someone, 
underoos you were Wonder Woman, Spider Man, or R2D2, and in your tree house you were king. In 

' ,y "" 

the Eighties nothing was wrong. We forgot Vietnam and watched Tiananman Square on CNN and bough* 

mOSm jeans 

pieces of the Berlin Wall at the store. AIDS was not the number one killer of the United Statea 
we redefined the American Dream, and those years defined us. We are the generation in between strife and 
facing strife and not turning our backs. The Eighties may have made us idealistic, but it's that idealism that 
will push us and be passed on to our children-the first children of the 21st Century. Never forget: We are the 
children of the Eighties. 



They arrived wide-eyed 
at Orientation to be 
shown the wonders at 
High Castle. Athletic com- 
petitions were held almost 
every week, rewarding the 
fastest, strongest, and most 
agile in the land. Magical 
corridors rang with the 
golden-toned melodies of in- 
struments and voices alike. 
The inhabitants of High 
Castle kept themselves busy 
even after their nine hundred 
ninety hours Pursuing 
Knowledge: various organi- 
zations existed to broaden, their 
horizons and awareness. . . 

>*~*X \ 


C: TTT TTt & rt 





Ryan Ackley 

Douglas Adams 

Kolajo Afolabi 

Consiglia Albano 

Cristina Alexopoulos 

Catlierine Allen 

Dwayne Anderson Jr. 

Scott Arndt 

Jason Axler 

Julie Bailey 

Dawn Bare 

Keith Bartolomei 

Paul Basil e 

Gene Bederak 

Meredith Belmont 

Ashley Bercume 

Deborah Bernstein 

Lindsay Bibeau 

Jenilee Blair 

Justin Blair 


Jena Blair covers up her emotional trauma 
of leaving school with a happy look as she 
bids farewell to herlocker. 

Brian Blakesley 
Matthew Blansett 
Jennifer Bliesener 
Ellen Bogdanoivicz 
Danielle Bousquet 

Ashley Braden 
Shannon Bradley 
Shara Brady 
Robert Brazvders III 
Allison Brigham 

Matthew Browne 
Brittany Burger 
Laura Bussolari 
William Butcher 
Sheena Carney 

Victoria Cathrew 
Samuel Chang 

Brenden Cherkas 
Robert Chew 


Christine Coady 

Miriam Cohen 

David Colegrove 

Christopher Collins 

Patrick Collins 

Jason Cooper 
Amanda Corbert 

Evan Corn 
Rebecca Couchon 

Nicole Crenshaw 

Seamns Cullinan 

Matthezv Cummings 

Colleen Danahey 

Michael Davidoiv 

Yolanda DeMaio 

Michael DeMarco 

John Demase 

Timothy Derosier 

Adam Diamond 


Robert Douglas 
Jamey Duncan 
Patrick Egan 
Charles Emma 
Marc Emond 

Brett Fagin 
Damien Fahey 
Heather Falkoff 
Allyson Ferrel 
Giovanna Ferrentino 

Rachel Finer 
Heather Fitts 
Kristen Fitts 
Justin Fiveson 
Ian Forgey 

Lauren Frank 
John Friberg 
Jonathan Friedman 
Jonathan Galaska 
Kathryn Gallagher 

Eli Gerard 
Garrett Gervais 
Nicholas Ghansah 
Carta Goldman 
Mikhaila Goldman 


Jennifer Gordon 

Michael Gorfin 

Scott Griggs 

Alexander Grodd 

Dayle Gruet 

Adam Gurzenski 

Ryan Haddad 

Courtney Hall 

Philip Hallahan 

Robert Hampf 

Abigail Hansen 

Matthew Harrison 

Aizza Hassan 

Mari Hess 

/ess Hill III 

Alexandra Holden 

Nicole Holguin 

Court ne\/ Hollister 

Katti Hollister 

Lindsey Hollister 

David Howland 
Marc Irving 
Daniel Isaacson 
Hannah Jackson 
Kristy Jennings 


Megan }ewett 
Brian Johnston 

Mayer Kahan 
Abigail Kalicka 

Joseph Kellogg 
Tanya Kent 

Matthew King 
Kevin LaRoche 
Kara Leaintt 
Jay Levine 
Stephanie Lin 

Jaclyn Loizzo 
Tammica Longo 
Lauren Luciano 
David Luftman 
Nicholas Lyons 


Matthew MacDonald 

Jennifer Mack 

Andrea Marangoudakis 

Justin Marti 

Amy Martin 

Ashley Mazur 

Candace McCarthy 

Michael McCarthy 

Meaghan McCormick 

Michael McGarry 

Erin Meyers 

Katherine Michael 

Jeffrey Moran 

Thomas Moran 

Lindsay Morse 

Peter Morse 

Lawrence Mortensen 

Russell Nadler 

Bradford Niedel 

Kimberly Nison 

Ryan Noonan 

Sarah O'Brien 

Daniel O'Malley 

Julie Ochs 

Michael Omartian 







ty Alexopoulos, 
fey Duncan, and 
c Ghansah goof 
as Chris Pelosi 
hes on. 

Brian Orr 
Christopher Osgood 
Renee Osofsky 
Michael Overson 
Heather Pearson 

Lauren Luciano, Ari Robinson, and Jus- 
tin Tourtelotte demonstrate atoms bond- 
ing in science class. 

Colin Pekruhn 
Christopher Pelosi 
Derek Perry 
Alexandra Peters 
Mindy Peters 

Thomas Phelps 
Jeannette Portier 
Scott Primack 
Clifford Purdy 
Jeffrey Rappaport 


Jason Resnick 

Mary Reynolds 

Sarah Riga 

Joel Robbins 

Car a Roberge 

Ari Robinson 

Jennifer Rome 

Haley Rosenfeld 

Stephanie Ross 

Amanda Rubin 

Michael Russo 

Camille Salon 

James Sampson 

Andrea Marangou- 
dakis, Jeannette 
Portier, Kim Nison, 
Dave Luftman, and 
Candace McCarthy 
delay entering the 
severe tempera- 
tures of the open 
space, (right) 

Shannon Bradley, Amy Martin, 
Alison Brigham get props as the; 
still smile after a full dav of sc 


Adam Sandler 
Josepli Sarage 
Amy Scheer 
Jeffrey Schneider 
Patrick Scully 

Omari Sellers 
Brian Sherman 
Rachel Shnider 
Rebecca Siclari 
Rebecca Silverman 

Christian Sinclair 
Leonid Skalinsky 
Jennifer Skowera 
Jason Skypeck 
Stephanie Smith 

James Soar 
Pia Solomon 
Ursula Stahl 
Michael Stevens 
James Sullivan 

Brian Summersett 
Ya Wen Sung 
Sarah Swiconek 
Adam Szafran 
Adam Therrien 


Kelli Threlfall 

Leah Tivoli 

Justin Tourtelotte 

James Toye 

Scott Turnberg 

Jillian Varley 

Krista V assail o 

Emily Walsh 

Catherine Ward 

Jennifer Wawrzeniak 

Robyn Weinstein 

Holly Weiss 

Ian Weiss 

Lindsey Weisser 

Stephanie Wezowicz 

Robert White 

Morgan Willoughby 

Moyah Wilson 

Stephanie Wise 

Michael Wiseman 

Samantha Wolinan 

Andrezv Yao 

Bridget Yearwood 

Mary Youmell 

Stuart Young 





John Demase reacts violently to the poundcake he just ate as Garret Gervais 
observes suspiciously, (above) 


Caroline Adams 

Pamela Ahrens 

Sara Albert 

Lisa Amatruda 

Sergio Andrews 

Andrew Appleby 
Richard Askin 

Edward Barbeau 
Adam Barney 

Craig Barowsky 

Jonathan Barr 

Aria Bascom 

Kristen Basdekis 

Andrea Bazos 

Evan Berg 

Ri/an Birtwcll 

Theresa Borecki 

Patrick Bouvicr 

Evan Breeding 

Courtney Broion 






z* '#" si 


jt «*. 


v mk J J A 




iris of Biology 101 : Alexis Schmiedigen, Brianna Murphy, 
er Buoniconti, Sheila Nemati, and Alexis Mante huddle 
er for moral support after an exhausting daily quiz. 

Jana Brown 
Scott Brown 
Jennifer Buoniconti 
Kevin Burke 
Nora Camp 

Caitlin Casali 
Jennifer Casartello 
Phillip Casper 
William Chamberland 
Lluvia Chambers 

Matthew Chandler 
Eric Chang 
Jose Chatman 
Patrick Chelli 
Jillian Cheng 

Michael Cherry 
Alexander Cohen 

Susan Collins 
James Cowles 


David Crand 

Erin D'Elia 

Erik Dana 

Emily Darling 

Klara De Teinmerman 

Kathleen Dean 
Michelle DcLima 

Peter Delia-Luna III 
Garrett Demos 

Ryan Devine 

Nicholas Dimauro 

Travis DiRuzza 

John Doney 

Mark Drost 

Jessica Dugre 

Molly Dullea 

Nicolas Duquette 

Jennifer Dziekan 

Whitney Ellis 

Susan Purcell and Lynn Nguyen show off their study si 
while they focus on their upcoming French test. 


— £. 


Matthew Fahey 
Jocelyn Farmer 
Sherri Finkel 
Lauren Fontaine 
Laura Foz 

James Frazee 
Jason Freeman 
Iliana Friedson-Trujill 
Daniel Gallant 
Alexander Garcia 

Stnislav Gai/shan 
Kevin Gebo 
Evan Gerber 
Brooke Goguere 
Stacy Gilbert 

Sean Ginley 
Daniel Gold 
Jason Goodman 
Sarah Goodwin 
Emily Green 

Jennifer Green 
Zacliary Greiner 
Gerard Grondiu 
Alicia Hanifin 
Megan Hannifan 


Julie Harr 

Jaclyn Hartman 

Laura Harwood 

Scott Haselkorn 

Lorisa Hasenbush 

Caitlin Hicks 

Douglas Hill 

Mark Holland 

Rachel Horoivitz 

James Houle 

Jessica Humphries 

Kristin Ingalls 

Tessa Innis 

Rebecca Jangraw 
Adrienne Juozokas 

Shawna Kaepppel 
Ari Kahan 

Erin D'Elia and Aaron Szafran share a special 
moment on the bench in the courtyard. 


Kristin Katoski 
Gabriel Katsh 
Takahiro Kawasaki 
Mary Keiter 
Colleen Kelleher 



Caitlin Kenefick 
Meghan Kennedy 
Patrick Kevane 
Sheetal Khera 
Matthew Kielbania 

Abigail Klein 
Marissa Klug 
Christa Kolb 
Mark Kolonoski 
Andrew Krill 

Timothy Kucab 
Howard Kung 
Molly LaBroad 
Evan LaFlamme 
Krystle LaLimarmo 

Lisa Lavin 
Katherine Lavo 
Beth Lawrence 
Harrison Leavens 
Thomas Lewis 


Carissa Liro-Hudson 

John Lovett 

Patrick Magoivan 

Darren Malin 

Steven Malinowski 

Daniel Mandell 

Alexis Mante 

Faiza Manzoor 

Boris Margolin 

Justin Marsh 

Melissa Martinelli 

Vanessa Mathews 

Brett Mattson 

Ryan McCarthy 

Michael McCary 

Patrick McFarlin 

Winston McGregor 

Conor McMahon 

Emily McMahon 

Megan Median 

Nicole Megatulski 

Sarah Stewart sells a yearbook with < 
to Kevin Conboy during lunch. 


Polina Mekler 
Michael Midura 
Katherine Miller 
Kevin Miller 
Nidhi Mohan 

Viviana Moral 
Courtney Moran 
Marisa Moseley 
Tyler Moynihan 
Joseph Mujalli 

Brianna Murphy 
Timothy Murphy 
Sheila Nemati 

Daniel Newman 
Linh Nguyen 
Catherine Nozvicki 

Patrick O'Malley 
Candice Olszewski 
Jonathan Orcnstein 
Melissa Overson 
Ariel Par do 


Joseph Passmore 

Nicole Pederzani 

Daniel Perell 

Lauren Phaneuf 

Nancy Picknally 

Nicholas Pioggia 
Michael Pooler 

Jake Porway 
Caroline Prefontaine 

Susan Purcell 

Jennifer Ranahan 

Jonathan Randall 

Brad ley Renius 

Daniel Riga 


Laura Risi 

Frank Roberts 

Michael Roberts 


Lianne Robertson 

f* ' 

Jonathan Rohrbach 



Jennifer Rooke 
Karin Ross 
Kevin Rowe 
Heather Roy 
James Russell 

Shelly Ryan 
Jason Scheer 
Alexis Schmiedigen 
Joshua Schneider 
Christopher Schofsky 

Rebecca Seifers 
Mariel Selbovitz 
Erik Sellica 
Pamela Sheffield 
Theodore Shepard 

Peter Snelham 
Alix Sorrell 
Stefanie Sowers 

Michaelena Spallino 
Kathryn Spinelli 
William St Clair 


Jeremy Stambovsky 

Sarah Stambovsky 

Jaime Staples 

Jonathan Steiner 

Andrew Stevens 

Sarah Stezvart 
Kyle Stocks 

Kimberly Sullivan 
Kristen Sunter 

Walter Sussman 

Elizabeth Swasey 

Aaron Szafran 

Raeka Talati 

Lev Tannenbaum 

Brindiana Thompson 
llene Tillman 

Michael Tinervia 

Eugene Tochilnikov 

Crystal Tolpa 



James Frazee cannot forgive the photographer 
for disturbing his creative juices. 

Elizabeth Townsend 
Kellie Tracy 
Michael Vezzola 
Michael Viamari 
Justin Vincent 

Ian Wacks 
Amy Walbridge 
Timothy Walsh 
Brian Weeks 
Justin Wegiel 

Noah Weiner 
James Weinmann 
William Weinmann 
Thomas Whang 
Jennifer Wliipple 

Joseph Wihbey 
Natalie Willett 
Sarah Williams 
Xyla Williams 
Alex Witzenberger 

Karen Yuen 
Da Zhen Zhu 
Zachery Zimmer 



Jonathan Abbate 

John Agnew 

Nicole Alexopolous 

Alessandra Alfarone 

Randolph Alston 

John Amatruda 

Jesse Ameigh 

Mary Baker 

Rebecca Balder 

John Bandeian 

Joshua Barr 

Rachel Barr 

Adam Bassell 

Samantha Baxter 

Jennifer Beachman 

Jonathan Berg 


is Kathryn Magnani and Lindsey Desmarais bond over a 
y lunch of french fries and fritos outside the cafeteria. 

Robert Berger 
Kovi Bessoff 
Jason Belley 
David Bielunis 
Daniel Blinn 

Daniel Bogdanozvitcz 
Christopher Bolduc 
Kathryn Bragdon 
Elizabeth Brewer 
Alison Bright 

Jodie Brittman 
Jason Brown 
Steven Brown 
Gregory Burstein 
Stephen Butcher 

Michael Calvanese 
Shelly Ann Capleton 

Emily Capurso 
Vincenzo Caracciolo 


Christopher Can 

Nicole Centeno 

Jimmy Chang 

Elissa Chasen 

Colin Chaudhuri 

Stephanie Chen 

Elena Chernock 

Jason Chew 

Matthew Chircop 

Christopher Conboy 

Kevin Conboy 
Jacqueline Cook 

Lee Cotton 
Hilary Couture 

Heather Cromwell 

Gabriel Czarniecki 

Jason Daitch-Bergcron 

Amy Damsker 

Linda Davidow 


|i Haddad, Jon Abbate and Chris Kiely stroll through the 
Is as they are in no rush to get to the freshman side of the 
teria. (below) 

Adam Derby 
Lindsey Desmarais 

Julie Dimauro 
Kirsten Drungo 

Erin Dukeshire 
Richard Duncan 

Matthew Dunn 
Ethan Dutcher 
Amina Eastling-Wali 
John Eaton 
Stephen Elin 

Daniel Falkoff 
Ericka Falvo 
Silvana Ferrentino 

ea Retchin racks her brain to re- 
ber her Latin derivitives so she can 
ake-up quiz, (above) 


Sonia Ferrentino 

Timothy Ferris 

Daniel Finer 

Elizabeth Florek 

Leah Forgey 

Stephanie Forna 
Noah Forrest 
Jessica Freeman 
Andrew Galaska 
Joseph Cauthier 

Gabriel Giella 

Ginat Gilad 

Elliot Ginsburg 

Alissa Gitlen 

Gabrielle Goldman 

Eric Gorenstein 

Rachel Goud 


Friends Maura Lappin, Ashley Niedel, Rachel Shusterman, Nicole Centena 
Lindsay Plotkin take a break from studying to smile for the camera. 

Allison Grant 
Kerry Haberlin 
Sara Haddad 
Elizabeth Hamlin 
Amber Harding 

Travis Hill 
Elizabeth Hobart 

Jonathan Hollister 
Ryan Horrigan 

Donald Howard 
Mark Howland 

Sheri Hupfer 
Ari Hutt 
Megan Hyde 
Stephen Ingram 
Phillip Jaffe 



Eva Jermyn 

Derick Johnson 

Sara Joyce 

Caroline Kabell 

Anisa Kagzi 
Stephen Kantamj 

Deborah Karpman 
Abigail Katsen 

Christopher Kennedy 

Justin Kent 

Chris Kiely 

Soivjanya Kilaru 

Adam Kleiner 

William Knaus 

Joshua Kurlaud 

Jonathan Lafrance 

Henri Lanouette 

Moira Lappin 


Andrea Bessos and Kathleen McDonald decide that their p 
for Friday night are more important than cracking a book c 
in the library. 

lea Retchin, Erica Filvo, Rachel Barr and Ashley Niedel 
for a picture perfect moment on their way to lunch. 


Tlwmas Leahy 
Justin Leroy 

Aimee Leventis 
Patrick Lewis 

Jieng-Ju Lin 

Stephanie Lippert 
Jon Liro-Hudson 
Daniel Lynch 
Kathleen MacDonald 

Kathleen Macdonnell 
Laura Mandrus 
Stephanie Marchand 

Peter Marsh 
Erin Maxzvell 
Matthew Maynard 

tang stiffles a laugh in French class. 


Cliristopher McCarthy 

Christa McCarthy-Miller 

Michael McGrath 

jess McKay 



Sean McKenna 
Courtney Megatulski 

Ashley Mehle 
Rachel Menard 


Shari Merrill 

Christopher Met lie 

Rachel Meyers 

Matthew Minor 

Kathtyn Moriarty 

Robert Mozell 
Diana Mujalli 
Colin Murphy 
Scott Neivland 
Ashley Niedel 


Marni Polansky, Geogetta Pope and Jen Stambovsky smi< 
they try to remember all the homework they have to bring h| 
for the evening. 


Caitlin O'Connor 
Stephanie O' Leary 
Kaitlin O' Malley 
Jennifer Omartian 
Andrew Packin 

Lindsey Passo 
Michael Pederzani 
Elizabeth Peskin 
Lindsay Plotkin 
Mattlieiv Poisson 

Marni Polanski 
Georgetta Pope 


Lauren Preston 
Kathryn Provenzano 

Lindsay Reiter 
Sabrina Renaud 

line Kabell is deep in thought as she struts her stuff across 


Andrea Retchin 

Paul Roberge 

Michael Robitaille 

Kyle Rodri 

Erick Rodriqucz 

Lauren Rooke 

Amy Rothschild 

Brian Roy 

Johanna Rucki 

Kristen Rufo 

Matthew Samble 

Maura Santiago 

John Sarno 

Jennifer Sclieer 

Patricia Schmiedigen 

Katie Seay 

Jessika Sekor 

Meghan Sliea 

Rachel Shusterman 

Michael Sinclair 

Leah Skypeck 
Christopher Smith 


Erin Smith 
Brendan Soar 
Michael Sores 
Jennifer Stambovsky 
Nicole Staples 

Elizabeth Sturgis 
Jennifer Tang 
Joshua Tariff 
Adam Taylor 
Jordan Thayer 

Jacqueline Togneri 
Jeffery Viamari 
Allison Webber 
Kimberly Weiselberg 
Mattheiv White 

Andreiv Whiteford 
Ryan Whitney 
Kathleen Wilson 
J. Ariel Witzenberger 
Melissa Yajfe 

Trevor Young 
Ming Dao Zhang 
Matthew Zyla 


Fifty-six minute ses- 
sions dominated the 
days at Longmeadow 
High Castle. The newcom- 
ers were shown into the 
Chambers of Knowledge 
where they were taught read- 
ing, writing, and arithmetic. 
These sessions kept them too 
busy to remember from which 
manor the others came. In- 
deed, friendship sprang up 
among even the most unlikely 
groups. It was this cordial 
"comradeship that strength- 
ened and gave them the cour- 
age needed to face the peril- 
ous hardships yet to come. . . 



= Once Upon a Time, there was... 


zj, *- 


Top from left to right: Jon Steiner, Steve Cantin, Sara Wolf, Mr. 
Leblanc, Laura Stewart, Oni Matulewicz, Meghan Martin, Katie 
Mikesh, Julie Niedzwiecki, Sheetal Khera, Sarah Stewart, Christine 
Coady. Second row: Marge Townsend, Cassie Marantz, Katie 
Brookmeyer, Adrienne Juzokas, Sydney Leavens, Aizza Hassan, 
Russ Nadler, Stephanie Lin, Melissa Martenelli. Bottom row: Sir 
Swaroop Samant, Lady Evelyn Orenstein. 

by Sydney Leavens 
and Sheetal Khera 

The Yearbook is not an organization for 
the student who sometimes turns in a paper a bit 
late. Because the annual yearbook must be com- 
pleted by March, yearbook staffers move to the 
ticking of the clock. They churn out quality work, 
much of which is expected mere weeks after it is 
assigned. "The dog ate my layout," is not an 
acceptable excuse when time is a factor. 

From September until March many dili- 
gent workers never see daylight. Perhaps, from 
their vantage point in room 113, they might catch 
a glimpse of the sun as it sets over the student 
parking-lot. They organize and crop pictures, 
write captions and copy articles, create layout for 
pages, and take care of the business aspect: orga- 
nizing ad campaigns and keeping records of pur- 

The largest burden falls onto the shoul- 
ders of Co-Editors-in-Chief Evelyn Orenstein and 
Swaroop Samant and managing editor Aizza 
Hassan. They not only assist with the jobs men- 
tions above, but also must organize meetings, and 
inspire the staff to meet deadlines. New advisor 
Roger LeBlanc also deserves credit for sacrificing 
his afternoons in order to make the 1998 Masacksic 
the best yearbook ever. 

new ad 
visor at 
this yec 
has be- 
come a 
lar pub 

Student Life editor Julie Niedzwiecki meets her 
online boyfriend for another date. 


Martenelli and 
Liz Townsend 
enhance the 
quality of the 
yearbook by 
staring into 
space, (above) 

Below, Juniors 
Becky Cou- 
chon and Sa- 
rah O'Brien 
discuss the 
merits of a 
piece recently 

ave, Seniors Katie 
okmeyer, Sydney 
vens, and Aura 
vak marvel at the 
diwork of last year's 
ors (secretly vowing 
make THIS year's 
lication 1 times bet- 



by Nick Duquette 

s enjoy- 
able to 

Impressions, the LHS literary maga- 
zine, has had a very successful year. A 
staff that more than doubled in its num- 
bers from the previous year read, reviewed, 
selected and published its annual collec- 
tion of student art and writing. 

The magazine was led this year by 
Editors-in-Chief, senior Sydney Leavens 
and junior Aizza Hassan, and was advised 
by Mrs. Linda McShane. They were helped 
ypnn HO and supported by editors along with doz- 
KiI u l ' <- ens of other dedicated staff. 

Not just a portfolio of student 
work, this year's Impressions staff followed 
last year's in trying to make the magazine 
one continuous work that was more pleas- 
ing to read than earlier editions. Art and 
writing of similar themes were placed to- 
gether, and the order of the selections was 
done to make Impressions as enjoyable to 
read as possible. The magazine has be- 
come a great place for students to express 
themselves to their fellow students in a 
variety of art forms. 



Above, Senior Katie Brookmeyer tries to impress the 
photographer with her pearly whites (pun intended, 
Ms. McShane!) 

Top, from left to right: Becky Couchon, Ms. McShane. Second row: 
Sarah O'Brien, Mike Davidow, Mike Russo, Nick Duquette, Rob 
Douglas, Angela Korchevskaya. Third row: Aixa Weeks, Kristen 
Sunter, Katie Brookmeyer, Lisa Dunn, Sydney Leavens, Abby 


you MUST submit 


= Helping Hands 

Key Club 

by Jen Ranahan 

The main goal of the Key Club here at LHS, is to impi 
home, school, and community through extensive commu 
service. Each member of the Key Club is required to do at 1 
twenty-five hours of community service per quarter, as wej 
attend weekly meetings. Under the leadership of this ye 
board members, seniors Angela Agnoli, Jacyln Brittman, Ei 
Randall, and Mark Zimring, juniors Kolajo Afolabi, Meaa 
McCormick, Bridget Yearwood, and Christine Coady, Key 
has had a very successful year. The club's advisors this year M 
Vesta Brown and Rita Hawker who helped the club reach rr» 
of its goals for the year. The club participated in several cha 
events, including the annual Hoop It Up in Springfield, and 
a great asset to the school, providing concessions at the m 
sports events throughout the year. They were also able to I 
money for the track fund, which will pay for LHS's new 
improved track. The Key Club is a great way for students tc 
more involved with the community and to help provide diffe 
services for the school. Their efforts and accomplishments n< 
go unnoticed and are greatly appreciated by everyone. 

Juniors Meghan McCormick and Stephanie Lin 
silently plot to end the Key Club Board's reign of 

Senior and 
Govenor Eric 
Tjonahen pleads 
for a date as 
Laura Basdekis 
looks on. 

SADD mem- 
bers Kelli 
Threllfall and 
Belmont listen 
attentively to 
what Meghan 
Martin has to 
say. (left) 

Kate Raf- 

d Sara Wolf 
M to be a part 
DD. (right) 

. • • CClfYl~ by Sydney Leavens and Swaroop Samant 

aign to 
top the 
is com- 
ng and 
ing. . . " 

SADD, or Students Against 
Drunk Driving, is a club with a mis- 
sion. Under the leadership of club 
president senior Meghan Martin and 
faculty advisor Mrs. Wiseman, the 
club's goal is to make both the school 
and the Longmeadow community as a 
whole aware of how drinking and driv- 
ing can ruin one's life. This year, the 
club continued its campaign to stop 
the dangerous combination of drink- 
ing and driving by making posters to 
hang on school walls year round to 
warn students and by selling and hand- 
ing out red ribbons at athletic events 
and in the hallways for awareness. 

The senior Board members, Meghan Martin, Rachel 
Shelasky, and Lauren Katz, read out loud the latest 
sobering statistics about drunk driving, (above) 

Top Row: J. MacDonald, B. Russell, J. Long, J. Shapiro, J. Blair, P. Morse, 
Z. Zimmer, J. Tourtelotte, A. Robinson. Next Row: A. Grod, A. Viviana, 
K. Leavitt, L. Picknally, A. Ferrell, H. Warwick, H. Tarriff, L. Holden, 
K. Threlfall, L. Luciano. Next Row: Ms. Wiseman, R. Polep, R. 
MacMahon, A. Bascom, B. Cushon, A. Braden, S. O'Brien, E. Zimmer, 
O. Omatulewicz, K. Rafferty, M. Townsend. Front Row: R. Shelasky, L. 
Katz, K. Garvey, M. Martin 


ItWOUR life. It's YOUR choice 



Front Row: Kelly Tracy, Nidhi Mohan, Kristen Sunter, Dan 
Perell, Stephanie Lin. Second Row: Jon Steiner, Jillian 
Cheng, Susan Purcell, Aizza Hassan, Benjamin Abbate, Dan 
Gold. Last Row: Mike Wiseman, Swaroop Samant, Kolajo 
Afolabi, Lev Tannenbaum. 

no soy de aqui 

by Sydney Leavens 

The LHS branch of the American 
Field Service (commonly known as AFS) 
offers students opportunities that most high 
schoolers merely dream of. Each year, the 
club assists students in participating in pro- 
grams abroad. This year, two LHS students 
spent six months abroad. Junior Leah Tivoli 
departed to Argentina, and junior Rob Dou- 
glas left for Chile. 

Another important function of the 
club was that of helping AFS exchange 
students Xulio Bieras, from Spain, Diego 
Hermosilla, from Chile, and Javier Reinick, 
from Argentina, to adjust to American cul- 
ture. Senior Co-Presidents Isabelle Eiff and 
Jenn Kuhr planned AFS dinners and meet- 
ings to help these students feel more at home. 

International Club — 

bringing the world home 

by Sheetal Khera 

The International Club this year continued its efforts to 
bring cultural awareness to the school, putting on all-day aware- 
ness days and sponsoring many different events throughout the 
year. They also enjoyed their time with their face-painting booth 
at the annual Longmeadow Days. 

The club was also very delighted and proud to be able to 
send delegations representing Mongolia and Guinea to the an- 
nual Harvard Model United Nations neld in Boston in December. 
They also participated in the one day Western New England 
College (WNEC) Model UN later on in March. 

1998 AFS 

Sophomore Dan Perell gives his thumbs 
of approval, this being the most sub- 
stantive action at the International Club 
meeting, (above) 

Seniors Steve Cantin and Benjamin 
Abbate attempt to stay awake at 
Harvard Model UN. (left) 

"[AFS]... offers stu- 
dents opportunities] 
that most high 
schoolers merely 
dream of." 


Unity Club 

Seniors Julia Rousse and Jen 
Kuhr, Junior Katie Michael, and 
Sophomore Travis Diruzza be- 
come one with the corn, (above) 

Senior Elward Tyrell pauses in 
the hall to reflect on the unity 
that his membership in the Unity 
Club brings to his life, (left) 

"Unity Club 
. . .helped 
create an un- 
among the 
many ethnic 
groups of 
the school... 

from many, one 

by Sydney Leavens 

This year, the Unity Club has not 
only helped create understanding among 
the many ethnic groups of the school, but 
has reached out to the community as well. 
The club, advised by Sandra MacDonald 
and led by senior President Aixa Weeks, 
raised money for various charities, includ- 
ing the Ronald MacDonald House and the 
Open Pantry, by holding fund-raisers. The 
club also successfully raised school spirit by 
forming the drill team, a group of dedicated 
club members who practiced every day af- 
ter school in order to perfect routines to be 
gerformed during the halftimes of basket- 
all games. 

The purpose of the club remains the 
same. This is, according to Weeks, "to pro- 
mote unity throughout the school and also 
in the community by helping others." 

Senior Erin Kent writes and pon- 
tificates simultaneously, (above) 



by Sydney Leavens 

A Better Chance, or ABC, offers aca- 
demically gifted students from inner city 
settings the opportunity to attend well-re- 
puted public and private schools across the 
country. The Longmeadow branch, estab- 
lished in 1974, supports four or five students 
annually, and participants usually attend 
Longmeadow High School from the begin- 
ning of freshman year up until graduation. 

In order to remain in the program, a 
Longmeadow ABC student must maintain a 
GPA of at least 3.0. Participants also are 
assigned chores to do around their residen- 
tial house in town. This year's participants 
were seniors Shatic Mitchell and Elward 
Tyrell, sophomore Alex Garcia, and fresh- 
man Dereck Johnson. 


by Sydney Leavens 

The Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportuni- 
ties, or "Metco," began in 1968 as an integration program that 
allowed inner city students to attend suburban schools. How- 
ever, the real reason that the program has continued so success- 
fully, stresses assistant coordinator Sandra MacDonald, is be- 
cause city and town officials of both Springfield and Long- 
meadow have realized that it benefits both communities. 

For Springfield families participating in Metco, subur- 
ban school systems such as that of Longmeadow offer a support- 
ive environment in which students become aware of the ways 
and means to accomplish their goals — mainly, that of continu- 
ing their education after high school. For Longmeadow, which 
has participated in the program for 
more than a decade, Metco serves two 
purposes. The program is state-funded 
through a grant, and thus the town has 
benefited financially from the arrange- 
ment. More important, however, is the 
diversity that Metco promotes. This 
year there are 48 students in grades K- 
12 in Metco, which is assisted by Coor- 
dinator Jack Kelley and MacDonald. 

Shatic Mitchel prepares to swim in his 
new goggles, (right) 


Omari Sellers writes, (far 


»i i 




Top row: Jenn Kuhr, Travis Dirruzza, Julia Rousse, Sarah 
Gowtham. Front row: Kevin Berk, Kristine Blinn, Adam 
Therian, Erin Kent, Kristy Dybdahl. 


Seniors Erin Kent and Kristine 
Blinn can't decide what book of 
the Bible to discuss next, so they 
duel it out. (above) 

Bible study, anyone? 

6 M 

FAITH members explore all as- 
pects of their spirituality, (left) 


[' We feel we 
have some- 
iing special 
id we don't 
rant to keep 
it to our- 
-Erin Kent 

Senior Erin Kent takes a break 
from a meeting to sing the rock 
'n roll version of her favorite 
hymn, (below) 



by Sydney Leavens 

Fellowship Alive in the High school, 
or FAITH, as it is more commonly called, 
offers students the chance to share and dis- 
cuss topics pertaining to Christianity. The 
club was started last year with the help of this 
year's seniors Sarah Gowtham and Erin Kent 
and has continued to grow in popularity ever 
since. Boasting approximately 20 members, 
the group met weekly under the guidance of 
student leaders Kent and Gowtham and ad- 
visors Mr. Potvin and Mrs. Gallagher. Meet- 
ings opened with a prayer, and then a section 
from the Bible was read and discussed. 

According to Kent, FAITH has served 
multiple purposes. "Not everyone has a 
youth group in his/her church, and there- 
fore don't necessarily have friends their own 
age with whom they share common beliefs. 
FAITH gives students of many different de- 
nominations a chance to see how similar 
their morals really are. We also want to share 
the word of the gospel. We feel we have 
something special and we don't want to keep 
it to ourselves." Kent further indicated that 
she had hoped by starting the club to defend 
her rights granted by the 1st Amendment. 

The club also reached out to the com- 
munity by going into downtown Springfield 
on the weekends to help the homeless and 
the poor. FAITH's biggest event has been 
celebrating an international day on the third 
Wednesday in September each year on which 
students gather around the flagpole and pray 
for the school and its leaders. 


Math Team 

Left to Right: John Lovett, Aaron Peskin, Drew Starr, Mike 
Stevens, Chris Pelosi 

Easy as Apple pi 

by Sheetal Khera 

The '97-'98 Math League team en- 
joyed an outstanding year. This years mem- 
bers were freshmen, Rob Berger and Tim 
Ferris, sophomores, Rebecca Jengraw, Gabriel 
Katch, Howard Kung and Kate Miller, jun- 
iors, Samuel Chang, Stephanie Lin and 
Michael Stevens, and seniors, Steve Cantin, 
Michael Schwerin and Drew Starr. This year 
the Math League members met each week to 
take a fifteen-minute test and hone up their 
math skills. Those with the highest scores on 
that weeks test, went on to compete at the 
upcoming meet. Faculty advisor, Mrs. Pe- 
ters, helped the members discover their mis- 
takes in problems and offered ways for the 
members to improve their approach to cer- 
tain problems. The team focused on helping 
each other and always giving their best m an 
effort to be victorious over their opponents. 

As Schools Match Wits 

by Aizza Hassan 

This year Longmeadow High School's As Schools Match 
Wits team opened its season with a victory against Wilbraham- 
Monson early in September. The next match against St. Mary's 
produced similar results. Longmeadow's season ended with a 
loss to Loomis Chaffee. However, the team was far from devas- 
tated and is already looking forward to next year. 

The '97-'98 As Schools Match Wits team will conveneonce 
more in the spring at the MA Academic Championships. The 
team faired extremely well in the event last year and performed 
well again this year. Congratulations on an excellent season!! 

Top Row: Steve Elin, Tim Ferris, Robert Berger, Step! 
Cantin, Samuel Chang, Michael Shwerin, Rebecca Jangr/ 

Michael Stevens, Kate Miller. Bottom F 

Mike Viamari, Mrs. Peters. 


Senior Drew Starr and Junior Mike 
Stevens dig for gold and information, 

Junior Mike Stevens practices for an 
upcoming game by matching wits with 
Junior Matt Harrison in Latin class (left) 

"... always giving 
their best in an erfc 
to be victorious ov< 
their opponents/' 



Top Right: Bob Libfeld, Mike Schwerin. Second row: Jillian 
Cheng, Sam Chang, Walter Sussman. Third Row: Joe Kellog, 
Stephanie Lin, Kate Miller, Mike Weisman, Erin Kent , Steve 
Cantin, Jim Chang, Da Zen Zhu, Sean Ginley. Bottom Row: 
Sowji Kilaru, Liz Dibble, Swaroop Samant, Rob Berger, Eric 
Chang, John Lovett. 

Science League 

t's like sci- 
ice class 
ithout the 

Sophmores Raeka Talati, Sheetal 
Khera, and Linh Nguyen work 
to finish their project, (above) 

Junior Sam Chang works out 
the meaning of life, (left) 

Senior Drew Starr looks up after 
his long toil of finishing his test, 
(below, at left) 

Senior Chris Johnson, Junior 
Mike Wiseman, and Senior Steve 
Cantin try their hardest to look 
macho, (below, at right) 

e = mcr 

By: Nancy Picknally 

Science League is a club that con- 
sists of people who are some of the most 
talented science students in the school, and 
others who enjoy participating in the fun 
and occasionally oft the wall events the club 
competes in. Team members get together 
and pre-build machines for many events; 
other events require only a bit of research 
and some luck. Several teams from LHS 
compete in each event and the combined 
talents of the many skilled members have 
resulted in a winning record in recent years. 
Regardless of their performance, the partici- 
pants always enjoy the tasty cookies and 
drinks provided for them afterwards. Dur- 
ing this time the results for each event are 
announced, as well as the overall winner 
and the events for the next meet. Perhaps 
senior Chris Johnson sums it up best, "It's a 
lot of fun. It's like science class without the 
tests." What could be better? 

s Johnson 

ir Drew Starr uses his newfound 
ledge (see page 134). (right) 

Mock Trial 

First Row: Nancy Picknally, Sheetal Khera, Pia Solomon, Jeff 
Schneider, Meghan McCormick, Maria Bienkowski, Lisa 
Dunn, Erin Ginley, Anne Yereniuk, Annette Fournier, Drew 
Starr, Gabe Katsh. Seated: Mr. Winseck 

trial of the century 

by Sheetal Khera 

This year's Mock Trial team once 
again enjoyed an excellent season. Mock 
Trial is a statewide competition, in which 
teams take on the roles of both the Plaintiff 
and the Defense. Led by veteran attorneys 
senior Drew Starr and junior Meaghan 
McCormick and advised by Mr. Winseck, 
the team pulled through a trying season, 
once again facing their chief opponent, 
Minnechaug Regional High School. Mem- 
bers of the team ranged from seniors to 
sophomores taking on the roles of attorneys 
and witnesses on both sides of the aisle. This 
year's Mock Trial team was able to reap the 
results of their long hours of hard work and 
preparation, after ending with a very favor- 
able record. With all of the young talent on 
the team, the Mock Trial team can look for- 
ward to many more successful seasons in 
the future. 

Debate Team 

pro vs. 


by Sydney Leavens and Drew Starr 

Should the government establish a program to find re- 
newable energy resources in the United States? That was the 
question facing members of the LHS debate team this year. The 
team, led by senior captain Rebecca Cohen-Shrage, was actually 
comprised of six two person teams, three of which argued the 
affirmative and three the negative. Longmeadow boasted one of 
the strongest two-person teams in that league, that of Cohen- 
Shrage and junior Alex Grodd, who were named the first-place 
affirmative. They ended their season with an impressive record 
of 11-1. 


(top row) Jason Cooper, Imran Faruqi, Collin Peckrin, AM 
Grodd, Aaron Peskin, Ryan Thompson, (second row) Sov 
Kilaru, Anisa Kagzi, Rebecca Cohen-Shragj 
(third row) Mike O'Martian, Rachel Finer 

Sophomore Gabe Katsh and Meghan 
McCormick review each other's inti- 
mate secrets, (above) 

Seniors Drew Starr and Annette 
Fournier practice their best lawyer 

"Should the eoverr 
ment establisn a pr< 
gram to find renew 
able energy re- 
sources in the Uniti 


• «» 



lped some- 
one under- 
stand that 
(s)he is not 
>ne... there 
e accepting 
ople in our 

Top row: Sabrina Lo, Aaron Szafran, Rebecca Balder, Heather 
Cromwell, Joe Passmore, Ms. Burns. Front row: Rose 
Calucchia, Larry Mortenson, Katie Michael 


Larry Mortenson and Katie 
Michaels discuss the upcoming 
meeting's agenda, (above) 

Juniors Alex Grodd and Mike 
O'Martian mentally review each 
other's rebuttals, (left) 

Mr. O'Shea debates the exist- 
ence of his pen. (below) 

Senior Rose Calucchia is all smiles 
after a REALITY club meeting, 
(below, at right) 

by Larry Mortensen 

Respect Every Alternative Lifestyle 
In Today's Youth, or REALITY, is the Long- 
meadow High School Gay-Straight Alli- 
ance and is dedicated to providing a safe 
place for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and 
transgendered students. In addition, one 
of the club's goals is to increase the student 
body's general awareness of gay and les- 
bian issues. 

The 1997-98 school year is the first 
full year of REALITY'S existence. With 
officers Rose Calucchia, Larry Mortensen, 
and Katie Michael, the club has held its first 
fundraisers, met with other local GSA's, 
created a regularly distributed newsletter 
through e-mail, and has plans to attend this 
year's Gay-Straight Youth Pride March in 

When asked about the future of 
REALITY, Calucchia, a co-coordinator, said, 
"I'm confident that in the years to come, the 
group will grow in size and really begin to 
get the message of respect across. In the 
meantime, I hope that by just existing as a 
club, we've helped someone understand 
that (s)he is not alone; that there are accept- 
ing people in our school." 



Jet Jotter 

(top row) Jon Steiner, Sam Chang, Whitney Ellis, Caitlin Hicks, 
Christa Kolb, Sheetal Khera, Sowji Kilaru, Josh Tarrif, John Lovett, 
Angela Korchevskaya. (second row) Noah Kolodziejski, Linh 
Nguyen, Jillian Cheng, Kristen Sunter, Aaron Szafron, Dan Perell. 
(third row) Jen Lippert, Anthony Kolb, Drew Starr, Sydney Leav- 
ens, Nancy Picknally, Rachel Finer, Erin Meyers, Mrs. Warren. 

extra, extra, read all about it 

by Sydney Leavens 

Those who read this year's Jet jotter 
would swear that it was a different paper. 
Under the guidance of faculty advisor Mrs. 
Warren, the school newspaper, in its 43rd 
year, introduced new columns to address 
issues of interest to students, like the Roving 
Reporter and Life Abroad. 

Much of the paper's success is due to 
the leadership of Co-Editors-in-Chief Drew 
Starr and Sydney Leavens. However, the 
large amount of time contributed by page 
editors and the layout editor in assigning, 
editing, and laying out articles enabled the 
paper to meet its monthly deadlines with 

Rough Draft — 

who needs real news? 

by Jeff Moran and Nick Duquette 

The Rough Draft went through a metamorphosis this 
year. It acquired a new advisor, Mr. Laird Ellis, a new editor-in- 
chief, Nick Duquette, and a new goal: complete world domina- 
tion. Sadly, the Rough Draft did not fulfill its goal for complete 
world domination (this year, at least). However, they did publish 
quite a few newspapers. 

Seriously, the Rough Draft is the magazine/newspaper of 
Longmeadow High. This year, the Draft overcame some chronic 
problems, and were able to publish somewhat regularly. However, 
a huge part of the Rough Draft was written by non-staff members. 
And that was the Rough Draft's real goal this year — to make 
newspapers and have fun. World domination is next year's goal. 

(top row) Rob Douglas, Christa Kolb, Mike Waryasz, Jq 
sica Dugre. (second row) Alicia Hannifan, Catlin Hi< 

Death Personified, Nick Duquette, (third row) 
Jeff Moran, Scott Primack, Matt Kilbaniaj 
Abigail Hanson. 

Juniors Rachel Finer and Erin Meyers 
rush to write out the Storj assignment 
sheets, (above) 

Senior Drew Starr looks stately as he 
leads the assignment meeting, (left) 

"Sadly, the Rough 
Draft did not com- 
plete its goal for 
complete world 

M f 

Top Left: James Soar, John Agnew, Kevin LaRoche,Rick 
Agnew, Seth Hirsch. Bottom Left: Matt Harrison, Morgan 
Wiloughby, Sheri Finkel, Nicole Fishbein, Elizabeth Picknally . 

Business Club 

Death Personified reminds 
Sophomore Nick Duquette of his 
impending deadline, (above) 

Junior Jeff Moran and Sopho- 
more Matt Kilbania share rela- 
tionship war stories, (left) 

Mrs. Morse and Senior Nicole 
Fishbein and Sophomore Tessa 
Inus exchange radical propa- 
ganda, (below, at right) 

let's merge 

|... is looking 
forward to 
their service 
to the 
members of 

[>r Brett Fagin practices his best 
iway libretto, (right) 

by Matt Harrison and Sherri Finkel 

Since 1986, the Business Club has 
been serving the students of LHS. From 
managing the Jet Jotter, to selling carnations 
and roses on Valentine's Day, the Business 
Club keeps very busy. 

The club doesn't just raise money. 
This year the club ran a very successful 
canned food drive, collecting 350 cans of 
food for local food charities. They also had 
the opportunity to serve food at the Spring- 
field Rescue Mission. 

The Business Club is advised by 
Mrs. Morse and this year's Honorary Presi- 
dent was senior Ryan Willoughby. The po- 
sition of Treasurer was filled by senior 
Elizabeth Picknally, and Secretary was se- 
nior Nicole Fishbein. The Club has enjoyed 
a successful year and is looking forward to 
continuing their service to the members of 
Longmeadow High School. 


Mountain Biking Club 

watch out for that tree 

This year marked the second year of the 
LHS Mountain Biking Club. Through this organi- 
zation, students at LHS are able to learn and expe- 
rience mountain biking with fellow peers and teach- 
ers. This year, the club went biking at a number of 
places around this region. 

Aside from biking, members learn and prac- 
tice new skills and techniques; thus further ad- 
vancing their ability to ride. 

Ski Club 

hitting the slopes 

by Sheetal Khera 

As you pulled into the back parking lot on any given 
Thursday morning in January, chances were that you would see 
eager students with skis and other equipment filing inside. 
LHS' loyal ski clubbers enjoyed unwinding from a stressful day 
in school by skiing the slopes of the local ski area, Mt. Tom. 
Every designated Thursday afternoon, member of the ski club 
hurried to gather their things for the 2:30 bus departure for Mt. 
Tom. Although this winter did not prove to be the most 
desirable for skiers, the hills of Mt. 
Tom provided a refreshing way for 
students to endulge in some form of 
athletic activity this winter and 
spend time with their friends at the 
same time. 


Members of the ski club pause at the bottom 
of the slope to marvel at the consistency of 
Mt. Tom's snow, (above) 


Coach Hawker and Senior Sara Wolf 
show off their ski burns, (above) 

Enjoyed unwindin[ 
from a stressful day 
in school by skiiingf 
the slopes of... Mt. 

Outing Club 

Outing Clubbers unwind sur- 
rounded by nature's splendor, 
(above, at left) 

Sophomore Kate Gallagerand 
Senior Anne Yerreniuk marvel 
a large grey rock with Mr. Ellis, 

Senior Anne Yerreniuk's hyp- 
notic glare is captured on film, 

"Lots of fun 
was had by 
all, and they 
can't wait to 
le what trips 
ext year will 
bring/ 7 

in a state o£ nature 

by Sheetal Khera 

Those who love the outdoors found 
a home in the Outing Club here at LHS. 
This year's Outing Club, advised by Mrs. 
Laughlin saw its membership grow and 
found they were able to do more than they 
had originally hoped this year. Student 
leaders, juniors Heather and Kristen Fitts 
and sophomore Alix Sorrell, led the group 
on many excursions including a canoeing 
trip, an indoor rock climbing wall, and ski 
trip in the winter. Sophomore Nancy 
Picknally said, This year was a lot of fun. 
This was the first time I had ever been 
canoeing and I had a great time." Lots of 
fun was had by all, and they can't wait to see 
what trips next year will 



LH3 I 

Latin Club 


1 v <n 

? ^*^ 

■ \ 

Top Left: Mike Russo, Mike Davidow. Bottom Left: Gabe 
Katsh, Scott Turnberg, Marni Polansky, Anne Yerenniuk, 
Abby Hansen, Mr. Fitzgerald. 

agricola, agricolae, m. 

by Kristen Sunter 

The Latin Club at LHS held its first 
meetings during the second quarter this 
year, after a successful attempt to establish 
the club last year. Working with advisor, 
Latin teacher Mrs. Healy, this year were 
founders and co-presidents senior Julie 
Niedzwiecki and junior, Matt Harrison. 
The Vice-President this year was junior 
Aizza Hassan, the position of Secretary 
was filled by junior Kolajo Afolabi, and the 
treasurer was senior Rachel Mandell. The 
Latin Club also had a club historian, junior 
Sam Cheng. The Latin Club's goals for this 
year were to increase the student's aware- 
ness of Ancient Roman Culture, which 
they did quite successfully. 

AmnestyInternational — 

helping to save lives 

by Sydney Leavens and Katie Brookmeyer 

This year Longmeadow branch of Amnesty Interna- 
tional has concentrated its attention on Haiti. Most Haitians live 
in extreme poverty and lack basic necessities such as clothing, 
food, and drinkable water. Under the direction of Amnesty 
president Jon Friedman, a junior, and faculty advisor John 
Fitzgerald, club members welcomed a guest speaker from Spring- 
field College to speak on the Haitian situation. Inspired by his 
presentation, the club decided to hold bake sales, clothing drives 
and even school supplies drives to send support to the Haitian 

Top row: Matt Harrison, Kolajo Afolabi, Julie Niedzwiecki. 
Bottom row: Aizza Hassan, Sam Chang, Rachel! 

Mike Davidow acquaints himself with 
Coke™, one of the finer brews in life, 

'' increase the 
student's awarenes: 
of Ancient Roman 

Scott Turnberg makes use of his 
I'm paying attention" face, (left) 


M V L- 


'In January, 
they sold 
rench' lolli- 
)ps in an as- 
sortment of 
flavors/ 7 

hClub members Brad Reinius, 
Gerber and Ted Shapard hang 
ners to celebrate the Marti Gras 
il. (far right) 

Top row: Stax Gayshen, Tonya Sheik, Linh Nguyen, Aria 
Bascom, Susan Purcell, Isabel Eiff. Front row: Sarah Will- 
iams, Stacy Gilbert, Klara De Temmerman, Ms. Rooney 

French Club 

Junior Kolajo Afolabi teaches 
Senior Julie Niedzwiecki the 
facts of life using visual aids, 

Junior Sammy Chang and Se- 
nior Rachael Mandell exchange 
social security numbers, (left) 

Lihn Nguyen and Susan Purcell 
wonder when they will be con- 
tacted by the mother ship again, 

the other foreign language 

by Jen Ranahan 

The French Club here at LHS was formed 
in an effort to give interested students an 
opportunity to speak French outside of class 
and learn more about France and French 
culture. Members do this by getting together 
to take French related trips, and by watching 
French movies. The members have also had 
the chance to dine at excellent French restau- 
rants in the area, such as Madeline's. The 
club has conducted several fund-raisers to 
help pay for these wonderful outings. In 
January, they sold "French" lollipops in an 
assortment of flavors. This year, the French 
Club advisor, Ms. Rooney, who was instru- 
mental in helping the French Club do many 
of the things they had only before hoped to do. 



— for the golden tassle 

National Honor Society 

1998 NHS 


year I 
2000. I 
offered tm 
Brenda I 
Garten J 
NHS f ni 
duction I 

Seniors Margaret Townsend, Steve Stierer, and Sara Wolf 
discuss their upcoming community service projects, (be- 

Senior Rick Harbison welcomes honorary NHS 
member Xulio Beiras. (above) 


Seniors Lisa 
Dunn and Erin 
Ginley prac- 
tice their cat 
fighting skills 

5 Co-President Se- 
Liz Dibble pretends 
i literate, (right) 

)rew Starr 

Character, Scholarship, Leadership, Service: The four 

Iies for which the National Honor Society (NHS) of Long- 
dow High School stands. Juniors and Seniors who met the 
ety's academic requirements received an application and a 
?r inviting them to apply for membership in early fall. Those 
) demonstrated the club's four virtues on their applications 
e then invited to join the society. 

Society members were required to attend NHS meetings 
"y other week and also needed to complete one community 
ice project per semester. Such projects included running the 
)ol bookstore during lunch blocks and participating in the 
tutoring program during SLO's. Students could also help 
at Open Pantry or collect old clothing for the winter clothing 

Beginning with an induction ceremonyaf which special 
stand "honorary club member" Brenda Garton of TV-22 gave 
oving speech (and the fire alarm was pulldH co-presidents 
Dibble and Mike Waryasz led the society to another success- 

Mrs. Peters and senior Steve Cantin exchange amus- 
ing anecdotes, (above) 

Senior threesome Mark Zimring, Sam Prestia, and Scott Colton 
discuss their upcoming surgical separation, (above) 


f I ney all had heard the 
I horror stories about 
JL Junior year-the sleep- 
less nights, the unceasing la- 
^bors, and the grueling ex- 
aminations. Ready to con- 
quer these trials, they worked 
the days away to prepare for 
such trials as the SAT (Source 
of Acute Trauma) and the AT 

t {Awful Persecution). They 
had to alter their life sched- 
ules to accomplish all of their 
tasks; their sun-dials were 
ignored as they worked long 
after sundown. Yet all sur- 
vived, and looked forward to 
what the next year would 
bring. . . 

we Arts 

Wind Ensemble 

Wind Ensemble: (row 1) I. Eiff, S. Wezowicz, R. Shnider, L. Joyce, A. Baraldi, D. Mujalli, E. Dibble; (row 2) D. Perell, M. Reynolds, R. Meyers, J. Schneide 
M. McKenna, P. Sheffield, L. Porter, L. Halsey, A. Klein, A. Sorrell; (row 3) B. Russell, K. Dybdahl, M. McGarry, S. Wolman, R. Berger, D. Friedman, R. Jangroi 
R. Nadler, L. Harwood, A. Hyde; (row 4) D. Landis, L. Bibeau, R. Harbison, K. Sheffield, M. McCarthy, J. Steiner, R. Chew, D. Luftman, M. Peters, C. Pekruhr 
C. Barowsky, A. Juozokis, J. Porway; (row 5) E. Tjonahen, S. Freedberg, S. Mitchell, E. Tyrell, S. Colton, D. Gebo, J.Cheng * 

I 1 

Senior Isabelle Eiffdemonstralm 
skills at the Winter Concert. M 


Clarinet player Dan Perell, a s 
more, conceutratfeio make it th 
a difficult measure, (left) 

by Dan Perell 

The success of the LHS Wind Ensemble 
seems to keep snowballing, with this year's en- 
semble playing incredibly well and making great 
music. The obvious highlight of their year was in 
April when they had the opportunity to play at 
Carnegie Hall, arguably the best known musical site 
in the United States. Each member felt quite hon- 
ored to play at such a prestigious place of music 

history, and to even be a part of such a talented ensemble. Everyone in the ensemble 
contributed his/her full attention, focus, and ability to the band, ensuring their inevitable 
success. They were supported every step of the way by conductor, Mr. 
Michael Mucci, with his outstanding leadership qualities and ability to 
combine the technical aspects of music with intense passion and emotion. 
From the warm-ups to the concerts, this year's Wind Ensemble was perhaps 
one of the best ever, and there are only more good things to come. 

Sophomore Jake Porway can 
toot his own horn, (below) 



y.heetal Khera 

This year's string orchestra, hav- 
ij lost many excellent senior players 
awear, overcame inexperience to main- 
6; their high standards of excellence. 
f group was once again conducted by 
ijhael Mucci, and was also helped along 
fjjection leaders senior bassist Erin Kent 
r sophomore Travis DiRuzza, junior 

st Abby Hansen, senior violist Jessie 
nman, junior 2nd violinist Stephanie 

and concert master junior Samuel 

n g- 

The group began the year well 

|\ the winter concert, the highlight of 

ch was the Peer Gynt suite that both 

players and the audience enjoyed 

tensely. The Winter Concert pro- 

n was also used by the orchestra as 

r audition tape fo> the All-State Con- 

tion. The group continued their year 

\ the annual exchange concert with 

Iherst High School, playing a com- 

i'd -piece entitled Winter Dances by 

■); id Holsinger. The group ended their 

I] astic year with an outstanding per- 

nance at the Major Works concert. 

Said Mucci, "I am very proud of 

tv level our students have taken the 

lestra to. I'm looking forward to 

jbltinuing our success in the years to ' 


fyssists Travis Diruzza, Erin Kent-, and Mike 
Roberts patiently await their next entrance, (above) 

Mr. Mucci sets the tempo as the orchestra begins 
rehearsal for their all-state performance, (above, at 

Senior Ed Chang keeps his eyes on his score during 
an important class, (right) 


— ■ 

Orchestra: (L to R) J. Tang, J. Lin, S. Chen, E. Zhu, M.vZJiang,\.. Fontaine, H. Kung, S. Khera, L. Tivoli, H. Devine, H. Couture, S. Chang, E. Chang, S. 
Purcell, 3. Lin, S. Joyce, J. Cheng, S. Haselkorn, B. Abbate, E. Breeding, J. Steinman, S. Cantin, A. Hansen, M. Delima, S. Leavens, J. 
Rousse, J. Chang, E. Zimmer, N. Kolodziejski, R. Cohen-Shrage, T. Kucab, S. Turnberg, C. Conboy, M. Roberts, T. Diruzza 


Concert Band 

Concert Band: (row 1 ) R. Talati, C. Ward, K, Levitt, K. Sunter, G, Goldman, J. Omartian, K. MacDonell, E. Dukeshire, S. Gilbert; (row 2) D. Perell, J. Amatrud 
A. Klein, E. Florek, J. Togneri, M. Askin, E. D'Elia, M. Wiseman, A. Spivak, J. Steiner, J. Steinman; (row 3) J. Vincent, D. Howard, L. Tannenbaum, L. Lavi 
J. Dimauro, R. Lucia, E. Laflamme, K. Brookmeyer, K. Bessoff, J. Galaska, M. Polansky, S. Malinowski, J. Mujalli, ]. Wihbey; (row 4) B. Knaus, Adam Szafra 
A. Derby, M. Kabell, J. Demase, A. Gurzenski, D. Blinn, R. Brawders, A. Pardo, Aaron Szafran, J. Hill, K. Dean, M. Calvanese, T. Wang, L. Jenne; (row 
D. Gold, F. Roberts, A. Godding, N. Weiner, M. Irving, O. Sellers, D. Howland, E. Ginsburg, ). Orenstein, ). Wegiel, E. Dana v 


Sophomores Lev Tannenbaum and 
Lisa Lavin show off their skills at the 
concert, (right) 

Saxophone player junior Jon Galaska 
delicately pounds the notes out of his 
instrument, (below right) 

by Raeka Talati 

Concert Band is one of Long- 
meadow High School's two band 
ensembles, and is, in addition, 
one of the largest ensembles in 

the school. It is composed of students in grades nine 
through twelve and conducted by Mr. Michael Mucci. 
The students enjoy the freedom and responsibility Mr 

Mucci gives them in allowing them to select their own 
music for their concerts. Concert Band performed in 
three concerts this year, the Fall Concert, the Pops Con- 
cert, and the Spring Concert. The main highlight of the 
year for the group was the performance or "The Empire 
Strikes Back" in the Pops Concert. For this piece, the 
group combined with Wind Ensemble and 
were conducted by new student teacher, 
Mr. Matt Bejune. Mr. Mucci expressed his 
feelings by saying, "They have a tremen- 
dous sound and energy and it is a delight to 
i onduct them." 


Junior Kara Leavitt is the mom 

perfect post lire as she plays her Is 
flute, (ah 

tadrienne Juozokas 

"The Longmeadow High School 
iz Band is an integral component of 
Mausic curriculum," says Mr. Michael 
[i :i, director of the band. The group, 
ted by audition in and around De- 
jer, devotes many hours to the study 
;z, a truly American art form. The 
Band meets twice a week for two 
s to rehearse pieces for performance 
e Pops Concert in February, the 
g Concert in May and Long 
owe Days, also in May. The en- 
le performed a tribute to Duke 
on at this year's Spring Concert 
ompeted successfully in the West- 
ss Jazz Band competition in Feb- 
"The Jazz Bafli is a high energy 
p that is always exciting to work 
," Mucci says. And exciting to listen 
well. The group has gained much 
arity with the students of the school, 
look forward to hearing these out- 
ing musicians play jazz with their 
dible beauty and style. We can't 
until next year to see what the band 
hvow us with next. 

Junior IanWeiss devotes alnfhis atten- 
tion to his music and his electric guitar, 

The sax section of the Jazz Band jams 
together during the Pops Concert, 

Senior Dan Freedman wows the audi- 
ence as he professionally tackles his solo, 

Jazz Band 

Jazz Band: (Saxes, first row) B. Russell, R. Berger, S. Wolman, M.^McGary, J. Anzalotti; (Trombones, second row) R. Harbison, B. Harwood, 
M. McCarthy, d. Landis; (Trumpets, third row) D. Luftman, M. Crandall, M. Berger, K. Sheffield, C. Barowsky; (Rhythm, from left to right) 
R. Nadler, I Weiss, T. Diruzza, J. Linson, S. Colton. 




« \ 





! <w I " 

«■■ ■ - 


• . « 

1 VD1 


ft, 1 hJ 

'4 «i 

. 1 o« 

As the first vocal group in LHS to paint the Board, L 

stands proudly by their creation, (above) 

Members o/Lyrfy eagerly await their next cue as J, 
Blair zvonders what strange substance is dripping 
his ear. (left) 

Vocalists take a minute to reflect about their upc 
performance at Glenbrook Middle School durii 
annual concert tour, (below, at left) 

by Jessie Steinman 

This year's Lyrics vocal ensemble, directed by Mr. Peter 
Thomsen, took their music-making abilities to new heights. The 
40-member ensemble learned early in the year that their responsi- 
bilities as musicians would extend far beyond performances at the 

annual Winter, Pops, and Major Works Concerts. They were invited to participate in the 1998 
International Polychoral Concert in Montreal in April, scheduled to take place at the end of 
April vacation. Trie Polychoral Concert, taking place at Notre Dame Cathedral, features select 
high school choirs from around New England and Montreal. Besides the wonderful musical 
experience, Lyrics members will also share time doing "touristy" things, such' 
as viewing a Montreal Expos baseball game and visiting the Space Camp. 

According to Mr. Thomsen, the other successes of the group are "their ability 
to work cooperatively together on challenging music' and become "an en- 
semble based on leadership." 

Camp; (second row) M. Damsker, X. Szafran, T. Diruzza, J. Kd 

Gowtham, C. Marantz, K. Mikesh, M. Wiseman; (third row) J. Porwl 

Orenstein, P. Delia-Luna, J. Blair, H. \\ 'eiss. S Catrazza. E. Tyrell; (f 

row) M. Chandler, S. Sarrtant, D. Patterson, K. Afo1ab\ R. Lucia, S 

(fifth row) D. Landis, B. Abbate,{. Hill, A. Szafran 

■ »■ 


i's Chorus collectively yawns before the beginning of their performance. 


f i 

Men's Chorus 

Sydney Leavens 


Maybe it was the love of music that drew them. Or maybe 
was the desire to perform. Or it could have been the need to 
ape the boredom of sitting in another SLO (aka Study Hall), 
hatever the reason, this year's Men's Chorus boasted more 
jmbers than ever before. The group, open to any Longmeadow 
gh male who Wished to sing, performed in the Fall and Pops 
ncerts, and also participated in the annual middle school tour. 
lis year's highlights included For whatever it's worth by Stephen 
ills, By the rivers of Babylon by Sublime, It's all right by Huey Luis 
d Mexico by James Taylor. 


Men's Chorus: (first row) B. Orel, C. Carr, S. Young, P. 
O'Hara; (second row) P. Egan, M. Tinervia, T. Murphy, 
J. Chatman, B. Sherman, J. McKay, M. Omartion, P. 
Roberge; (third row) T. Derosier, E. Zimmer, S. Keane, 
J. Doney, A. Kramer, R. Haddad, I. Weiss, S. Butcher, K. 
Rodri; (fourth row) T. Phelps,]. Vivenzio, J. Shapiro, M. 
Browne, K. Conboy, N. Graveline, P. Magowan; (fifth 
row) B. Niedel, P. Scully, M. Roberts, A. Diamond, D. 
Adams, C. Purdy 

\ I 

J i L 


fs that Bob Marley? No, it's John Doney singing "One Love, 

I Cantori 

Cantori: A. Szafran, K. Mikesh, M. Chandler, H. Pearson, S. Samant, S 
jowtham, B. Abbate, E. Orenstein, D. Patterson, C. Marantz, D. Landis, J 
■iteinman, M. Wiseman 



by Raeka Talati 

La Capella, the all female vocal ensemble here at LHS, had 
an extraordinary year, that began with a memorable Fall Con- 
cert. With their numbers practically tripling this year, La Capella 
has gained popularity through the years thanks to the wonder- 
ful performances of past groups. This year's group, composed 
of sophomore, junior, and senior girls, performed well in the Fall 
Concert, singing popular sings by Fleetwood Mac and Monica, 
that allowed the school to see the amazing talent of some of the 
girls through their many solos. Their continuous effort and 
determination to do well were apparent throughout the year to 
the group's leader, Mr. Peter Thomsen. The group always had 
fun singing, whether it was in rehearsal or performance, which 
everyone could see by the enthusiasm with which the group 
sang. Mr. Thomsen feels that, "La Capella has become an 
exciting women's vocal ensemble that is very proud of their 
accomplishments." The members of La Capella are very happy 
with their performances as well as the growth and unity of the 
group this year, and they can't wait to perform again next year. 


La Caoella 

La Capella: (first row) R. Calucchia, J.G*chs,S. Riga, E.Meyers, A. KalffcJ 
A. Peters, N. Mohan,A. Hannifan, E-JCent, T. Braun, M. Wilson, 
Kenefick, J. Gordon, R.Silverman; (secona row) M. Belomont, L . Stahl 
Garvey, ]. Casartello, D. Yeager, M. Youmell; (third row) R. Talari, 
Martin, A. Viviano, S. Bradley, A. Braden^ Ross, M. LaBroad, K. Ross, 
Martinelli, K. Spinelli, L. Fox, A. Schmred^en; (fourth row) K.^lirtiu 
Bazos, C. Brown J^. Phaneuf, R. Couchon, H. Warwick, J. Farmer/W. El 
E. Hanson, A. Ferrel, M. Martin, L. Katz, R. McMahon 

j" * ft A « #. A "J *>& « ft n n 0* 

Anna Viviano, Ursula Stahl, Becky Couchon, and Julie Ochs 
a break from singing about "Route 66." (left) 

Have I died and gone to heaven ? Those angels are members o j 
Capella performing at the Fall Concert, (below) 

omen's Chorus warms up by singing scales, (above) 

Members of the Women's Chorus enthusiastically -perform 
mheir first concert at LHS. (right) 

Jennifer Ranahan 

* \ 

The freshmen belonging to the Women's Cho- 

(formerly known as "Girl's Chorus") started out 
Kir first year at LHS on the right foot. In this year's fall 
K cert, the group performed three songs titled, "Shower 
fif People," "River in Judea," and "El Condor Pasa." 
Bi Women's Chorus joined La Cappella, the Mens' 
Ibrus and Lyrics in this year's Winter Concert in 
W:ember, to sing the traditional song, "The Lord Bless 
i and Keep You . " As it was their first year in the LHS 
sic program, the girls had to adapt to Mr. Thomsen's 
hing style and unite as a group to perform well in the 
Concert. With their enjoyable and excellent perfor- 
ces, the '97- '98 Women's Chorus showed LHS that 
e is never a lack of talent in the music department, 
ch only bodes well for the future. 



Women's Chorus: (first row) A. Walbridge, P. Schmiedigen, G. Czarniecki, 
E. Dukeshire, S. Kilaru, A. Damsker; (second row) A. Grant, K. Wilson, 
L. Skypeck, K. O'Malley, K. Provenzano, K. MacDonald; (third row) G. 
Gilad, C. McCarthy-Miller, S. Merrill, M. Shea, A. Bright 


Alix Sorrell keeps the music flowing as she performs on her 
bassoon, (below) 

by Sheetal Khera 

This year's concert season started off with a bang on 
November 25th with the Fall Concert, in which the LHS Con- 
cert Band and many vocalist groups performed. Among the 
pieces the Concert Band played, "Waterdance" was an audi- 
ence favorite. The Fall Concert was also the debut of the 
Freshmen Girls' Chorus. They performed extremely well, 
singing "River of Judea" among other pieces. The Men's 
Chorus was also featured, as was La Cappella. La Cappella 
performed a popular piece by Fleetwood Mac as well as one by 
Monica entitled, "For You I Will." 

Next up on the concert schedule was the ever-popular 
Winter Concert held on December 18th. This concert brought 
the first performances by both the LHS Orchestra and Wind 
Ensemble, as well as I Cantori and Lyrics. The Orchestra 
played three pieces and their finale of "Hall of the Mountain 
King" by Grieg brought the audience to their feet in a standing 
ovation. The Wind Ensemble also performed extremely well 
featuring pieces that highlighted their many strengths. I Cantori, 
an A Cappella group performed as did Lyrics, singing better 
than ever. And what would any Winter Concert be without the 
Super Chorus. The Super Chorus consists of all the vocalist 
groups as well as alumni from LHS back home for Winter 
break, together on stage at once singing the traditional, "The 
Lord Bless You and Keep You." 

The annual Pops Concert was also a smashing success 
this year. This concert featured a special performance from the 
Symphonic Band, which is a combination of Concert Band and 
Wind Ensemble and composed of a total of 1 10 members. Their 
playing of "The Empire Strikes Back" was a real hit with the 
audience. The concert also featured all of the talented vocalist 

groups here at LHS. The Freshmen Girls Chorus performed well, singing "Shoo Shoo Baby." La 
Cappella was a hit with their performance of "Route 66," as was the Men's Chorus and their rendition 
of "Lonesome Road." The two groups combined to perform "One Love" by Bob Marley. Lyrics was also 
featured, singing "Goldmine" with solos by many of its members. The vocal highlight of the evening 
for many, however, came with the performance by Lloyd, and their singing of "Seven." The Super 
Chorus finished out the vocal part of the night with the popular U2 hit "Still Haven't Found What I'm 
Looking For." The outstanding LHS Jazz Band was the last performance of the evening, playing three 
pieces including "Half the Fun" by Duke Ellington about Cleopatra's seduction o£ Antony while on the 

Overall, the extensive musical talents, both instrumental and vocal, of the students here at LHS 
were well showcased throughout the year, with many outstanding and memorable performances. 

Keeping a watchful eye on Mr. 
Mucci is smioruana Landis. 

Fall, Winter, & Pops 



Men's Chorup tries to assure their Fall Concert audience that "It' 
All Right." (left) 

Senior Swaroop Samant, always having to he the center of atten- 
tion, blocks Jake Porway from the audience's view, (below) 

= free your creativity 

Art Club 

™i B 

sitting: S. Amenta Standing: C. Matthews, A. Camp, C. Kolb, C. 
Hicks, Ms. Godin 

by Sydney Leavens 

Need an outlet for your artistic 
inclinations? Join the Art Club! A few 
years ago, several enthusiastic LHS artists 
started a club based on their shared hobby, 
but the club died with their graduation. 
Now the Art Club is making a comeback, 
and members hope that it is here to stay. 
Advised by Ms. Godin, this year's goal of 
student artists was not only to reestablish 
their club, but to take a trip in the spring to 
New York to spend a day touring art mu- 
seums. To reach this goal, the club held 
many fund-raisers, including successful 
poster sale and many bake 'sales. What 
was so great about the club, sophomore 
member Christa Kolb explained, was that 
"[it] is open to anyone, regardless of tar- 


"Need a 
outlet fc 
your ar- 
tistic in 
tions ? ] 

Sophomore Michelle Delima tries her hand at mold- 
ing a block of chocolate ice cream, (above) 


As he sits draw- 
ing, freshman 
Gabe Giella 
wishes he was in 
the Art Club 
group photo, 




. m 

■ W 

■ I 
. ■ 

Amy Wal- 
bridge and se- 
nior Rachel 
Mandell toast 
to the> good 
life, while get- 
ting drunk off 
of iced tea. 


i flumped senior Stse 
e;el tries to stare 
o\\ her ex-boyfriend 
omore Colin 

ahon while re- 
using their play, 

Junior Matt Harrisson drags his fellow actor across 
the stage, (above) 


. . .put 

on the 



From a 


choot " 

by Sydney Leavens 

Where do fierce competition and the 
love for acting come together? In the Drama 
Ensemble, of course. The Drama Ensemble is 
not just any club, it is a group of students with 
the competitive spirit of a sports team with a 
love for acting that none other could match. 
The group, under the direction of Vicki Phillips, 
competes with nearly 100 other in the state- 
wide Massachusetts High School Drama Guild 
Festival. This year, the ensemble put on a 
performance of the play "Voices From a High 

From September until December, the 
group was indiscernible from any other acting 
class. Phillips held workshops in order for 
each of the 12-member-strong ensemble to hone 
his/her acting skills. In December, however, 
the atmosphere of the club changed. Audi- 
tions were held for parts in the competition 
performance, and meetings increased from once 
a week to every day after school as February28, 
the day of Preliminary competition, grew closer. 
It was worth the struggle. 

row 1: J. Short, M. Harrisson, S. Weigel; row 2: A. Walbridge, R. 
Mandell, J. Tariff, V. Phillips, C. McMahon, S. Brown, K. Morre, A. 

-^Drama Ensemble 

it's curtaintime!! 



pon beginning their 
final year at High 
Castle, they were 
informed that changes would 
take place. All free time van- 
ished with a "voov," as if by 
magic. Worse still, rumor 
had it that an evil dragon 
named Slo was lurking 
around in the corridors, ready 
to capture them and send them 
to assigned Chambers ofBore- 
om. However, applying to 
institutions of higher educa- 
tion would prove to be even 
more exhausting thanbattling 
Slo the Sinister Dragon. . . 



Always be 

"Seniors are scat- 
teredthrough my classes and 
teams so watching them 
come together for the Se- 
nior Class Play was excit- 
ing. During the play they 
worked as a cohesive unit- 
a large team with faith in 
each of their abilities and a 
sense of a common goal It 
was spectacular to see" 


Thomas McGarry 

c ^v 

Jacqueline Sutter 
Dean of Students 

Mary Cox 

Daniel Kane 

Mr. Ellis is agonizingly slow at handing back AP Eur 
pean History tests back to his anxious students. 

Claire O'Neil 
( iuidaiu e 

Picture i 
Not } 

\ Available 

Dolores Arcott 
Substance Abuse 

Bill Blanchard 

Sue Bayley 
Pupil Services 

Brian Blum 

Mr. Staples definitely is working hard! 


Kate Butler 
Fine Arts 

Deb Callahan 
Fine Arts Chairperson 

Linda Berard 
Pupil Services 

Sue Burns 

George Carellas 
World Languages Chairperson 

"Many of the Se- 
niors, who took French IV 
Honors during their junior 
year, had theunique expe- 
rience of having a native 
French teacher as their 
teacher. Mme. Alliet were 
no doubt proud to be a 
'fond memory' for these 
lucky students!' 

Robert Potvin 


'My memories of the class 
0/1998 emphasize their 
hearty appetites. For ex- 
ample, Steve Cantin could 
put away a number of Big 
Macs andfries and then ask 
what's to eat?' They were 
alwaysstarved) fot 'informa- 
tion and food!" 

Susan Peters 

Claire Carle 
Locker Room Aide 

Jennifer Cook 

Doug Cropper 
Physical Education 

Peter Crumb 

Substance Abuse 

Mrs. Pontacoloni scurries to tidy up her desk befor 
Murphy comes in for inspection. 



I ),ivc Daniels 
Mathematics Chairperson 


Mike Deary 
'hysical Education Chairpe^H , 

Mary Ellen Dillon 
Pupil Services 

John Devine 
Adjustment Counselor 

Julianne Eagan 
Social Studies 

Mr. Crumb reveals 
the most recent drug 
survey statistics to a 
concerned freshman 
health class. 

Gideon Fischer 
Social Studies 

I ") 



John Fitzgerald 
Social Studies 

"During a lecture I threat- 
enedtothrowaneggto any- 
one who was dozing off. if 
catch it, but if they were not 
they would have ended up 
covered in goop. The Bio 
Bozos thought I was going 
to use hard- boiled eggs, so I 
threw a raw eggagainst the 
board to confirm that they 
werenothard-boiled. From 
then on my students listened 

Ron Morissette 


"Fuc tan divertido 
ver'Destinos con mi clase 
deespafwlAP. Pues,bucno, 
ademds de ser muy inteli- 
gentes, la dose de '98 time 
un sentido de humor 

Mike Gelinas 
Social Studies 

Ginny Guistina 

Lorie Healy 
World Languages 

Ron 1 lirsch 

Senor Riccio hands up a poster of his famou 

Cousin Guido. 


r 4 

Pauline Jacek 

Bill Kirkpatrick 
English, Chairpersor 

rsoi I 

Meredith Laughlin 


Roger LeBlanc 


Karen Locke 
Pupil Services 

Mary Beth Maloney 
World Languages 

Mr. Daniels tries to find the meaning of life using Calculus 
(via the "Integration by Pieces" method). 

Mike McCarthy 
World Languages 

Ann Meeropol 
Pupil Services, Chairperson 

" My D Block Class 
- Ah what can I say... aged 
five years after having this 
class for one year. I will 
always remember Ben 
Abbate and Kim Haflich 
rolling their eyes and look- 
ing embarrased, disgusted, 
and annoyed attheantics of 
their classmates. Who can 
ever forget Fridays last 
block; 57 minutes seemed to 
last 2 days." 

Dave Slate 


le class 0/1998, 1 can only 
oftheAP Portfolio 
class. I think of the award- 
excellence. Thisyearthe 
greatestnumber of students 
theAP exams in May." 

Hilary Godin 




Ron Merritt 
Science, Department Chairperson 

Jennifer Mongue 
Pupil Services 

Once again, the 
model of the an- 
imal cell comes 
in handy as Mr. 
Morissette ex- 
plains the intri- 
cate relation- 
ships between 
lysosomes and 
Tay-Sachs dis- 

Mr. Gelinas ques- 
tions the class 
about the connec- 
tion between plan- 
tation farming and 
mowing lawns. 

Mike Mucci 
Music, Department Chairperson 

Ann Moore 
Pupil Services 



Ron Morissette 

Vivian Morse 

Judy Neilson 

Marty O'Shea 
jocial Studies Chairperson 

John Pantuosco 

Gary O'Sullivan 

Nancy Peck 
Librarian, Dep't Chairperson 

v. . .# 

Susan Peters 


Bob Potvin 
World Languages 

Mary Osowski 


Adrian Phaneuf 
Head Custodian 

"l will always remeber 
when the class of 98 came to 
theaidofthe Cemter School 
students whose school was 
undergoing renovations. 
Theclassof98 wasgracious 
enough to take the little 
two years. I'm sure the 
Center School kids will al- 
ways remember the gener- 
osity of the class oj '98" 

Mike Gelinas 



"Suzor's Space Lab 
Inc. has established a new 
subsidary in Belgium with 
Pieter DeTemmerman as 
C.E.O., Chris Johnson V.P. 
of quality control, Drew 
Starr Head of the Softy 
Deft., Eric Tjonahen and 
Julie Niedzwiecki V.P.s of 
the Male and Female Pub- 
lic Relations Depts., Steve 
Cantin head of the Olym- 
piad Lab Program, Erin 
Ginley manager of the new 
Creative Glassware Dept. 
and, of course Aaron Peskin 
in charge of entertainment. 
It is remarkable that these 
young men and women 
have Advanced Placed 
through 4 years of college 
and are stepping righ tfrom 
payingjob abroad!" 

Raymond Suzor 

Vito Riccio 
World Languages 


Lisa Rooney 
World Languages 

Alex Rotsko 
Physical Education 

A group of AP Portfolio students along with Mrs. Godi 
Mrs. Callahan are astounded by the magnificent 
Laura Stewart's self-portrait. 

Joanne Sleigh 
s ience 

Charlotte Steele 

Ray Suzor 

I. Jaycek fields a question from a flustered Stevie Laugh- 
vho is trying to find the volume of her doughnut using a 


Kathy Wells 

Joe Winseck 
Social Studies 

Kate Wiseman 
World Languages 

"After having at- 
tended SunsetBoulevard on 
Broadway in New York 
City, our group of English 
II students returned to the 
bus and prepared to leave 
when we discovered that 
two of our students, Lisa 
Dunn and Maria 
Bienkowski, were missing. 
I raced through Times 
Square enroute to the 
Minskojf Theater in order 
to find them. As I rushed to 
the theater alleyway, I saw 
the two children huddling 
arm-in-arm and waiting 
to besavedfrom theravages 
of the 'Big Apple.' I called to 
them andtheygamboledto- 
wardme with embarrassed 

Roger LeBlanc 

>: left to right RowlrJ. Quattrochi, B. Newland 
Row 2: 1. Koundourakis, J. Lehman, C. Garvey, A. Carey 
Row 3: D. Calcasola, S. Lawson, J. Morey, C. Nowicki, 

C. Louchon 


Pupil Services: left to right 

M. Camp, P. Warwick, J. Scott, L. Ackley 


These people 

keep our school 

up and running. 

Thank you! 



Food Services: left to right Row 1: M. Glushien, B. 
Bandowski, B. Baldwin, A. Calabrese 
Row 2: M. Romeo, R. Craven, Debarah Hare, Marian 
Varteresian, Jessie Giannetti, C. Mezzeti 

Custodial Staff: left to right 

Row 1: R. Gauthier, J. Boucher 

Row 2: T. Barbutti, S. Schwartz, S. Cullinan, S. Layman 


^ (The 1970's, that ^ 

.>/ \<^y \?^' \^>/ vo/ \^/ \S> 


Below, Mr. 

LeBlanc allowed 
his "luvvv ..." for 
"rainbows and the 
magic bus" to flow 
during a school 
volleyball game. 

Above, Mr. Winseck hears the 
protests of the students about 
censorship in his Constitu- 
tional Issues class. 

II (* *\ ( * *\ ( * *\ ( * • 

A >ve, Ms. McShane smiles at a totally groovy 
rexmse from one of her flower children. 

~t) \^J \^J \^y v 

Luckily, they were 
granted many privi- 
high status. They made good 
use of the palace amphitheater 
where they put on the best 
performances that the king- 
dom had ever seen . The Royal 
Library became a safehaven 
from the crazy Slo Dragon 
and was dubbed the "New 
Lounge of the Seniors." As 
their weeks at the Castle 
dwindled, they began to ig- 
nore their tasks and ensure 
that their remaining time to- 
gether would be enjoyable. . . 

Senior Brian Wezowicz straightens one of his team- 
mates out in a wicked mean way; c'monman, straighten 
up, that's Wez talking to you. (right) 

That peaceful looking piece of pigskin sitting on that 
innocent looking little stand is about to be kicked un- 
mercifully up the field by Adam Diamond, (below) 

First Row: A. Peskin,G. Krill, 
D. Martens, J. Blair, B. 
Wezowicz, E. Bascom, A. 
Kramer, T. Dubay, A. 
Provencher, M. Hubbard. 
Second Row: P. Hallahan, 
A. Krill, M. Kolonoski, R. 
Noonan,T. Moran, I. Forgey 
M. Russo, G. Bederak, M. 
Cummings, N. Ghansah. 
Third Row: R. McCarthy, M. 
Drosi, ). Sarage, M. Viamari, 
M. Overson, |. Toye, M. 
MacDonald, D. O'Malley, O. 
Sillers, M. McGarry. Fourth 
Row: K Miller, J. Venccnt, 
T.Walsh, D. Hill, I' .Casper, 
s MaIinowaki,J. Mujalli, W. 
McGregor, J. Wegiel, D. 
MandeQ, |. Stambovsky, A. 


Sophomore Mark Drost pauses to thank his lucky stars after yet 
ANOTHER awe-inspiring play, (below) 

l opponent lunges in vain; LHS football cannot be stopped, (above) 


by Kellie Tracy 

The LHS Varsity Foot- 
ball team capped off an amaz- 
ing season with its first 
Superbowl win since 1992. The 
Lancers clearly entered the 
game as underdogs against 
undefeated Nashoba but left 
the field with a 12-10 win. 
"What made our season so 
special," remarked Varsity 
Head Coach Alex Rotsko, "was 
the fact that we were not highly 
rated at the beginning of the 
year but proved everyone 
wrong." The team's impres- 
sive season record of 10-2 was 
due greatly to the leadership 
of team senior captains Adam 

Kramer and Brian Wezowicz 
and to the unusual talent of 
such key players as Wezowicz, 
Kramer, junior Adam Dia- 
mond and sophomore Ryan 

The Junior Varsity 
team had a good season as well. 
The team fought hard and 
strong for its 5-4 overall record. 
"The sophomores did a good 
job at J.V. level this year," re- 
marked J.V. Head Coach St. 
George, "We expect many of 
them to move up to Varsity 
next year." 

The Freshman football 
team emerged strong with a 
record of 6-3. 

Senior Dave Martens scaddadles up the 
field looking to score a touchdown, (far 

Sophomore Ryan McCarthy eludes the 
defender just like a buffalo scampering 
from a dolphin, (left) 

Senior Tim Dubay rushes to- 
ward the endzone like a mad 
dog rushing toward a bowl of 
Cheerios™. (right) 

Us Them 












West Spfld. 






S. Hadley 






N. Hampton 






E. Long. 








Junior Heather Pearson is overjoyed to be able to cheer 
for the LHS football team, (right) 

Junior Rachel Finer tries to remember the next step of 
the complicated cheer designed by the captains, (be- 


Yolanda Demaio signals to her coach that she did not forget her 
pom-poms at home, (below) 


by Kristen Sunter 

Cheerleading, like 
most sports, practices every- 
day after school. The practices 
are hard in preparation for 
games, the squad's primary 
goal, as well as competitions. 
Says assistant varsity coach, 
Eleanor Matroni, "At practice, 
we try to cover a lot of material 
and all the squad members 
work hard to get the most of 

Cheerleading at 
games is a performance, not a 
competition. The Varsity 
cheerleaders cheer at all boys' 
Varsity football and basketball 
games. The J.V. squad cheers 
at the boys' J.V. home games 
and during the football sea- 
son, has the added opportu- 
nity of joining the varsity 
squad for their home games. 
Kate Mullen, the J.V. Coach, 
says, "I have really enjoyed 
coaching this year and enjoy 
working with such a strong 
cheerleading program." 

The Varsity squad 
here at LHS also competes in 
many competitions against 
other high school squads at 
the local and state levels. Last 
year, the cheerleaders made it 
to Nationals and competed 
against squads from all over 
the United States. Senior cap- 
tains, Meredith Winer and Sa- 
rah Gowthorn, comment, 
"Cheerleading has come so far, 
we are really proud of our 
achievements, and we have 
had an excellent season. We 
hope to be on our way to Na- 
tionals again this year and 
achieve the high goals we 

Leading the program 
this year is head coach, Priscilla 
Diaz. She says of the cheer- 
leaders' goals, "You'll never 
know if you don't try! So, 
don't spend you life wonder- 
ing 'what if.'" We hope to see 
the cheerleaders off to Nation- 
als again this year, so GO! 

Varsity Cheerleaders- First Row: M. Weiner,S. Gowtham; Second Row: J. Buonaconti, 
R. Weiner, K. Mikesh, J. Wypasek, A. Cone, S. Wolman; Third Row: Ellie Matroni, L. 
Lefreniere, H. Pearson, J. Warzeniak, J. Roberts, A. Lee, A. Wilson, B. Giguiere, Y. 
Demaio, Mrs. Diaz 


Junior Bridget Yearwood displays perfection as she 
races towards victory, (right) 

Senior Chris Johnson along with juniors Jess Hill and 
Kolajo Afolabi bust out in front of the pack in an exciting 
race vs. East Longmeadow. (below) 

lirst Row: M. Askin, II. Leavens, I I a] ranee, I. Young, M. McCarthy, 
P. Snelham, A Whiteford, J. Goodman, Second Row: Coach Egan, T. 
Diruzza, K. Burke, M. Waryasz, R. Baker, J. Sullivan, R. Douglas, A. 
C .imp, K. Afolabi, J. Hill, M. Wiseman, C. Johnson, N. Duquette, K. 
Sheffield, J, C PelosLCoach I'elland. 

First Row: 1 Nguyen, J. Hamlin. C. Marantz, M. Keiter, N. Picknfl 
Second Row: K \lonart\ , H. I'itts, S. O'brien, B. "i earwood, 1 S 
C. Matthews, K. Fitts, Third Row: I . Stewart, Coach Egan, A. "i earw OOt 
X. Williams, S. Wezowicz, K. Ward, C. Coady, A. Sorrell, A. >Lgnpl 
Coach Pelland. 


Senior Chris Johnson runs alone ahead of the rest as the spectators 
search for his fellow competitors behind, (below) 

Cross Country 

by Nancy Picknally 

This year was another 
in a long line of successful sea- 
sons for both the girls' and 
boys' Cross Country teams. 
Both teams finished with win- 
ning records, 11-2 for the girls 
and 10-3 for the boys. The 
girls finished third at the West- 
ern Mass competition, but 
didn't stop there continuing 
on to States. The boys' team 
came extremely close to mak- 

ing States, finishing fourth at 
Western Mass. 

This year, the girls' 
captains were seniors Cassie 
Marantz, Jen Hamlin and Anna 
Yearwood. Other top runners 
included juniors Katie Ward, 
Stephanie Wesowitz and 
Christine Coady. Leading the 
boys team this year were se- 
nior co-captains, Andrew 
Camp, Chris Johnson and Mike 
Waryasz. Other top runners 
included juniors Trip Young 
and Chris Pelosi. 

Senior Jen Hamlin enjoys the view as 
she races to yet another impressive 
finish, (below) 

Junior Chris Pelosi and fellow racer se- 
nior Ken Sheffield power their way to- 
wards victory as a dynamite duo. . (above) 


Us Them 

Holyoke 21 


W. Spfld. 22 


Central 15 


Sci. Tech 15 


Minnechaug 45 


Westfield 19 


Cathedral 32 


Amherst 31 


Northampton 15 


E. Long. 15 


Chic. Comp. 17 


Chicopee 18 



Us Tr 





W. Spfld. 






Sci. Tech 















Northampton 17 


E. Long. 



Chic. Comp. 






unior Katie Ward fights the rest as she races alone in one of 
her many great performances, (left) 


First Row: R. Haddad, J. Doney, M. O'Malley, D. Patterson, B. Rus 
Keane, R. Hampf, P. O'Malley, I Ha Second Row: |. Blair, B.Sher 
T. Murphy, A. Robinson, D. Hermosilla, 1 Greiner, D. Rothsch^ 
Harbison, P. Morse, J. Toutelotte, M. Zimring, Coach Pantusco. 


As Senior Sean Keane dishes off the ball, he mistaken^ 
believes that in the audience a gigantic polar bear is 
.ilt.u king everyone left and right, and yet the game goes 
on. (above) 

Senior Goalie Dan Rothschild prepares to sqeeze the ball between 
his enormous fingers, giving it the punishment it deserves, (below) 

Men's Soccer 

by Sydney Leavens 

The Men's Varsity 
Soccer Team did not do as well 
as it would have hoped, fin- 
ishing the season with a record 
of 6-8-3. However, according 
to senior team captains Mike 
O'Malley, Sean Keane, Ben 
Russell, and David Patterson, 
team unity strengthened as the 
season progressed. Said 
O'Malley, "[The season] 
brought us all together. We 
became really good friends." 
Key players included all four 
captains as well as juniors 
Brian Sherman and Rob 
Hampf and sophomore Tim 


The Junior Varsity 
team, led by Coach Don Hume, 
ended the season solidly with 
a record at about .500. Team 
captains were assigned at ev- 
ery game based on work ethic, 
which not only encouraged 
players to try hard in practice 
but also gave them valuable 
leadership opportunities. The 
Freshman team, concluded its 
season with only 4 wins and 3 
losses; yet players learned to 
work together as a team, a skill 
which will be valuable when 
they advance to JV and Var- 
sity level play. 

Senior Ben Russell is attempting to make 
the opponents look very foolish by per- 
forming a triple-back-lash-double- 
scoop, (far left) 

Mr. Freshmen Soccer Team is this boys 
new name, (left) 

Senior Mike O'Malley is actu- 
ally magnetically luring the 
ball right to his foot, unbe- 
knownst to that foolish de- 
fender, (right) 

| First Row: J. Rohrback, M. Roberts, W. Chamberlin, T. Moynihan, T. 

Barbeau, M. Howland, F. Roberts, G. Demose, R. Devine, R. Devine, N. 
iWeiner. Second Row: C. Purdy, M. Omartian, M. Irving, J. Betley, P. 

Scully, J. Skypeck, D. Howland, B. Niedel, T. Derosier, D. Gold, P. Egan, 
Ij. Marti, M. Madusa, E. LaFlamm, T. Osgood, Coach Hume. 

Us Them 

Chic. Comp. 










W. Spfld. 



W. Spfld. 











Senior Katie Heaps lunges towards the ball in a furious 
rage, determined to blast it through the net. (right) 

Freshman Meghan Hyde blasts off to the planet Venus, 

First Row: C. Willett, B. O'Connor, C. Wagner, B. Dullea, K. 1 leaps, K 
Garvey, M. Martin, f. Lowery. Second Row: Coach Russotto, A. Guerra, 
I . Ilarwood.l Skypeck,M.McCormick,M. Dullea, S.Smith, L.Luciano, 
C.Noui. ki,< Brown, K. Tim-fall, K. [enrungs, M.Martinelli, K. Danahey, 
Coach Delano. 

First Row: M. Wilson, S Albert, L. Reese, T. Bereeki, L. Bussolan. Sea 
Row: L. Fontaine, M. 1 less, P AhrejlS, K. Dean. V Cathrew, N. Will 
R. Osofsky. Third Row: I . llolden, M. Holland, A. Ma/ur, K Kolb 
Ba/os, B. Burgee M- 1 abroad, S. Stewart, A. Marangftdoukte. 


Sophomore Molly Dullea has her defense tactics down; just pin 
your opponent and never let them up. (below) 

Sophomore Melissa Martinelli carefully maneuvers a crossover 
move to leave her opponent in the dust, (far below) 




Women's Soccer 

by Sheetal Khera 

This year's Varsity 
Girls' Soccer team had an ex- 
cellent season. Coached by 
Robert Delano and captained 
by seniors Caitlin Wagner, 
Katy Heaps, Katie Garvey, and 
Bridget Dullea. The team 
worked hard throughout the 
whole season, with everyday 
after school practices, and fin- 
ished with a record of 5-4. Al- 
though their season had a 
rocky start, the team really 
pulled together to get through 
all the ups and downs of the 
season. The team was also 
helped along by the tremen- 
dous play of sophomore Molly 

Dullea and freshman Leah 
Skypeck. Sophomore Laura 
Hardwood said, "It was a 
tough season, but we all 
worked hard and really came 
together to pull out some tough 

This year's junior var- 
sity team, was coached by Kate 
Butler, and captained by jun- 
iors Andrea Marangoudakis, 
Ashley Mazur, Renee Osofsky, 
and Brittany Burger. The 
team's coach and captains 
were instrumental in leading 
practices that eventually led 
to a winning record for the 
team. With their hard work 
and enthusiasm, the team 
ended up with a record win- 
ning record of 10-5-3. 

Goalkeeper Kathy Danahey is knocked 
off her feet after saving another rocket 
of a shot, (below) 

First Row: A. Nidel, D. Karpman, M. Hyde, A. Rothschild, E. Smith, R. 
Schusterman. Second Row: J. Beechman, S. Ferrintino, K. McDonald, A. 
Bright, K. Bradgon, S. Haddad. Third Row: K. Weiselburg, P. Schair, L. 
Rooke, A. Retchin, J. Togneri, S. Merril, A. Hobart, E. Chasen, Coach 


Us Them 


E. Long. 











Chic. Comp. 
W. Spfld. 










W. Spfld. 









Junior Ursula Stahl, who is really doing an Irish Jig, 
makes us all believe that she is on a break away to the 
goal, (right) 

Freshman Ariel Witzenburger is definitely trying to hit 
the field hockey ball, (below) 


. I 


1 irst Row: F.. Dibble, S. Dalquist, F. Kelleher, S Prestia, S. Freedberg. 
Second Now A Brigham, K. Uollister, A. Martin, S Ross, | Varlej s 
Bradley, A. Braden. Third Row: N. Camp, K. Ross, J. Bailey, U .Stahl, A 
I errel, C Adams, \1 Reynolds, Coach Simmons. 


First Row: I . ["ownsend, M. Selbovitz, S. Baxter. E. Green, I 
Second Row I I Iamlin,M. Pblansky,] .Mandrus,S.Chen,J.Omartia 
P. Sheneld, \ Witzenburger. Third Row; K. Hablerlin, D. Mujali, 
Reiter. C. Macarth) Miller, B. Murphy, C. Anderson, k O'Mallej 
l)a\ idow, Coach Mench. 

Junior Stephanie Ross passes the ball through the legs of her 
opponent, (below) 

Junior Alyson Ferrel is in the middle of another one of those field 
hockey rituals where they like to beat and stamp the ground with 
their feet and sticks, (far below) 


eft all alone, sophomore Karen Ross does her magic and scores! 

ild Hockey 

by Katie Dean 

The 1997-'98 girls' 
Varsity field hockey team 
started off the year with a win 
against Minnechaug and never 
looked back. Throughout the 
season the team really pulled 
together and pulled out some 
tough wins. Senior captains, 
Sam Prestia and Sassy 
Freedburg, along with coach 
Ann Simons, have worked 
hard to run great practices and 
get the team in shape. As 

Sophomore Caroline Adams 
said, "The team practices hard 
and really pulls together in prac- 
tices and games. We always go 
out onto the field ready to play 
hard and win." 

The J.V. field hockey 
team captained by sophomores, 
Brianna Murphy and Pam 
Sheffield, has also enjoyed an 
excellent season. They started 
off with a tie against Minenchaug, 
and they have practiced hard all 

Coach Simons chats with her team after 
another outstanding half, (below) 

Junior Ashely Braden inches 
past her opponent on her way 
to the goal, (above) 

Us Them 










W. Spfld. 



E. Long. 






W. Spfld. 
E. Long. 





Killingly Conn 

. 2 









Senior Erin Kent is hiding a mini bomb in her hands 
which she is preparing to send over the net. (right) 

Junior Candace McCarthy performs a double lutz spike onto her 
pitiful opponent's head, (below) 

by Jen Ranahan 

There is much to be said 
about a good effort, and the 
LHS girls' volleyball team 
should be commended for 
theirs. In only their second 
season here at LHS, the team 
has garnered tremendous sup- 
port from everyone at the 
school. With great leadership 
the co-captains, seniors Stevie 
Laughlin and Stefanie 
Angelides, as well as junior 

Carla Goldman, led the team 
through everyday after school 
practices, and kept spirits up 
throughout the season. As fresh- 
man Sara Joyce says, "We've had 
a lot of fun this season. Our 
coaches and captains were great, 
and the team really pulled to- 
gether to come away with some 
tough wins." The team showed 
LHS that they have great team 
spirit and good sportsmanship. 

Senior Stevie Laughlin is distracted by 
an opponent making obscene gestures 
in her direction, (left) 

Seniors Stevie Laughlin, 
Kristine Blinn, and Nicole 
Holguin converse about their 
plan to take out the 
opponent's striker, (right) 



iers of the volleyball team collectively laugh about their patheti- 
easy win. (above) 

Us Them 


























E. Long. 
West Spfld. 








I , - . 

Senior Steve Steirer watches his perfect drive after yet 
another smooth swing. 

Senior Suzie Carrazza follows through and watches as 
her drive rolls past her opponent's weak shot. 




First Row: R. Birtwell, B. Roy, S. Carrazza, J. Amatruda, E. Gerber. 
Second Row: J. Orenstein, R. Thompson, S. Steirer, D. Adams, I. Wacks, 
R. Agnew, Coach Burke. 


Sophomore Evan Gerber watches as his approach shot lands right 
next to the pin. 

Sophomore Jon Orenstein hits a bomb from the heavy rough at 
Longmeadow Country Club. 


by Sheetal Khera 

The '97-'98 LHS Golf 
team enjoyed a challenging 
season this year. In only their 
second season, the golf team 
continued to grow and im- 
proved their skills tremen- 
dously. This year, the team 
saw a surprising change from 
being a member of the spring 
sports line-up to one of the fall 
sports. Their final season 
record was 5-13-1, but the team 

really worked together and 
never once did their spirits fall. 
The team continually worked 
hard throughout the year and 
helped each other through the 
many ups and downs of the 
season. Says sophomore Evan 
Gerber, "Last year we had a lot 
of excellent players but it did 
not seem as if we were really 
working together. This year, 
we had a lot of talent and it felt 
like out team really worked as 
one." Congratulations to the 
LHS Golf team on their fine 

Opponents look on as Freshman John 
Amatruda puts everything he has got 
into this last swing. 

Junior Doug Adams watches 


the cup. 

intently as his ball drops into 

ior Rick Agnew watches his ball fly off the club face with perfect 
ectory and spin; hopefully this one went in. 


A. Kramer, B. Weeks, M. Overson, A. Robinson, M. Kleiner, P. Casper, 
( , Knll. K. Bartolomei, I roie, M. Madura, T. Moran, R. Agnew. 


First Row: I. Walsh, T. Barbeau, I Cowles, S. Ginley, S. Andr 
Second Row: \1 Gorfin, R- Devine, 1. Soar. I) Goldman, ). VincCT 
Tannehbaum, A Derby. 

Much like Batman, senior Matt Kleiner completely dominates his 
pitiful opponent as junior Mike Overson plays the role of Robin, 

First Row: J. Hollister, R. Whitney, C. McCarthy, S. Newland, A. Kleiner, 
J. Chang, Second Row: J. Agnew, A. Packin, J. Betley, J. Chew B. Soar, D. 
Fallcough, J. Kent, J. LaFrance, T. Ferris. 

Men's Basketball 

by Sydney Leavens 


The '97-'98 
served as a rebuilding year for 
the men's varsity basketball 
team. The loss of several key 
players, coupled with a change 
in coaching, caused the team 
to struggle for its 3-17 record. 
The team's precious wins, 
however, including an exhila- 
rating one against West 
Springfield in overtime, made 
it stronger. Under the leader- 
ship of captains senior Adam 
Kramer and junior Tom 
Moran, players paved the way 

for solid seasons in years to 

The JV team also had a 
tough year, finishing the sea- 
son with a record of 6-13. The 
team was coached by Jay 
Fenalson and led by sopho- 
more captain Tim Walsh. Key 
players included sophomore 
Dan Gold, who was upped to 
varsity mid-season. The fresh- 
man team played very well to 
complete its season with an 
impressive record of 15-3. The 
team was led by captains Chris 
McCarthy, Jason Betley, and 
Brendan Soar. 

Sophomore sensation Mike Madura can 
also dribble with his left hand. Way to 
go, Mike, (left) 

Noble junior Ari Robinson risks his life 
to keep the ball from being turned over 
to the opposing team, (below) 

Senior Rick Agnew dribbles 
the basketball really, really 
well as junior Jim Toye looks 
ahead to his teamate who is 
patiently waiting underneath 
the basket, (left) 

«. ^*k 

Us Them 

Chic. Comp 

. 75 














N. Hampton 56 
Holyoke 40 





W. Spfld. 





Agawam 57 
Minnechaug 35 
Putnam 72 


N. HamptonN/A 
Amherst 62 






Senior Bridget Dullea makes one heck of a catch from 
her sister, sophomore Molly, but come on now, Jess, 
catch up! (right) 


Sophomore Molly Dullea thrashes through the hole, 
eluding her disillusioned opponents, (below) 

I irst Row: K. Washington, M. Francis, E. Bogdanowicz, L. Luciano, M. 
Dullea, Second Row: B. Dullea, M. Mosely, J. I'ortier, B. Murphy. K. 
Danahey, M. McKenna, ]. Farmer, A. Guerre. 


lust Row: N.Camp, C. Nowicki, E. McMahon, K. Kato>ki Second Ren 
Coach Monahan, S. Merrel, I.. Skvpeck, J. Farmer, K. Kolb. 

Senior Jess Farmer is sexually harrassed by her opponent as she 
scores another in a big, big way. (below) 

| First Row: K. Hablerlin, S. Kilaru, E. Smith, K. MacDonald, J. Dimauro, 
L. Mandrus, J. Omartian Second Row: Coach Jenkins, M. Sihea, K. 
I O'Malley, G. Gilad, A. Witzenburger, K. Bragdon, A. Bright. 

Women's Basketball 

by Jennifer Ranahan 

The varsity girls bas- 
ketball team had a great sea- 
son this year finishing with an 
impressive record. The team 
lost seven games but won four- 
teen, placing them 3rd in West- 
ern Mass going into the WMass 
tournament. Unlike last year, 
the team had three co-captains 
who led them through a great 
season. Seniors, Bridget 
Dullea, Margaret McKenna, 
and Jessica Farmer pulled the 
team together for a great sea- 
son. Team work could be re- 
sponsible for the improvement 

over last year's team. The team 
made it to the play-offs in mid- 
season as opposed to last year 
berth at the end of the season. 
Also having a great 
season was the girls Junior 
Varsity basketball team. They 
finished the season with a per- 
fect record. The team worked 
well together, led by an excel- 
lent coaching staff and in a 
change from past years had no 
student captains. Also having 
a great season was the fresh- 
men team who had a success- 
ful first season at LHS. Con- 
fratulations to all of the girl's 
asketball teams here at LHS 
for amazing seasons!! 


Senior Bridget Dullea looks 
as good as Mr. Morrisette and 
Mr. Delano... agree? (above) 

Us Them 

S. Hadley 








N. Hampton 




Chic. Comp. 




W. Spfld. 
Sci. Tech. 






W. Spfld. 
N. Hampton 





Seniors Bridget O'Connor and Caitlin Wagner eel 
ebrate their victories after a successful meet by show 
ing off the elaborate trophy that Bridget received 

Seniors Josh Shapiro, Ben Russel, and Junior Adam 
Diamond feel good about their latest conquest, Berk- 
shire East, (above) 


Senior Captain Caitlin Wagner digs into the mountain in order to angle around the gate, while do I 
a rabid squirrel, (above) 

by Sheetal Khera 

The LHS ski team con- 
fronted the strong winds and 
cold temperatures of the win- 
ter season and represented 
LHS well on the slopes. Both 
the boys' and girls' teams were 
motivated by Coach Clark and 
assistant Coach Kerry, and 
were made up of strong skiers 
who helped guide the team to 
an excellent season. The girls' 
team performed well through- 


out the season and finished 
third in their division. The 
boys' team also performed 
well, finishing fifth in their di- 
vision. Both teams continu- 
ally showed their enthusiasm 
and love for the sport, and felt 
the closeness of the teams 
helped provide a fun and en- 
joyable, as well as successful 

Junior Molly Reynolds, Sophomore Melissa Martinelli, and Senior 
Bridget O'Connor relax and find nourishment from the wild ani- 
mals on the slopes after a tiring meet, (below) 

A Longmeadow high ski team member races down the mountain, as 
a bobcat agressively chases her. (above) 

First Row: B. O'Connor, A. Diamond, B. Russel, A. Agnoli, C. 
Wagner, Second Row: Coach Carey, M. Reynolds, A. Ronald, L. 
Reece, K. Ross, M. Martinelli, J. Shapiro, D. Crand, Coach Clark, 
Third Row: C. Purdy, T. Derosier, M. Emond, J. Sullivan, P. Dela 


Freshman Lee Cotton thinks that he can hover across the water without even getting wet. (belov 

Junior Kolajo Afolabi attempts a flip to impress the 
judges and the roaring crowd, (below) 

Someone should have thought about telling this LI IS swimmer that the point of being on the <w" 
was not to drown, but to race against other opponents, (left) 


This LHS swimmer is trying to use all of his muscle power to jump 
out of the water, in hopes to avoid the giant squid that is pursuing 
right behind him. (below) 

An LHS swimmer is peaking up at the score to determine how 
much he has to beat this opponent by. (far below) 


Lv I 

S 'fi 

First Row: H. Leavens, B. Roy, T. Hill, M. Viamari, A. Moyouski, M. 
Kolonoski, A. Szafran, J. Lovitz, Second Row: K. Afolabi, M. Russo, 
|M. Davidow, B. Fagin, J. Hill, A. Szafran. 

Men's Swimming 

by Sydney Leavens 

For the LHS men's 
swimteam, this season was 
supposed to be a rebuilding 
year. Many leading competi- 
tors had graduated, and there 
was not a single senior on the 
team. However, due to the 
hard work of some very tal- 
ented underclassmen and the 
leadership of team captains 
juniors Adam Szafran, Jess Hill 
and Mike Russo, the team sur- 
prised even itself. The boys 
capped off their impressive 
season record of 11-3 with a 




second place finish at Western 
Mass. "The team exceeded my 
expectations," said Coach 
Mandell, "[and its] Western 
Mass performance was an eye 
opener to other teams." 

Key swimmers were 
juniors Szafran, Russo, and 
Brett Fagin, sophomores Aaron 
Mayausky, and Mark 
Kolonowski and freshman 
Travis Hill, all of whom quali- 
fied for States competition. 

The strong diving of 
freshman Lee Cotton often 
helped to determine close 
meets in Longmeadow's favor. 

Juniors Brett Fagin, Mike Russo, Mike 
Davidow, and sophomore Mark 
Kolonowski stop to pose for the cam- 
era, but basically the three guys on the 
left wanted to get a picture with their 
shirts off. (below) 


This LHS swimmer's hand 
appears to be waving to his 
girlfriend and, at the same 
time, swatting at giant killer 
gnats swarming around him. 

Us Them 

E. Hampton 



Chic. Comp. 















Holyoke Cath.123 


N. Hampton 



E. Long. 




This LHS diver believes she can fly, she believes she can 
touch the sky. (right) 

As if there is not enough water in the pool already, this 
LHS swimmer drools profusely, (below) 

m ^^r 

^*. f "•''J** 

Senior captains Emily Sturgis and Katie 
Hennessy are mesmorized by the flash of 
the Steinmetz camera before their meet, 

To the crowd's delight, Senior 
Signe Dahlquist prepares to 
execute a perfect 10 dive, 


Senior Sydney Leavens wonders if there are chemoautotrophs at 
the bottom of the pool, (below) 

First Row: A. Retchin, L. Plotkin, G. Goldman, E. Sturgis, K. Hennessy, 
S. Haddad, Second Row: C. Liro-Hudson, K. Ingalls, L. Amatruda, E. 
Falvo, R. Shusterman, L. Sturgis, H. Piechowski, B. Thompson Third 
Row: L. Ngyen, M. Klug, K. Sullivan, K. Spinelli Fourth Row: A. 
Schmiedigen, M. LaBroad, F. Manzoor, A. Mazur, L. Bibeau, J. Whipple, 
J. Varley, C. Olsweski Fifth Row: W. Ellis, S. Dalquist, R. Chernock, L. 
Urbschat, J. Britrman, S. Amenta, S. Leavens, L. rialsey 

Women's Swimming 

by Sydney Leavens 

The women's swim 
team ended its season strongly 
with a season record of 9-5 and 
a sixth place finish at Western 
Mass. Under the leadership of 
senior captains Katie Hennessy 
and Emily Sturgis, the team 
beat strong long-time rivals. 
Said Coach Mandell of the sea- 
son, "The team lost some strong 
seniors but we always seem to 
somehow get by, living up to 
our reputation as the team to 
beat." This was especially true 
at WMass, where almost every 

swimmer shaved seconds off 
her seed time in every race. 

Some key swimmers 
were seniors Hennessy, and 
Leah Halsey, junior Jill Varley, 
and sophomores Kim Sullivan, 
Candice Olszewski, and Katie 
Spinelli, all of whom qualified 
for States competition. 

Crucial to the 
women's success was the 
Longmeadow Women's div- 
ing program, undoubtedly the 
strongest in Western Mass. 
Under the the leadership of 
senior captains Oni Matule- 
wicz and Signe Dalquist, div- 
ing clinched many victories for 
the team. Dalquist set the 6- 
dive school record of 220.7 
points at a home meet against 
Cathedral and the 11-dive 
school record of 391.95 points 
at WMass. 

Senior Oni Matulewicz does 
some interesting stuff in the 
air to dazzle the judges be- 
low, (above) 

Us Them 

Cathedral 130 


Agawam 122 


E. Hampton 132 


Belchertown 116 


Chic. Comp. 77 


Amherst 65 


Holyoke 96 


Central 101 


Minnechaug 49 


Holyoke Cath.97 


N. Hampton 84 


E. Long. 101 



Senior Ken Sheffield's hand is being raised in victory 

Junior Rob Douglas prepares to square off against one of 
the toughest lightweights he'll probably ever face in his 
life (in wrestling, at least), (below) 


Senior 1 im Dubay examines his opponents dandrutt hetore he decides to end this match, one of many against some challenging 

opponents (above) 

Junior Paul Basile is obviously beating his opponent silly, and he 
is such a nice guy that he found time to hold his opponent's hand, 


by Sydney Leavens 

Wrestling is often said 
to be one of the toughest of all 
winter sports, and with good 
cause. Participants must en- 
dure hours of grueling condi- 
tioning, push themselves to the 
limits in mental and physical 
strength, and often diet as well 
to qualify for low weight 
classes. This year's Long- 
meadow wrestlers endured the 
pain and sacrifices and 
emerged as some of the stron- 
gest competitors in WMass. 

Under the leadership 
of captains seniors Eli Zimmer, 

First Row: D. Lynch, P. Basile, M. McCarthy, S. Turnburg, Z. Zimmer, 
Second Row: D. Bogdanowicz, J. Scliopou, R. Douglass, T. Dubay, M. 
Zimring, E. Zimmer, K. Sheffield, Third Row: Coach Kroll, M. Askin, J. 
Rappaport, J. Abbate, W. Wienman, D. Mandell, M. Vezzola, J. Schneider, 
Coach Panteleakis, Fourth Row: J. Kurland, B. Chew, J. Mujali, L. Jeni. 

As sophomore Bill Weinmann 
is trying to finish off his op- 
ponent, he is distracted by the 
flying squirrel attacking his 
family watching on in the 
bleachers, (left) 

Tim Dubay, Ken Sheffield, and 
Mark Zimring and junior Mike 
McCarthy, the team thrived. 
One of the highlights of the 
season was the team's resound- 
ing win against Agawam at 
home by around 30 points. 

Key contributors in- 
cluded Dubay, who finished 
the season first in his weight 
class (171) and was voted most 
valuable wrestler in Western 
Mass, Zimmer, who was third 
in Western Mass in his class 
(189) and McCarthy, who also 
finished third in WMass in the 
112 weight class. 

Senior Dave Martens applies a lot of 
pressure to his opponent's head; his 
move is rumored to be called the 
"Shigawangtangtang." (right) 

Since Senior Tim Dubay was named the 
best wrestler in the whole world, we 
decided to put this classic photo in the 
section, (below) 

Us Them 




W. Spfld. 























E. Long. 



Sophomore rising star, Kevin Rowe nails a fast one in 
the opposing goalie's face, (right) 

Senior Matt Chelli escapes the stick of his opponent as 
he races away on a break away, (below) 

Amherst defender lookes on in awe as Kevin Rowe blows by him with 
the ultimate skill, (above) 

Senior Sean Keane takes an aggressive shot on goal over the body 
of the goalie, (below) 

Senior Co-Captians Mike Burton and Sean Keane define teamwork 
with their quick and short passes, pushing them ahead of their 
defender, (far below) 

Ice Hockey 

by Sheetal Khera 

The '97-'98 LHS 
Hockey team enjoyed an ex- 
cellent season once again. The 
team finished with a 10-9-1 
record and qualified for the 
Western Massachusetts tour- 
nament. The team was led by 
head coach Brian Foley as well 
as talented senior veterans 
such as Sean Keane, who this 

year became Longmeadow's 
leading all-time scorer with 89 
goals, 83 assists and 1 72 points. 
Their skill and determination 
have made Longmeadow High 
School proud and the enthusi- 
asm and outstanding play of 
younger members of the team 
have given the team hope for 
many more successful seasons 
in the future. 

Senior Matt Chelli practices his kick 
boxing moves while shooting on goal, 

First Row: Coach Foley, J. Grodin, A. Quinn, M. Chelli, J. Vivenzio, M. 
Burton, J. Long, S. Keane, T. Leahy, Second Row: Coach Joyce, Coach 
Dineen, K. Rowe, J. Liro-Hudson, C. Emma, J. Skypeck, R. Ackley, J. 
Tourtelotte, W. Sussmam, D. Adams, Coach Burke, Third Row: M. 
i Robitaille, C. Kiely, C. Bolduc, C. Methe. 

Us Them 

Us Them 




St. Peter 

4 3 





2 4 




S. Hadley 

13 1 




Minnechaug 3 5 





1 2 





3 1 





1 6 

W. Spfld. 




3 4 

E. Long. 




N/A N/A 




W. Spfld, 

N/A N/A 






s all good things 
must come to an end, 
the days at Long- 
meadow High Castle even- 
tually became memories as 
lords and ladies gradu- 
ted and moved on to the next 
leg of their journey. What 
happened next cannot yet be 
written down-no magic scroll 
'eveals the future. Yet, surely 
11 the High Castlers laid the 
teachings, experiences, and 
memories of the Kingdom of 
Longmeadow as foundations 
for their own dreams and the 
next chapters of their stories. 


rt & a v 

<S*z. cz^y\s cijy 




wishes to thank these people 

for their generosity and 

support. They are our heroes 

and heroines. By becoming 


they reminded us that our 

work is appreciated, inspir- 

ing us to create the best year- 


Mr. Leblanc 

Linda and Gary Martinelli 
Douglas and Debrajangraw 
m Mr. and Mrs. Carrazza * 

Robin and Lucy Patterson 

The Sheffield Family 


book ever: the Masacksic of 




Deb and Jeff Cohen 
r. and Mrs. Stanley Winer 
Bob and Pam Stewart 
Karen and Bill Rajferty 



Good Friends are Forever 






PHONE 567 7977 

807 WILLIAMS ST — LONGMEADOW MA 01 116 1254 

Congratulations to 
the Class of '98! 

Best of luck and 

much Happiness 

in the future. 

The Soja Family 


Ben & Friends 

With Love From theAbbates 
(Mom, Dad, dtjon) 


We are so proud of you! 

Love from, 

Mom, Dad, and Aria 

Best wishes to all LHS Graduates! 

&est of LucK 

to all of our 

"6irovin - up" 

Kiddlf Win** Kids 

An doyajian 


On April 10, 1980 
Our lives were changed forever!!! 

What a Wonderful 

Thank You, Oni 


Dad, Mom, 
Jake, Nonnie, 
Tootsie, and 


Magnificent Performance 

"You are the 
beat in my 
heart and the 
rhythm in my 

Now follow your path and find your dream. 

Mom, Dad, and Robin 






Larry, Linda, Jason 
Luc, AnnMarie, Klara 


May All Your Days Be Filled 

^ Congrats 

to a terrific Sister 


Naomi & Jacob 
Mom & Dad too!! 

Best of Luck to the Class of 


From the LHS 

Pupil Services Staff 



and the 

Class of '98 

Best Wishes, 

The Thompson 





Compliments of 





lland Gardens® 

•\ r 

176 Longmeadow Street • 567-6151 

II pn3 



on Four Great 


With Love From 
Your Parents 

1997 Varsity Soccer Co-Captains 
Katie Garvey, Katie Heaps, Caitlin Wagner, and Bridget Dullea 

[ The Longmeadow News 

"Your Community 


Congratulates the 

Class of 1998 

md Wishes them the 

Best of Luck 

We are So Proud of 
You and Love You! 

Mom, Dad, 
Taylor and 




"Yesterday a child came out to wonder 

Caught a dragonfly inside a jar 

Fearful when the sky was full of thunder 

And tearful at the falling of the star 

Then the child moved ten times around the seasons 

Skated over ten clear frozen streams 

Words like, "when you're older" must appease him 

When promises of someday make his dreams 

And the seasons, they go round and round 
And the painted ponies go up and down 

We're captive on the carousel of time 

We can't return we can only look behind 

From where we came 

And go round and round and round 

In the circle game. " 

-Joni Mitchell 

For all that you have been, 

For all that you are, and 

For all that you are yet to be; 

We applaud, admire, and salute you. 

We are proud of the man that you have become 

And proud of your accomplishments. 

The possibilities are endless as you broaden 

the circles of your life 

and make your dreams realities. 

We love you, 

Mom, Dad, and Jordana 


Congratulations Drew and the Class of 1998! 




We are so very 
Proud of You! 


Mom, Dad, and 



Courtney, Molly, 
and Griffin 


Field Hockey Team Seniors 

for a Great Season! You are the 


Dara and Christina 



Vith Love from your proud parents 
Love from all Dad's and Mom's 

We Love You, 
Your Proud Parents 


Kindergarten to High School - 

A Lasting Friendship 

Congratulations to Heather and Lindsay - 
Your Proud Parents 
The Warwicks and The Porters 


Margaret and the Class of '98 

bV 1 

win H 

c ■* ' mm i^^fl 

HHt^T . AmI 


r T 1 


j r — < fli^ 


Mom, Dad, Liz 
and Cay 


Liz and Dann 


~c ,. Class of '98! 

Once Upon a Time 


andAways. . . 

Once upon a time I ventured into an unknown classroom at LHS for the first 
time. I nervously turned around to see a friendly-looking Indian boy sitting behind 
me. "Hi, my name is Swaroop." Little did I know that this introduction would be 
the start of four years of friendship. Working on the yearbook with you, Swaroop, 
was only a very minute part of our time together. And although I got frustrated at 
times, there was never any doubt in my mind that we would put out a great book. 
That is what happens, you see, when two friends work hard at perfecting some- 
thing: you get something wonderful. 

IK Love, Evelyn 

Well Ev, we've truly seen it all, my friend: "La Caperucita Roja," the Spot, 
Starlight Express, the Reject Shop, "Sinner Man," the Senior Class Play, its conse- 
quences, pies, Puntos quizzes, yearbook, yearbook, yearbook... Good God(s)! 
How could I have dealt with the madness and hilarity that these four years have 
been without you analyzing and laughing at it all along with me? True, at times 
you, being the weirdo you are, have added to the madness. . .and I wholehearted ly 
appreciate it! You've been the greatest "Co" and friend. Thank you. 

Always, Swaroop 

Thank you, Class of 1998! 


To Dream. . . To Create. . . 

To Dare to Achieve. . . 

YouVe done it, Matt! 

We are proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, and Tim 

"Listen to the MUSNTs, child, 
Listen to the DON'Ts 
Listen to the SHOULDNTs 
Listen to the NEVER HAVE's 
Then listen close to me- 
Anything can happen, child, 
ANYTHING can be." 

- Shel Silverstein 

Congratulations Lindsay Porter and Best Wishes 
for a Bright Future! 

Mom, Dad, Carrie, and Emily 


'til the End" 





i \ 

1 S - K 1 

We Love You and are very proud 
The Kramer's, The Shapiro's, and the Zimmer's 


We're so Proud of You!! 

Congratulations Amie & Denise.J i 

You've Made Us Very Proud 

^B^^> ^^ 






oi T 

uluaH _ 


H - 

* I\ 

M /[ 

Mom, Dad, and Lindsey 

With Love From Your Families 


Congratulations to Suzie and all her Friends 


Frank, Sue, Michelle, and Cathy Carrazza 

fou've Come A Long Way 

Congratulations Emily! 

Dad, Mom, and Elizabeth 


OM Team 1994 State Champions 

LHS Class of 1998 



and Rose 

From Dietmar and Angela Kuhr 



We are proud of the kind-hearted, 
loving, and confident person you 
have grown up to be. You have 
given us much happiness and memo- 
ries to cherish. We hope your 
dreams to help others and your 
determination to make a difference in 
people's lives will guide your future. 
Best of luck. 

Class of 1998! 

Mom, Dad, and Sucheta 

Congratulations Katie 
and the Class of '98 


From the Mikesh Family and Marcotte Ford 

— ■■ 

Ken, Lauren, Jackie, Angela, Tim, Eric, Randi, Dave, 
Amanda, Steve, Chris, Emily, Rich, and Homer 

Wish the Class of 1998 the best of luck and say, 
"Goodbye LHS, Hello College!" 

Here's some advice from... 

Tim: "Obstacles are things a person sees when he takes his eyes off his goal." 

Homer: "Never fly a kite where power lines go." 

Emily: "Care for all, love what you care about most." 

Angela: "Don't get overly involved. It's too stressful!" 

Dave: "Remember, the force will be with you, always." 

Randi: "Smile, its the second best thing you can do with your lips." 

Steve: "When asked why we are friends, because they are they, and I am I." 

Lauren: "Sleep is good. Try it!" 

Amanda: "Don't worry, be happy." 

Chris: "Try not. Do or do not.. There is no try." 

Ken: "Neither a borrower nor a lender be." 

Eric: "You can't run from your troubles. Ain't no place that far!" 

Rich: "The only opinion in the world that counts is yours, everything else is just a suggestion. 

Jackie: "Every end is a new beginning." 


Congratulations Samantha Jean Prestia 

We're So Proud of You! 
You're the Best! 
Keep Smiling! 


Dad, Mom, and Court 

We're so Proud of 


Our Two Sons!!! 

Aaron and Brian 

Frannie and Brigid 


"When you wish upon a star 
makes no difference who you ar 
Anything your heart desires 
Will come to you." 

May all your wishes come true. 

We love you 

and are so proud of you. 


Mom, Dad, Josh, Greg, and Ilanna 

Congratulations Leah 

YouVe only just begun. 

We love you 

Mom, Dad, and David 

Congratulations Meredith! 

We're so proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, Alyssa, and Darcy 

Congratulations Rachael 
and the Class of 1998!!! 

so Proud 
of You!!! 


Mom, Dad & Eric 



Friends Forever! 

Congratulations ! 


Your Proud Parents 

Rebecca & Jason... 

...Cousins and Friends. 


Your Proud Parents 

to our Varsity Boys Soccer Team! 

Best Wishes for the Future 


Senior Co-Captains: Mike O'Malley, Sean Keane, Ben Russell, and David Patterson 





proudly recognizes your 

Congratulations to the 
Class of 1998! 

Andrea Cambell, President 

Marie Pratt, Vice President 

Roger Morin, Treasurer 

Brightwood Hardware 

794 WilUams Str^ j 

We are always ready 

to help you with your hardware needs 

and to support the Longmeadow community! 

Congratulations to 
the Class of 1998! 



Band Saw Blades • Hacksaw Blades 
Reciprocating Blades & Jig Saw Blades 

Hole Saws • Vari-Bits® 


mi l ium 

301 Chestnut Street, East Longmeadow, MA 01 028 413-525-3961 


We are Proud of You! 

Mom, Dad, Jena, and Michelle 

Congratulations Stevie 
and the entire class of 98: 

Pursue Your Dreams 

Congratulations Laura 

"People will remember what you 

did, so be smart, smart enough to 

be a lady" 

From Chase, Clarke, Stewart and 
Fontana Insurance 


You did it! 

Dad, Mom, Rykiel, and Ariel 

Congratulations, Cassie! 

Never lose your stride, keep hitting 
those winners, and always keep them 


Here's hoping the Big Green is 
ready for you! 

Mom, Dad, Jessica, 
Max, and Ebony 

Advising the creation of Once Upon a Time 
provided me with wonderfully memorable moments 
and afforded so many opportunities to share ideas 
and to guide a superbly creative staff. 

Thanks so much for the "once upon a 
time" experiences which I will remember for a 
lifetime. . . 

Mr. L. 


Dear Meghan, 

We are proud of 
your spirit and deter- 
mination in the 
classroom and on 
the playing field 
which will serve you 
well in the future. 

We Love You, 
Mom, Dad, James, Kaitlin, and Madeleine 



C'Iojj of 

nineteen Anndtcd ninety 

Class of 1998 Advisors and Officers 

Mrs. Berard, Justine Kurland, Benjy Russel, Leah Halsey, Mrs. Guistina, 

Ryan Thompson, Dave Patterson 


Thanks for the 




Denise I 

Granny, Grampa, and Mandy 


Your Family 

Good Luck, Seniors!! 


57 Allen Street, Springfield, MA 01 108-1925 

tel#: (413)739-6941 

Pablo Cardoza 

Javier Reinick 

Huevo- Colegio de la Inmaculada Concepcion, 
Flute, Computer lessons, Basketball, Tennis, 

Aaron Risi 

The Senior Section Continued. 



A Bronco Day and an Ehv, 
Day: Super Bowl XXXII. 

Britain and the world bid farewell to Diana, 
Princess of Wales, on a sparkling September 
morning with a grand tribute rich in pagentry. 
Since her death in a car crash in Paris and a 
week before, the country had witnessed an 
astonishing outpouring of grief that forced a 
repentant monarchy to join in the kind of full 
celebration of Diana's life that the millions of 
people who flooded into London demanded. 




Bare, Dawn 


Blair, Jeffery 

11.46, 129, 176i 

Amatruda, John 

112, 150,190,191 

Barney, Adam 



Amatnida, Lisa 

100, 201 

Barowsky, Craig 
Barr, Jonathan 

100, 148, 151 

Blair, Jenilee 
Blair, Justin 


Ameigh, lesse 



8, 88, 93, 152. U 

Amenta. Salina 

28, 43, 158, 201 

Barr, Joshua 


Blakesley, Brian 


I jSmi ^M 

Anctil, Chandra 


Barr, Rachel 

112, 119 

Blanchard, Bill 


Anderson, Dwayne 

88, 186 

Bartolomei, Keith 

25, 88, 192 

Blansett. Matthew 


Andrews, Sergio 

35, 100, 124, 192 

Bascom, Aria 

100, 129, 143 

Bliesener, Jennifer 


Angelides, Stephanie 

44, 188 

Bascom, Eric 

45, 176, 210 

Blinn. Daniel 


Appleby, Andrew 


Basdekis, Kristen 


Blinn, Kristine 

29, v 

Arndt, Scott 

88, 152, 157 

Basdekis, Laura 

33.45,128, 170 


Askin, Richard 
Auth, Charles 

100, 150, 180, 203 

Basile, Paul 
Bassell, Adam 

88, 203 

Block, Jeremy 

Blonder. Tiffany 


Axler, /(iso/i 


Bausch, Devon 


Blum. Brian 


Baxter. Samantha 


Bogdanowicz, Daniel 


Abbate, Benjamin 

37, 43, 130. 149, 

Bayley, Sue 


Bogdanowicz, Ellen 


152, 153, 210 

112, 115,203 

Bazos, Andrea 
Beachman, Jennifer 

12, 100, 154. 184 
112. 185 

Boldiic. Christopher 
Borecki, Theresa 

113 ' 
100. 184 

Abbate, Jonathan 

Ackley, Ryan 

88, 205 

Beale, Tristiua 


Bousquet, Danielle 


Adams, Caroline 

100, 186 

Bederak, Gene 

88. 176 

Bouvier, Patrick 


Adam*, Douglas 


Beiras, Xulio 

45. 144 

Boyajian, Arianne 


191, 205 

Belmont. Meredith 

32, 88, 129. 154 

Braden. Ashley 

89, 129, 154 18 

Afolabi, Kolajo 

27. 31, 88, 130, 142, 

Bently. Jason 

113, 183,193 


143, 152, 180, 198, 


Berard, Linda 

163, 228 

Bradley. Shannon 

89. 9t 

\gnew, John 


Bercume, \shley 


Brady. Shara 


Agnew, Richard 
192. 193 

43. 139, 190, 191, 

Berg. Evan 
Berg, Johnathan 

22. 100 


Bragdon, Kathryn 
Broun, Natanya 

113, 185. 195 

Agnoli, Angela 

168, 180, 197, 

Berger, Robert 

113, 134, l ■ 

Brooders, Robert 

89. 150 



Breeding. 1 i-au 

100. 149 

Akrens, Pamela 

100, 108, 184, 185 

Bailey, Julie 

88, 186 

Berk. Kevin 


Brewer, Elizabeth 


Albaiw. Consiglia 


Baker, Mary 


Bernstein, Deborah 


Brigham, Allison 

Albert, Sara 

100, 184 

Baker. Richard 

44. 180,221 

Berte. 1 awrence 


Bright. Alison 

113, J55. \i 

Alexopolous, Nicole 


Balder. Rebel I ;i 

112. 1 17 

Bessqff, Kovi 

113 ISO 

Brin. Jonathan 

Alexopoulos, Christina 

Balise, Janus 


Bessos, Andrea 


Brittman, Jaclyn 


Bandeian, John 


Bibeau, 1 indsay 

88 i- 


fS\ Alfaarone. Alexandra 

Baraldi. Amanda 

• : 148, 168, 

Bielums. David 


Brittman. Jodie 


\ Spl 1U 


Bienkowski, Maria 

Btoadv, Erica 


.? 3C 

J Allen, Catherine 

88, 141 



100, 183 19 


Birtwell. Ryan 

9, 100, 190 

Brookmeyer, Kathryn 

15. !• 

Despite comparisons with earlier 
groups like Menudo and New 
Kids on the Block, the Spice Girls 
have jumped into superstardom, 
grabbing the adoration that 
comes with overnight worldwide 
fame. With only one album to 
their credit, the five young 
women took the world by storm 
with their saucy antics and innu- 
merable shouts of "Girl Power." 

127, 150, 219 

Camp, Andrew 

48, 158, 180 

Chernock, Elena 


Cullinan, Seamus 


Vtm, Adam 


Camp, Nora 

101, 152, 186, 


Chernock, Jason 


Cummings, Matthew 

90, 176 

pwn, Courtney 

21, 100, 154 

184 Cant in, Stephen 

7, 26, 37, 40, 48, 

Chernock, Rebecca 

49, 201 

Czarniecki, Gabriel 

114, 155 

own, )ana 


126, 130, 134, 135, 145, 149, 221 

Cherry, Michael 


own, Jason 


Capleton, Shelly 


Chew, Jason 


\iwn, Scott 

101, 159 

Capurso, Emily 
Caracciolo, Vincenzo 


Chew, Robert 

89, 148, 203 

own, Stephen 



Chircop, Matthew 


K Matthew 

89, 153 

Carellas, George 


Chiusano, Meghan 


<wne, Vesta 


Carle, Claire 


Chiusano, Moira 


hniconti, Jennifer 

101, 179 

Carney, Sheena 


Coady, Christine 

9, 90, 126, 180 

fger, Brittany 

89, 184 

Can, Christopher 

114, 153 

Cohen, Alexander 


Vke, Kevin 

101, 180 

Carrazza, Suzanne 

28, 29, 48, 140, 152, 

Cohen, Miriam 


rns, Sue 

137, 163 


Cohen-Shrage, Rebecca 

36, 37, 50, 136, 149 

wstein, Gregory 


Casali, Caitlin 


Colegrove, David 


wton, C. Michael 

47, 205 
89, 184 

Casanova, Cheryl 
Casartello, Jennifer 

101, 154 

Collins, Christopher 
Collins, Patrick 


hsolari, Laura 

Icher, Stephen 

8, 113,153 

Casper, Phillip 

101, 176, 192 

Collins, Susan 


Idler, William 


Cathrew, Victoria 

89, 184 

Colton, Scott 

50, 145, 148, 151, 

Wer, Kate 


Caller, Josh 99 


D'Elia, Erin 

102, 104, 150 

Centeno, Nicole 

114, 116 

Conboy, Christopher 

114, 149 

Dabbs, Julie 50 

Chamberland, William 

101, 183 

Conboy, Kevin 

106, 114, 153 

Dahlquist, Signe 

29, 50, 186, 200, 

Chambers, Lluvia 
Chandler, Matthew 


101, 104, 152, 


Cone, Ambria 
Conway, Marty 


Daitch-Bergeron, Jasoi 

i 114 

Chang, Edward 

14, 49, 149 

Cook, Jacqueline 


Damsker, Amy 

114, 155 

Chang, Eric 

101, 135, 149 

Cook, Jennifer 


Damsker, Melanie 

10, 28, 34, 37, 50, 

Chang, Jim 



Cooper, Jason 

12, 90, 136 

152. 157 


Corbert, Amanda 


Dana, Erik 

102, 150 

Chang, Samuel 

89, 134, 135, 138, 

Corn, Evan 


Danahey, Colleen 


m '^^ ^!x 

142, 143, 149 

Cotton, Lee 114,198 

Danahey. Kathleen 

15, 18, 37, 51, 184, 

Chasen, Elissa 

87, 114,185 

Couchon, Rebecca 

90, 127, 129, 154 



Chatman, Jose 
Chaudhuri, Colin 

101, 125,153 

Couture, Hilary 
Cowles, James 

114, 149 
101, 192 

Daniels, Dan- 
Daniels, David 


Chelli, Matthew 

49, 204, 205 

Cox, Man/ 


Darling, Emily 


Chelli, Patrick 


Crand, David 

102, 197 

DaSilva, Denise 


wuin. Deb 

163, 170 

Chen, Stephanie 



Crenshaw, Nicole 

90, 131 


mcchia, Rose 

18, 37, 48, 1 

37, 154, Cheng, Jillian 

101, 130,135, 


Cromwell, Heather 

114, 137 

Davidow, 1 inda 

fi m ■ 


148, 149 

Cropper, Doug 


114. 186 

txi n 

minese, Michael 

113, 150 

Cherkas, Breinicn 


Crumb, Peter 

164, 165 

Davidow, Michael 

90, [ 2-5Y \ 

127, 142, 199 

De Temmerman, Klara 102, 143 

De Temmerman, Pieter 51, 211 

Mother Teresa was among the most well-known 
and highly respected women in the world in the 
later half of the twentieth century. She dedicated 
her life to helping the poor, the sick and the dying 
around the world, particularly those in India. 
Her selfless work with the needy brought her 
much acclaim and many awards, including the 
Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. She died at the age of 
87 on September 5, 1997 of heart failure at her 
convent in Calcutta. 

The Dave Matthews 
Band has demon- 
strated over the course 
of three albums and 
several years of exten- 
sive touring that it has 
staying power on the 
record charts. Com- 
bining the elements of 
rock, jazz, funk, folk 
and world beat, the 
group is soulful and 
subtle in its harmonies 
and rhythms. 

Dean, Kathleen 
Deary, Mike 
Delano, Bob 
DeLima, Michelle 
Delia-Luna, Peter 
DeMaio, Yolanda 
DeMarco, Michael 
Demase, John 
Demos, Garrett 
Derby, Adam 
Derosier, Timothy 
Desai, Niyati 
Desmarais, Lindsey 
Devine, Heather 
Devine, John 
Devine, Ryan 
Diamond, Adam 

Dibbern, Jamie 
Dibble, Elizabeth 

145, 147, 148, 186, 215, 216 
Dillon, Mary Ellen 165 
Dimauro, Julie 
Dimauro, Nicholas 
Diruzza, Travis 

151, 152, 180 
Doney, John 
Douglas, Robert 

180, 202, 203 
Drost, Mark 
Drungo, Kirsten 
Dubay, Timothy 

202, 203, 221 
Dugre, Jessica 
Dukeshire, Erin 
Dullea, Bridget 

184, 194, 213 
Dullea, Molly 

Duncan, Jamey 
Duncan, Richard 
Dunn, Aaron 
Dunn, Lisa 

Dunn, Matthew 
Dupre, Anne 
Duquette, Nicolas 

Dutcher, Ethan 
Dybdahl, Kristina 
Dziekan, Jennifer 

102, 150, 184 



102, 149, 158 

102, 152, 157, 197 



90, 99, 150 

102, 183 





24, 51, 149 


102, 183, 192 

90, 153, 176, 196, 


115, 150, 195 


102, 131, 133, 149, 

102, 153, 182 
12, 91, 127, 138, 

102, 176, 177 



102, 138 
115, 150, 155 
29,52,140, 175, 

21, 102, 184, 185, 







102, 127, 138, 139, 


52, 133, 148 


Fagin, Brett 
Fahey, Damien 
Fahcy, Matthew 
Falkoff, Daniel 
Falkoff, Heather 
Falvo, Ericka 
Farmer, Jessica 

154, 188, 194 
Farmer, Jocelyn 
Faruqi, Imran 
Ferrel, Allyson 

186, 187 
Ferrentino, Ciovanna 
Ferrentino, Silvana 
Ferrentino, Sonia 
Ferris, Timothy 
Fil, Ray 
Filvo, Erica 
Finer, Daniel 
Finer, Rachel 
Finkel, Sherri 
Fischer, Gideon 
Fishbein, Nicole 
Fitts, Heather 
Fitts, Kristen 
Fitzgerald, John 
Fiveson, Justin 
Florek, Elizabeth 
Fontaine, Lauren 
Foote, Alex 
Forgey, Ian 
Forgey, Leah 
Forna, Stephanie 
Forrest, Noah 
Fournier, Annette 
Fox, Laura 
Francis, Marie 
Frank, Lauren 
Frazee, James 
Freedberg, Sarah 

Freeman, Jason 
Freeman, lessica 
Friberg, John 
Friedman, Daniel 
Friedman, Jonathan 
Friedson-Trujill, lliana 




115, 193 



90, 91, 129, 154. 


116, 185 



91, 136, 138, 17t 

103, 139 


53, 139 

91, 130, 180 
91, 130, 180 
142, 165 
103, 149, 184 





34, 54, 130. 136 

103, 154 

54, 194 

36, 37, 54. 148, 1 




54, 148, 151,216 



Eastling, Aiesha 

14, 38, 53, 132 

1 astling-Wttli, Amina 


Eaton, John 

II i 

1 gun, Patrick 

91, 153, 183 

I iff, Isabelle 

Elm, Stephen 

53, 130, 143, 148 
115, 134 

Ellis, Laird 

141, 160, 162, 165 

Ellis, Whitney 

102, 138, 154, 201 

II num. Rivuii 


Galaska, Andrew 


Emma, Charles 

91, 205 

Galaska, Jonathan 

91, 99, 150 

1 mtmd, Marc 

'»/. 197 


•r, Conine 



\Gallagher, Kathryn 
\GaIlant, Daniel 
>Garcia, Alexander 
\Garvey, Katharine 
\ 129, 154, 184, 213 
Gauthier, Joseph 
Zayshan, Stanislav 
Zebo, Dan 
Zebo, Kevin 
Zelinas, Mike 
Zerard, Eli 
Zerber, Evan 
Zerstein, David 
Zervais, Garrett 
Zhansah, Nicholas 
'Monsah, Nicholas 
1 ~,iella, Gabriel 
jiguere, Brooke 
',ilad, Ginat 
'Albert, Stacy 
'.inley, Erin 
Mnley, Sean 
'.insburg, Elliot 
'Men, Alissa 
'■lushien, Yosef 
iodding, Adam 
odin, Hilary 
j oguere, Brooke 
old, Daniel 

oldtnan, Carla 
oldman, Gabrielle 
oldman, Mikhaila 
Uoodman, Jason 
Lnodwin, Jeff 
i todwin, Sarah 
mirdon, Jennifer 
Mirenstein, Eric 
I nfin, Michael 
I >ud, Rachel 
U'wtham, Sarah 
J53, 179 
ant, Allison 
| aveline, Nick 
azincky, Adam 
ten, Emily 
een, Jennifer 
einer, Eli 
iiner, Zachary 
'■'ggs, Scott 
ndd, Alexander 

tmdin, Gerard 
Uet, Dayle 
ferra, Amie 
|94, 218 
Vstina, Ginny 
i'zenski, Adam 



103, 132 

10, 27, 28, 29, 54, 


103, 143 

12, 148 


166, 168 


103, 190 



95, 176 


116, 158 

116, 155, 195 

103, 143, 150 


103, 135, 192 




55, 150 



103, 130, 150, 183, 

91, 150, 188 


103, 180 



92, 154 


92, 192 


32, 55, 133, 152, 

117, 155 
138, 153 

103, 186 

56, 182 

92, 93, 129, 136, 

103, 205 


27, 29, 37, 56, 184, 

166, 228 
92, 150 

H lason 
H\rlin, Kerry 
H,iad, Ryan 
H< lad, Sara 
Hi'ch, Kimberly 
•U Courtney 
Htihan, Philip 

56, 182 


92, 153, 182 




92, 176 

Halsey, Leah 

201, 223, 228 
Hamlin, Elizabeth 
Hamlin, Jennifer 
Hampf, Robert 
Hanifin, Alicia 
Hannifan, Megan 
Hansen, Abigail 

146, 149 
Hanson, Deanna 
Hanson, Erin 
Harbison, Richard 

151, 182 
Harding, Amber 
Harington, Kim 
Harr, Julie 
Harrison, Matthew 

Hartman, Jaclyn 
Harwood, Laura 
Haselkorn, Scott 
Hasenbush, Lorisa 
Hassan, Aizza 
Hawker, Rita 
Healy, Lorie 
Heaps, Kathleen 

Hennessy, Kathryn 

Hermosilla, Diego 
Herzenberg, David 
Hess, Mari 
Hicks, Caitlin 
Hill, Douglas 
Hill, Jess 

Hill, Travis 
Hirsch, Ron 
Hirsch, Seth 
Hobart, Ashley 
Hogan-Welch, Patricia 
Holden, Alexandra 
Holden, Lauren 
Holguin, Eli 
Holguin, Nicole 
Holland, Marie 
Hollister, Courtney 
Hollister, Johnathan 
Hollister, Katti 
Hollister, Lindsey 
Horowitz, Rachel 
Horrigan, Ryan 
Houle, James 
Howard, Donald 
Howland, David 
Howland, Mark 
Hubbard, Michael 
Humphries, Jessica 
Hupfer, Sheri 
Hutt, Ari 
Hyde, Alison 
Hyde, Megan 

10, 25, 34, 56, 148, 

117, 186 

15, 56, 180, 181 

92, 182 

103, 138, 154 


92, 127, 138, 142, 


57, 154 

41, 57, 144, 148, 

117, 132 



92, 134, 139, 142, 


104, 148, 184 

8, 104, 149 


92, 126, 130, 142 

140, 166 


20, 28, 57, 184, 213, 

10, 27, 29, 57, 200, 



92, 184 

104, 138, 158 

104, 176 

92, 150, 152, 180, 

166, 169 

58, 139 


129, 184 


92, 188, 189 

104, 184 



92, 186 





117, 150 

92, 150, 183 

117, 183 





27, 28, 58, 148 


Irving, Marc 
Isaacson, Daniel 

92, 150, 183 

Jacek, Pauline 
Jackson, Hannah 
Jaffe, Phillip 
Jangraw, Rebecca 
Jenne, Luke 
Jennings, Kristy 
jermyn, Eva 
Jewett, Megan 
Johnson, Christopher 

Johnson, Derick 
Johnston, Brian 
Joyce, Lauren 
Joyce, Sara 
Judd, Matthew 
Juozokas, Adrienne 

166, 171 



104, 134, 148 


92, 184 



39, 58, 180, 181, 

118, 132 


59, 148, 221 

118, 149 


104, 126, 148 

Kent, Erin 

135, 154, 188 
Kent, Justin 
Kent, Tanya 
Kevane, Pat 
Kevane, Patrick 
Khera, Sheetal 

138, 149 
Kielbania, Matthew 

Kiely, Chris 
Kiely, Sarah 
Kilaru, Sowjanya 

155, 195 
King, Matthew 
Kirkpatrick, Bill 
Klein, Abigail 
Kleiner, Adam 
Kleiner, Matthew 
Kloster, Eric 
Klug, Marissa 
Knas, William 
Kolb, Anthony 
Kolb, Christa 

Kolodziejski, Noah 
Kolonoski, Mark 
Korchevskaya, Angela 
Kramer, Adam 

Krill, Andrew 
Krill, Gregory 
Kucab, Timothy 
Kuhr, Jennifer 

29, 40, 61, 131, 133, 

118, 193 




105, 126, 135, 136, 

33, 105, 138, 139, 

115, 118,205 





105, 148, 150 

118, 193 

61, 192, 193 

105, 201 



105, 138, 158, 184, 

62, 138, 149 
105, 176 

62, 127, 138 
11,62,153, 176, 

105, 176 
62, 176, 192 
105, 149 

130, 131, 133, 152, 157, 219 
Kung, Howard 105, 149 

Kurland, Joshua 118,203 

Kurland, Justine 15, 18, 25, 28, 62, 228 

Ingalls, Kristin 
Ingram, Stephen 
Innis, Tessa 

104, 139 

Kabell, Caroline 


Kabell, Michael 

59, 150 

Kaeppel, Shawna 

Kagzi, Anisa 


Kalian, Ari 


Kahan, Mayer 


LaBroad, Molly 

105, 154, 184, 201 

Kalicka, Abigail 

93, 154 

LaFlamme, Evan 

105, 150, 183 

Kane, Daniel 


Lafrance, Johnathan 


Kantany, Stephen 


Lafranch, Johnathan 


Kaplan, Galya 


Lak, Suzanne 


Karpman, Deborah 


LaLimarmo, Krystle 


Karpman, Michael 


Landis, Dana 

29, 63, 148, 151, 

Kata, Lindsay 


152, 153, 157, 210, 


Katoski, Kristin 

105, 194 

Lanouette, Henri 


Katsen, Abigail 


Lappin, Maura 


Katsh, Gabriel 

105, 136, 142 

Lappin, Meghan 


Katz, Lauren 

7, 27, 29, 59, 129, 

Lappin, Moira 


154, 219 

LaRoche, Kevin 

93, 139 

Kawasaki, Takahiro 


Larson, Andrea 


Kawasaki, Yukako 

60, 130 

Laughlin, Meredith 


Keane, Sean 

11,60, 153,182, 

Laughlin, Stefanie 


205, 218 

Lavin, Lisa 

105, 150 

Keiter, Christopher 


Lavo, Katherine 


Keiter, Mary 

105, 108, 180 

Lawrence, Beth 

105, 130 

Kelleher, Colleen 


Leahy, Thomas 


Kelleher, Elizabeth 

28, 60, 186, 215, 

Leavens, Harrison 

105, 180, 199 


Leavens, Sydney 


Kellogg, loseph 

93, 135 

126, 127, 130, 138, 


Kenefick, Caitlin 

105, 154 



Kennedy, Brian 


Lcavitt, Kara 

93, r 1 - — 

Kennedy, Christophe 

118, 188 

129, 150 


Kennedy, Meghan 


Leblanc, Roger 

* _ 1 1 ■ ■ 


126, 167, 173 

Marsh, Peter 


McKenna, Margaret 

15, 18.79,68,141 

Lee, Adrian? 

35, 64, 131, 132, 

Martens, David 





Marti, Justin 

94, 183 

McKenna, Sean 
McMahon, Conor 


Lefreniere. Lia 

106, 159 

Leonard, Timothy 


Martin, Amy 

94, 96, 154, 186 

McMahon, Emily 


Leroy. Justin 


Martin, Meghan 


McMahon, Ryan 

7, 27, 68, 129, 15l 

Letendre, Rebecca 


129, 154, 184, 227 

McShane, Linda 

127,167, 173 

Leventis, Aimee 


Martinelli, Melissa 

21. 106, 126, 154, 

Meehan, Megan 


Levine, lay 


184, 185, 197 

Meeropol, Ann 


Lewis, Patrick 


Mathezos, Vanessa 


Megatulski, Courtney 


Lewis, Thomas 


11,64, 135,221 

119, 149 

Matroni, Ellie 
Matthews, Colleen 
Mattson, Brett 


67, 158, 180 


Megatulski, Nicole 
Mehile, Ashley 
Mekler, Polina 


Libfeld, Robert 
Lin, fieng-Ju 


Lin, Stephanie 

34, 93, 126, 128, 

Matulcwicz, Oni 


Mekler, Rebekah 


130, 135, 149 


Menard, Rachel 


Lippert, Jennifer 

35, 64, 131, 138 

MacDonald, Jason 

65, 129 

Maxmen, Isaac 


Merrill, Shari 

120, 155, 185, 19\ 

Lippert, Stephanie 


MacDonald, Mat their 

94, 176 

Maxwell, Erin 


Merrilt, Ron 


Liro-Hudson, Carissa 106, 201 

MacDonald, Robert 


Mayauski, Aaron 

159, 199 

Methe, Christopher 

120, 205 

Liro-Hudson, Jon 


MacDonald, Saudi 

131, 132, 167 

Maynard, Matthew 


Meyers, Erin 

94, 138. 1 54 

Lo, Sabrina 


Macdonnel, Kathleen 

119, 150, 155, 195 

Mazur, Ahley 

94, 184, 201 

Meyers, Rachel 

120, 148 

Locke, Karen 


Mack, Jennifer 


McCarthy, Candace 

94, 96, 188, 189 

Michael, Katherme 

94, 131, 137 

Loizzo. Jaclyne 


Magnani, Kathn/n 


McCarthy, Christopher 

120, 193 

Midura, Michael 

107, 183, 192. 19 

Long, Jason 


Magowan, Patrick 

106, 153 

McCarthy, Michael 

94, 148, 151, 180, 

Mikesh, Katherme 

10, 68, 126. 1 52 

Longo, Tammica 


Malin, Darren 




Lovett, John 

106, 134, 135, 138, 

Malinowski, Steven 

106, 150, 176 

McCarthy, Mike 


Miller, Katherine 

107, 134, 1 1 


Moloney, Mary 


McCarthy, Ryan 

106, 176, 177 

Miller, Kevin 


Lowery, Jill 

65, 184 

Mandell, Daniel 


McCarthy-Miller, Christa 120, 

Milshteyn. Aleksandr 


Lucia, Jessica 


Mandell, Rachel 

66, 142, 143, 159 

155, 186 

Minor, Matthew 


Lucia. Rebecca 

65, 150, 152 

Mandrus, Laura 

119, 186, 195 

McCary, Michael 


Mitchell, Shatic 

68, 131, 132. 148 

Luciano, Lauren 

93, 95, 129, 184, 

Mandrus, Nicholas 


McCormick, Meaghan 

94, 128, 136, 184 

Mohan, Nidhi 

107, 130. 154 


Mante, Alexis 

101, 106 

McDonald, Kathleen 


Mongue, Jennifer 


Luftman, David 

25, 93, 96, 148, 151 

Manzoor, Faiza 

106, 201 

McDonough, Edward 


Moore, Ann 


Luzhanskiy, Serge 


Marangoudakis, Andrea 94, 96 

McFarlin, Patrick 


Moore, Kolman 


Lunch, Daniel 


Marantz. Catherine 

7, 28, 37, 66, 126, 

McGarry, Michael 

94. 148, 151, 176 

Moral, Viviana 


Lyons, Nicholas 




McCarry, Thomas 


Moran, Courtney 



Marchand, Stephanie 


McCrath, Michael 


Moran, Jeffrey 

12, 94. 138. 139. 1 

(' 1 

Margolin, Boris 


McGregor, Winston 

106, 176 




Marsh, Justin 


McKay, Jess 

120, 153 

Moran, Thomas 

94, 176, 192 

President Bill Clinton was the first Democratic president in 60 years to be 
elected to a second term. Clinton came under much tiro tor 
his alleged sexual dalliances, including a sexual harrasment 
suit by Paula Jones and scrutiny for his alleged sexual 
relationship with White I louse intern Monica Lewinsky. 

The roving vehicle Sojourner, the first mobile explor 
to land on another planet, landed on Mars in 19 
gathered soil and rocks. The Sojourner was about tl 
si/e of a microwave oven, began crawling around tl 
surface ot Mars, transmitting a flood of information 
si lentists back on Earth. 

Moriarty, Kathryn 
Morissette, Ron 
Wrse, Lindsay 
Morse, Peter 
Morse, Vivian 
Mortensen, Lawrence 
Wortcnson, Lawrence 
Moseley, Marissa 
Woynihan, Tyler 
Mozell, Robert 
•lAucci, Mike 
Wialli, Diana 
lAujalli, Joseph 
Aullen, Bernard 
Murphy, Brianna 
Aurphy, Colin 
Aurphy, Donald 
furphy, jane 
lurphy, Timothy 

120, 180 


94, 152 

94, 129, 182 

139, 168 



107, 132, 194 

107, 183 



120, 148, 186 

107, 150, 176, 203 


101. 107, 186, 194 




107, 153, 182 

Newman, Daniel 
Nguyen, Linh 

141, 143, 180, 201 
Niedel, Ashley 
Niedel, Bradford 
Niedziviecki, Julianne 

Nison, Kimberly 
Noonan, Ryan 
Nowicki, Catherine 

idler, Russell 
■ikon, Judy 
■mati, Sheila 
'wland, Scott 

94, 126, 148, 151 

120, 193 

O'Brien, Sarah 
O'Connor, Bridget 

O'Connor, Caitlin 
O'Hara, Patrick 
O'Leary, Stephanie 
O'Malley, Daniel 
O'Malley, Kaitlin 
O'Malley, Michael 
O'Malley, Patrick 
O'Martian, Mike 
O'Neil, Claire 
O'Shea, Marty 


102, 107, 135, 138, 


94, 153, 183 

18, 29, 69, 126, 142, 

94, 176 
107, 184, 194 

94, 127, 129, 180 
29, 69, 184, 196, 


69, 153 


94, 176 

121, 155, 186, 195 

35, 69, 182 

107, 182 

136, 137 

137, 169 

O'Sullivan, Gary 
Ochs, Julie 
Olszewski, Candice 
Omartian, Jennifer 
Omartian, Michael 
Orel, Daniel 
Orenstein, Evelyn 

Orenstein, Jonathan 

Orr, Brian 
Osgood, Christopher 
Osofsky, Renee 
Osoivski, Mary 
Overson, Melissa 
Overson, Michael 

Packin, Andreiv 
Pantusco, John 
Papaluca, Matthew 
Pardo, Ariel 
Passmore, Joseph 
Passo, Jillian 
Passo, Lindsey 


94, 154 

107, 201 

121, 150, 186, 195 

94, 153, 183 


15, 37, 69, 126, 152, 



93, 95, 183 

12, 95, 184 



95, 176, 192, 193 

121, 193 



107, 150 

108, 137 

28, 32, 70, 218 

Patterson, David 

153, 182,218,228 
Pay snick, David 
Pearson, Heather 

178, 179 
Peck, Nancy 
Pederzani, Michael 
Pederzani, Nicole 
Pekruhn, Colin 
Pelland, Beth 
Pelosi, Christopher 
Perell, Daniel 

Perry, Derek 
Peskin, Aaron 

174, 176 
Peskin, Elizabeth 
Peters, Alexandra 
Peters, Mindy 
Peters, Susan 
Phaneuf, Adrian 
Phaneuf, Lauren 
Phelps, Thomas 
Phillips, Vicky 
Picknally, Elizabeth 
Picknally, Nancy 
Piechowski, Heather 
Pioggia, Nicholas 
Plotkin, Jeffery 
Plotkin, Lindsay 
Poisson, Matthew 
Polanski, Marni 

Polep, Rachael 
Pollak, Dara 
Pontacoloni, Janice 
Pooler, Michael 
Pope, Georgetta 

10, 16, 26, 70, 152, 


26, 95, 152, 153, 




95, 136, 148 


95, 134, 180, 181 

108, 130, 138, 148, 


10, 70, 134, 136, 


13, 95, 154 

95, 148 

134, 169 


108, 154 

95, 153 


70, 129, 139 

108, 136, 138, 180 


13, 108, 109 


116, 121,201 


120, 121, 142, 150, 

28, 33, 71, 129, 223 


164, 169 


120, 121 

The US Women's Hockey Team overcame great odds to win 
the gold at the Winter Olympics at Nagano, Japan; in contrast 
to the Men's Team, whose performance on and off the ice was 
a great disappointment. 


Porter, Lindsay 
Portier, Jeannette 

Porway, Jake 
Potvin, Bob 
Prefonlahu; Caroline 
Prestia, Samantlia 

215, 219, 222 
Preston, Lauren 
Primack, Scott 
Provenchcr, Andrew 
Provenzano, Kathryn 
Purcell, Susan 

Purdy, Clifford 

31,32, 95, 96, 188, 

108, 148, 152, 157 



21, 71, 145, 186, 


95, 138 

71, 176 

121, 155 

102, 108, 130, 143, 

95, 153, 183, 197 

Quinn, Aaron 

Rafferty, Kathryn 
Ranahan, Jennifer 
Randall, Emily 
Randall, Jonathan 
Rappaport, Jeffrey 
Ralner, Alison 
Reilly, Gregg 
Reinick, Javier 
Reiter, Lindsay 
Renaud, Sabrina 
Remus. Bradley 
Resnick, Jason 
Rctchin, Andrea 

Reynolds, Mary 
Rhee, Rebecca 
Riccio, Vito 
Richton, Bryan 
Rickless, Jason 
Riga, Daniel 
Riga, Sarah 
Rinaldi, Andrea 
Rmaldi, Christina 
Risi. Aaron 
Risi, Laura 
Robbing, /.I.'/ 

Roberge, Paul 
Robert, David 

72, 205, 222 

72, 129 

28, 72, 221 

95, 203 

130, 229 



115, 119, 122, 185, 

96, 148, 186, 197 

161, 166, 170 




96, 154 


73, 215 

108, 184, 197 



24, 12? 


Robertson, Lianne 
Robinson, Ari 

192, 193 
Robitaille, Michael 
Rodri, Kyle 
Rodriguez, Erick 
Rohrbach, Jonathan 
Rome, Jennifer 
Ronald, Alison 
Rooke, Jennifer 
Rooke, Lauren 
Rooney, Lisa 
Rosenfeld, Haley 
Ross, Karin 

187, 197 
Ross, Stephanie 
Rothschild, Amy 
Rothschild, Daniel 
Rotsko, Alex 
Rousse, Julia 

Rowe, Kevin 
Roy, Brian 
Roy, Heather 
Rubin, Amanda 
Rucki, Johanna 
Rufo, Kristen 
Rush, Talisa 
Russel, Benjamin 

151, 182, 196, 197, 
Russell, James 
Russo, Michael 

Ryan, Shelly 


95, 96, 129, 182, 

122, 205 
122, 153 

108, 183 

96, 188 

109, 186 
122, 185 
143, 170 

21, 109,154,186, 

96, 154, 186, 187 

122, 185 

74, 182 


74, 130, 131, 133, 

109, 204, 205 
122, 190, 199 

35, 74, 132 
11,74, 129, 148, 
218, 228 
96, 127, 142, 176, 


Salon, Camille 96 

Samant, Swaroop 7, 20, 26, 37, 74, 

126, 130, 135, 152, 153, 157, 217, 219, 220 


Roberta, Frank 

Roberts. Jennifer 74, 179 
Robert-. Michael 86, 108. 
I, 183 

Samble, Matthew 
Sampson, lame- 
Sandier, Adam 
Santiago, Maura 
Sarage, Joseph 
Sarno, John 
Schaier, Pamela 
Scheer, Amy 
Scheer, Gary 
Scheer. Jason 
Scheer, Jennifer 
Schmiedigen, Alexis 
Si hmiedigen, Patrick 
Schneider, Jeffrey 
Schneider, Joshua 

i/, Christopher 
Si hwerin, Michael 
Scliopou. lame- 
Scott, Evan 
S( ully. Patrick 
Seay, Katie 

. Rebecca 

Sekor. JeSSUta 

1(2, Manet 
Sellers, ( hnari 

Sellica, I rik 
Shapiro, Joshua 





97, 176 







101, 109,154,201 

122, 155 

26, 97, 136 

109, 148, 203 


75, 135 

75, 203 


97, 153, 183 




109, 186 

97, 131, 132 


75, 129, 140, 153, 

196, 197, 218 
Shea, Karen 
Shea, Meghan 
Sheffield, Kenneth 

180, 181, 202, 203, 
Sheffield, Pamela 
Sheik. Tanya 
Shelasky, Rachel 
Shepard, Theodore 
Sherman, Brian 

Shnider, Rachel 
Short, Jason 
Shusterman, Rachel 
Shusterman. Shaina 
Shvakhman, Vadim 
Shwerin, Michael 
Siclari, Rebecca 
Silverman, Rebecca 
Sinclair, Christian 
Sinclair, Michael 
Skalinsky, Leonid 
Skowera, Jennifer 
Skypeck, Jason 
Skypeck, Leah 
Slate, Dave 
Sleigh, Joanne 
Smith, Christopher 
Smith, Erin 
Smith, Stephanie 
Snelham, Peter 
Snyder, Lori 
Soar, Brendan 
Soar, James 
Soja, Jonathan 
Solomon, Pia 
Sores, Michael 
Sorrell, Alix 

Sowers, Stefanie 
Spallino, Michaelena 
Spinelli, Kathryn 
Spivak, Aura 

St. Clair, William 
Stahl, Ursula 
Stambovsky, Alan 
Stambovsky, Jennifer 
Stambovsky, Jeremy 
Stambovsky, Sarah 
Staples, Jaime 
Staples, Mark 
Staples, Nicole 
Starr, Andrew 

Steele, Charlotte 
Steiner, Jonathan 

148, 150 
Steinman, Jessica 
Stevens, Andrew 
Stevens, Michael 
Stewart, Laura 

180, 226 
Steivart, Sarah 

Stierer, Stephen 
Stocks. Kyle 
Sturgis, Elizabeth 
Sturgis, Emily 

Sullivan, jame< 
Sullivan. Kimberlu 
Summersett, Brian 
Sung, Ya Wen 
Suntei. Kristen 

Sussman, Walter 
Sutter, Jacqueline 
Suzor, Ray 

u Elizabeth 


122, 155, 195 
37, 75, 148, 151, 
109, 148, 186 

28, 29, 76, 129 
25, 97, 153, 157, 

97, 148 







97, 154 





97, 183, 205 

122. 155, 184, 194 



87, 123, 185, 195 

97, 184 

109, 180 


123, 193 
97,99, 139, 192 

97, 136 

109, 141, 148, 156, 


27, 28, 76, 127, 150, 


97, 154, 186 


120, 123 




163, 170 


77, 134, 136, 138, 


110. 126,130, 138, 

77, 149, 150, 153 


97, 134 

14, 29, 77, 126, 140, 

21,106,110, 126, 

77, 144. 190 


123, 201 

7, 29, 77, 200, 201, 

97, 180. 197 




I UK 127, 130. 138, 

nil 135,205 



110. 180 

Swiconek, Sarah 
Szafran, Aaron 

150, 152, 153. 199 
Szafran, Adam 
Szafron, Aaron 
Szlachelka, Mattheic 


24, 104, 110, 137 

19. 97. 150 


30, 77,218 

Talati, Raeka 
Tang, Jennifer 
Tannenbaum, Lev 
Tariff, Heather 
Tariff, Joshua 
Taylor, Adam 
Thayer, Jordan 
Therrien, Adam 
Thomas, Jason 
Thomas, Lyndsey 
Thompson, Brindiana 
Thompson, Christopher 
Thompson, Ryan 
Thomsen, Peter 
Threlfall, Kelli 
Tillman, llene 
Tineroia, Michael 
Tivoli, Leah 
Tjonahen, Eric 

Tochilnikov, Eugene 
Togneri, Jacqueline 
Tolpa, Crystal 
Torres, Ylliny 
Tourtelotte, Justin 

Townsend, Elizabeth 
Townsend, Margaret 

Toye, James 

Tracy, Keltic 
Turnberg, Scott 
Tyrell, El ward 

132, 148, 152 

110, 135,150,15- 
123, 149 

78, 129. 222 
123. 138. 159 
114, 123 

97, 133 


78, 136, 190, 228 

98, 129, 184 

110, 153 

98, 149 



123, 150, 185 



95, 98, 129, 182, 


98, 99, 176. 192. 

98, 142 I 
35,79, 225 (31 

Urbschat, Lauren 


ander Leeden, Erica 80, 170 

arley, Jillian 
assallo, Krista 
ezzola, Michael 
\iamari, Jeffery 
amari, Michael 
incent, Justin 





111, 134,176,199 


•enzio, Joseph 
•iano, Anna 
kks, Ian 
\%ner, Caitlin 
Mbridge, Amy 
fl's/z, Claudia 
\sh, Emily 
Vs/j, Timothy 
\-d, Catherine 

I 1 

wren, Shelly 

fltvick, Heather 

Ryasz, Michael 
Ylhington, Kristen 


mirzeniak, Jennifer 
ftber, Allison 
Wees, Aixa 
Y»'<s, Brian 
ncs, Jennifer 
Wiel, Justin 
W'W, Susan 
Iter, Asha 
Vyer, Noah 
Wl mann, James 
W mann, William 
mstein, Robyn 
Wi'lberg, Kimberly 
Wi'lburg, Kimberly 
%;, Holly 
M :, Ian 
W,;er, Lindsey 
IV* , Kathy 
Wij, Margaret 
W&ivicz, Brian 
Wwvicz, Stephanie 
'Wig, Tliomas 
"Vftb/e, Jennifer 
"■, Jaime 

80, 153, 157, 205 

129, 154 


80, 184, 196, 197, 

111, 155,159 




98, 150, 157, 180, 

138, 171 

14, 39, 80, 119, 154, 

80, 138, 180 

7, 27, 28, 29, 80, 

98, 179 






81, 159 
37, 81, 130 





98, 152, 157 

98, 151, 153 





27, 34, 98, 148, 180 

111, 150 

9, 111,201 


White, Matthew 
White, Robert 
Whiteford, Andrew 
Whitney, Ryan 
Wienmann, William 
Wiesser, Lindsay 
Wihbey, Joseph 
Willett, Candace 
Willett, Natalie 
Williams, Sarah 
Williams, Xyla 
Williamson, Rebecca 
Willoughby, J. Ryan 
Willoughby, Morgan 
Wilson, Amy 
Wilson, Kathleen 
Wilson, Moyah 
Winer, Meredith 
Winseck, Joe 
Wise, Stephanie 
Wiseman, Kate 
Wiseman, Michael 

150, 152, 153, 180 
Witzenberger, Alex 
Witzenberger, J. Ariel 
Wolf, Sara 

83, 126, 129, 140, 144 
Wolman, Samantha 

178, 179 
Wood, Clayton 
Wood, Jesse 



123, 180 

123, 193 




27, 29, 30, 82, 184 



111,131, 180 


23, 29, 82 

98, 139 


123, 155 

98, 131, 154, 184 




129, 171 


111, 186, 195 


29, 30, 33, 39, 41, 


34, 98, 148, 151, 


Wray, Shakira 
Wypasek, Jessica 
Yaffe, Melissa 
Yao, Andrew 
Yeager, Deanna 
Yearwood, Anna 
Yearwood, Bridget 
Yereniuk, Anne 
Youmell, Mary 
Young, Stuart 

35, 83, 132 
83, 179 

83, 154 

84, 141, 180 
98, 180 

84, 136, 141, 142 

98, 154 

9, 98, 153, 180 

Congressman Sonny Bono passed away 
after his fame as Cher's ex-husband and 
an American pop culture icon. 

Young, Trevor 
Yuen, Karen 
Zhang, Ming Dao 
Zhu, Da Zhen 
Zhu, Elizabeth 
Zick, Elizabeth 


123, 149 
111, 135 

The Verve Pipe is 
an incredible rock/ 
band whose first 
single, "Photo- 
graph," became a 
fairly big hit. But its 
success cannot be 
compared to their 
latest single, "The 
Freshman." That 
song enjoyed time at 
Number ONe on the 
Billboard chart. Te 
Verve Pipe carved 
their own niche in 
the world. 


Zimmer, EH26, 84, 129, 149, 153, 203, 218 
Zimmer, Zachery 111, 129, 203 

Zimring, Mark 6, 84, 128, 145, 182, 


Thus, we've already written the first chapter oft le ink has not yet dried, 

the memories are still fresh. Yet even as the pa* c - fthis book fray and yellow with 
age, its contents will not fade away from our minds. Indeed, the year nineteen hundred 
and ninety-eight was not "just another year ." 


Was it "just another year" when our class finally came together, breaking down 
the barriers between cliques and friendship circles? Once upon a time, we 
entered Longmeadow High School's halls as scared, bewildered, and scattered freshmen. 
This year, we leave united as a class of power, a class with a voice. Is it every year that 
the wonders of America Online help to organize a 'wildly successful "Senior Skip Day" 
and a "C-Block Walkout" in support of Dr. Murphy? This wasn't "just another year" 
and we certainly aren't "just another class." 

Now, as we face leaving the familiarity of cozy and comfortable Longmeadow, we 
reflect on how these four years will affect our future. Like the introduction of any 
fairy tale, our experiences together will serve as the foundation for all that is yet to occur. 

Will we lead fain/ tale lives in a fantasy -world? Unfortunately, no. Yet we will 
face reality with the optimism and hope that our story books brought us when 
we were little. And perhaps, using all that 'we've gained during our time together at 
Longmeadow High School, we win live happily ever after. 






Evelyn Orenstein 
Swmoop Samant 

Managing Editor 
Aizza Hassan 

Layout and Design 

Cover Artist & Art Editor 
Laura Stewart 

Student Life Section Editors 
Aizza Hassan 
Julie Niedzxoiecki 

Senior Section Editors 
Oni Matulezoicz 
Marge Townsend 

Underclass Section Editors 
Katie Brookmn/er 
Stephanie Lin, 
Leah Tivoli 

Organizations Section Editors 
Ben Ablate 
Jon Steiner 

Fine Arts Section Editor 
Katie Mikesh 

Faculty Section Editors 
Adrienne Juozokas 
Becky Rliee 

Sports Section Editors 
Suzie Carrazza 
Cassie Marantz 
Dave Patterson 

Angela Agnoli, Stats Assistant 
Justine Kurland, Stats Assistant 
Community Section Editor 
Steve Cant in 


Photography Editors 
Jennifer Lippert 
Meghan Martin 

Photography Staff 
Kristine Blinn, Rose Calucchia, Anne Dupre, 
Katie Mikesh, Jidianne Niedziviecki, Jon 
Steiner, Laura Stewart, Sara Wolf 

Copy A nicies 

Co py Editors 
Shectal Khera 
Sydney Leavens 

Copy Staff 

Mick Duquette, Adrienne luozokas, Nancy 
Picknally, Jennifer Ranahan. Jessica Stcinman 
Drew Starr, Raeka Talati, Kellie Tracy 


Bus iness Editors 
Becky Couchon 

AJ-. I djjoj 
Russ Nadler 

Busines s 
Christine Coa< 
Martinelli, Kim Nison, Sarah 


Our thanks to you, the reader of Once Upon a Time, the 
42nd volume and 1 998 edition of the Longmeadow High School 
Masacksic, for your interest in our work and for recognizing 
that this book's captions and quotes are all in good-natured fun. 

Without a doubt, this year's staff was one of the most 
enthusiastic, interesting, committed, and hilarious groups ever 
assembled at LHS. Jt was truly an honor to be able to work with 
such determined workers, and such great friends. We cannot 
express how thankful we are to them for all that they've done for 
us. We did it! 

Special thanks to our Jostens' Representative, Matt 
Fenn. Even when confronted with two spasmatic and melodra- 
matic editors bemoaning one disasterous yearbook crisis or 
another, he alzvays kept his cool and proved to be our voice of 
reason— with a smile, of course. 

And finally, we thank Mr. Leblanc. We have observed 
him in awe— how can one man be so dedicated to an after-school 
activity? He invested so much of his time, money, and spirit into 
our endeavor. And on top of that, he has kept his sanity (even 
through all of the missed deadlines, caption wars, and missing 
zip disks)! Most of all, we thank Rogfor being a friend and an 
inspiration for us to keep chugging along even when we were fed 
up with it all. We couldn't have done it without him. 

about "once upon a..."?... just a red line... sweet 

Bub, grenades, and terrorists... abbreviations... 

probably in the Random „ JStuff drawer. 

check the Editors- 

er... Dr. Murphy's 

simsyd... David Mat- 
"five hundred twenty-five thousand six hun- 
minutes"... You wore The Fleece?!!... I NEED 
an egg roll!... I think we're in debt... No, we have 

extra money to spend this year... Yeah, we paid off the debt last 
year... No, we're definitely ten thousand dollars in debt.... Suzie, can 


ly Parton and Nelson 
MYlife,Oni... "Oh I LOVE 
beCAUSE it's TRASH!"... 
la's... "Evelyn, are vou 
hair's a mess?"... RENT... 
NOT Marge!... The Wall of 
Fineshed box. . . Sweetness' 
tion... pitiful oppo- 

I have a ride home?. 
Mandela are relevant in 
Potato skins at Stel- 
upset because your V 
You dork, my name is 
Shame... Put it in the 
Spot... serenading Deten- 
nents. . . FedEx is trying to give me a heart attack. . . You 
know, the pudgy Satan-boy with the hair... buying Mo-Mo 
2... Uhm, I think I just gave her a beard... locked rooms/ 
drawers/cabinets... fake tap dancing... NE-ver a-GAIN!... 
Rog: the Living Pass... the Supplements are only a year 
late... I just got a nine out of ten onPuntos... I also got 
a nine on Don Quijote (but that was *^« out of forty)... 

communication Marge, ^^^^fc NlH1 nee d to redo the 
senior i _^ j|MF I] section, AGAIN I lolly, 
luslm. JL'C ■xdW^'^^^^^M/j and Mike: the Yearbook 

(.mup-|5jir -.^^''v '^^L K ' s little t.ilk> did you 
back up ^■^^■^^^^^(^^ 5? the hard drive? the 
disappearing Swaroop disk... They're 

ALREADY in the senior section; they HAVE to graduate!... 
Swaroop, I have to leave in ten minutes... I'm going to lea\ e 

by three o'clock today... Well, at least by three j^% 
thirty... No, seriously, I have SO much work to .AjjF 
^^ do... All right, as long as I'm out of here before *rlp\ 
t^Hj^ the sun goes down... the thigh picture... Yes, it's W it>-Jt,> 
^^^Ut good-pizza day!... Why don't you just kill «*W * 
Vj^Bl Shelly?., little miracles... No, Mr. Kirkpatrick, -* *• 
■^^^■^ the yearbook isn't done yet... We ARE being sweet!... 
we're right on top of that, Rog... 

■ ' . | )• . 

>> -■ :>,;■■■ 

I J '■ I y J 

\^> V V 

' ' ' '- 



v ■ v . : 

IV V \\ \ J> V> v> 

N ' \ ' ' •